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Meet Jordan and Paulette

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Where We Live

Oakland, California

Favorite Holidays

Paulette: Christmas
Jordan: Thanksgiving

Happy Places

Paulette loves the ocean, and Jordan is happiest on the basketball court.

Best Vacation

Beach vacations rock - Hawaii and Barbados


Paulette: software engineer
Jordan: executive coach and strategist

Hello! We are Paulette and Jordan from Oakland, California. Our friends and family can’t wait for us to adopt. Neither can we! Our friends and family see the way we love one another, the way we love them, even the crazy love we give our precious cat… and they know we’ll shower your child with oodles of unconditional love and opportunity. It’s true, we await you and look forward to meeting you one day. We know this is a momentous life decision for you and all of us. We are ready to embrace it, and you.

Our Life

We’re happily married, and have been since 2012, two years after sparks flew when we first laid eyes on each other. Almost immediately we realized we were meant to be together and that building a family would be part of our path. More than anything we look forward to the opportunity to raise a child and share the joys and wonders of life as a family.

Together we frequently cook, walk around the lake beside our home, play mini golf, watch movies and sports, go dancing, and take road trips or travel to see family. Now in our seventh year of marriage, we’ve developed solid ways of communicating that we trust to get us through any difficult times.

Our families also keep us strong. We put a lot of effort into staying connected to those we love. Paulette’s family is in Canada where she was born, and Jordan’s family lives in his birthplace of Atlanta, Georgia. Every Thanksgiving you can find us visiting our relatives in Atlanta, and at Christmas time we’re usually on one of Canada’s coasts. Our child will have dual citizenship, grow up knowing different parts of the world, and have a warm and loving extended family.

About Paulette ~by Jordan

Paulette danced into my heart the first day I saw her walking towards me with the exquisite posture of a yoga practitioner and the graceful movements of a ballerina (yes, she’s practiced yoga and ballet for many years). Paulette also plays the guitar and has a beautiful voice. I’m a lucky man because Paulette is as emotionally and interpersonally sweet and strong as she is physically attractive and artistically inclined. She’s also an adventurous soul who likes to travel.

In Canada, Paulette was a social services worker focused on helping struggling moms with babies and young children. When she moved to California to be with me, Paulette reinvented herself by training to be a software engineer and now she’s a very successful and valued employee of a tech company where she is one of only a handful of women engineers.

Paulette’s formative years were spent on a tiny island in Canada where most days she could be found at the beach or in the ocean, swimming. A strong swimmer from a young age, Paulette believes it’s important that our child knows how to swim. She looks forward to attending swimming lessons with our child, and spending time together at the ocean.

About Jordan ~by Paulette

The first time Jordan visited me in Canada I fell in love with his modest, self-assured nature. We lived in different countries but continued letting our love grow despite the challenge of evolving a long-distance relationship. Jordan continues to prove himself a steady man—most frequently I use the word ‘solid’ to describe him. I share everything with him and trust him wholeheartedly to treat me with love and respect.

I am also impressed by Jordan’s mind. He is incredibly smart and a great educator—he relishes the thought of teaching and reading with our child. While one side of Jordan’s personality is a quiet thinker, the other is a talented athlete who played college basketball and loves sports. If our child turns out to be interested in, Jordan looks forward to one day coaching his or her sports teams.

Jordan grew up in Atlanta, GA where he excelled in school and sports—basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, you name it. He even went on to play college basketball and was team captain three of his four years. The kids in his life love his passion for sports and flock to him when we visit. Jordan looks forward to running his own babe around the sports field!

Our Home

We live in Oakland, California, a 15-minute drive from the big city of San Francisco. Our home is a spacious sunlit apartment with colorful walls that has a view of Lake Merritt and the city skyline. Our home has space for fun and educational toys and plenty of room to run around. Our child will get to enjoy the outdoors with us, because a block away is a boardwalked lake with grass fields for families to set up for the day.

We often take strolling walks around the lake to visit the local bird sanctuary, drumming circles, music festivals, or to grab food from the many grocery stores and restaurants found along the way. With our child we’re excited to go to the famous Children’s Fairyland amusement park and the Junior Center of Art and Science, both of which are located alongside the lake.

All told, we love Oakland—it’s a diverse town with vibrant arts and culture—and we love our home. We’re so excited to share it all with our child one day.