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Meet Josh and Jessica

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Favorite places we have traveled to

• Puerto Rico
• Kauai
• Panama
• Costa Rica
• Barcelona

Local activities to share with our child

• Children’s Fairyland
• Lake Merritt Paddleboat
• Picnic in our back yard
• Steam train at Tilden Park

Favorite TV shows

• This is Us
• The Big Bang Theory
• Parenthood
• Game of Thrones
• Gilmore Girls

Places we have lived

• Kansas City
• San Francisco
• Phoenix
• Santa Cruz
• Los Angeles

Our favorite foods

• Puerto Rican
• Pizza
• Mexican
• Sushi

Hola! We are Jessica and Josh. We know that considering placing your child for adoption must be a very difficult decision, and we are humbled by your courage and strength. We too have been humbled by life as we have tried to build our family, and appreciate you considering us to parent your child through open adoption.

Adoption has always been close to our heart – a few close friends have built their families through adoption and we have been so inspired by them. These friends and their children will be a great source of support and mentorship for our family as we embark on our own adoption journey.

We hope this gives you sense of:

Who We Are – individuals that live our values, not just believe in them.

The Kind of Parents We Could Be – Jessica will stay at home for the first year and as soon as your child is old enough, will travel and explore the world with us.

The Nurturing Home We Can Provide – in the vibrant community of Oakland, California where diversity is celebrated.

Getting To Know Us

We met 13 years ago while working together in a youth program, and were both initially attracted to each other’s ability to connect and care for young people.  After working together as a team, we realized we were in love and wanted to see what kind of a team with could make together in life!

We have both dedicated our careers to helping young people grow and develop. Jessica is currently an Executive Director at a small non-profit organization in San Francisco that helps low-income young women of color to achieve their dreams. Josh is the Executive Director of a large non-profit in San Francisco that helps children, adults, and seniors grow and live healthy, connected lives. Both of us consider our non-profit jobs a fulfilling way to promote our social justice values and make a positive impact in our community.

We love to travel both locally and abroad, particularly in Latin American countries. Jessica speaks Spanish and lived in Mexico for several months in college. Some of our favorite trips together include Costa Rica, Belize, Puerto Rico, Panama, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, and Croatia. We can’t wait to travel the world with our child.  We love being outside in the sun and water, often spending the warm summer months swimming and relaxing at our neighborhood pool. While we like to be active, we also love to relax at home, watching movies and the tv shows together (like “The Fosters”, “This is Us” and “Parenthood”). We like to cook creative, healthy meals together and Jessica is always on the look-out for delicious new recipes. WE ARE READY TO BE PARENTS. We have so many wonderful gifts in our lives; we have traveled and explored our interests freely; we live in a beautiful home and a vibrant community; we have great careers; and we have a loving and supportive community of family and friends. We would love to share all the blessings of our life with a child and begin the family we have always dreamt of.

Meet Josh, by Jessica:

“This is the kind of man you want to raise a child with – Loving, Laughing, and Loyal.”

Josh is very open hearted and warm – what you see is exactly what you get.  He sees the best in everyone and when you are with him, he helps you feel your best. More than once, I have seen Josh pick up a friend’s fussy baby and within minutes, the baby is quietly cuddled up in his arms, trusting and content. When our child cries in the middle of the night, I know that Josh will be the kind of father that gladly gives me some rest while he rocks the baby back to sleep by the window.

Josh loves being with people and is both dynamic and funny.  When we go to gatherings of people we don’t know, I am amazed to watch him instantly connect with people who were strangers to him moments before. By the time we leave it usually seems like we are leaving a group of good friends!

Josh is incredibly LOYAL and TRUSTWORTHY.  He goes above and beyond to support his family, friends, and coworkers when they need him. He is incredibly confident, trusting his own intuition, knowledge, and approach in almost every circumstance.  As a result, people trust him because he trusts them.  He is a natural leader.  This is the kind of man you want to raise a child with: Loving, Laughing, and Loyal.

Meet Jessica, by Josh:

“This is the kind of woman you want to raise a child with: Sympathetic, Supportive, and Steadfast.”

Jessica is, without a doubt, the most thoughtful and conscientious person I have ever met. When her beloved grandmother suffered a stroke and lost her short term memory, Jessica visited her frequently.  She patiently addressed her grandmother’s repetitive questions to make sense of herself and her surroundings, as she knew it would help her grandmother to feel safe and secure. Our child will learn from her that life is made rich by caring for others as you would like to be cared for.  She has sacrificed time and time again on behalf of the young women she serves. During the economic downturn, Jessica was left as the only staff person at her organization for six months, singlehandedly keeping the doors open for the girls that needed her.

I was struck very early in our relationship with Jessica’s ability to empathize with others. Several years ago, when she found out that two immigrant teen sisters in her program were on their own because their parents were still living in Venezuela, Jessica took them under her wing. She helped them get into college, find jobs, and secure housing. No matter who our child is, which struggles they face, or what kind of love and support they need, she will see them, feel their joy and fear, and move mountains to ensure they live a happy, healthy life. This is the kind of woman you want to raise a child with: Sympathetic, Steadfast, and Supportive.

Our Home and Community

We love living in Oakland, California with its great culture, diversity, food, and progressive outlook. Our Lake Merritt neighborhood is very racially and ethnically diverse, and many of our closest friends live nearby. We often meet up with them for movie nights, walks around the lake, the Farmer’s Market, or a meal together.

We believe our neighborhood is the perfect place to raise a child – it is close to all of the activity and culture of the city, but is still green and peaceful. We have cultivated strong relationships with our neighbors who are mostly families with children, and we are excited for our child to join this community, learning to ride their bike on our neighbor’s long driveway, playing on the rope swing across the street from our home, and walking just two blocks up the street to attend elementary school.

Our home is beautiful, spacious, family-friendly and it has become a place of great refuge for us.  We spend weeknights together cooking healthy, creative dinners in our cozy kitchen, followed by relaxing on the couch to debrief our days and enjoy our favorite television shows.  On the weekends, we soak up the sun with friends in our backyard and take frequent dips in our hot tub to warm up as the sun sets.  Our house is the frequent gathering place for Josh’s game nights with his buddies and we can’t wait to include our child in the fun!

This Is Our Village

Our entire family has been waiting with great anticipation for us to build our family.

Josh’s parents are retired and live nearby, and look forward to creating hand-made toys for their newest grandbaby.  Josh’s brother also lives nearby with his wife and two-year-old daughter, Talia, and we are excited for these first cousins joining in Josh’s family traditions of camping in the Redwoods, making up creative outdoor games, and going to Giants games.

Jessica’s parents live in Arizona – they are both retired and despite the distance, will be frequent visitors to our new family.  Jessica’s sisters live in New York and Los Angeles with their partners and are thrilled to meet their first niece or nephew!  Jessica’s family are world travelers, avid boaters, and serious ski bunnies – and they are excited to bring their first grandchild along on their adventures!

Our Promise To You and Your Child

Should you choose and honor us to love, support, and raise your child, we promise:

• Your child will know you and their birth family and will have opportunities to develop their own relationship with you over time if this is something you want.

• Your child will have the opportunity to explore how adoption has shaped who they are and the many families to which they belong.

• To ensure that your child will be connected to their ethnic and racial heritage and live in a diverse community where they will play with, go to school with, and have adults in their life who share their racial and ethnic background.

• Your child will grow up feeling safe and confident to be who they are, free of judgement and fear.

• To provide your child with tremendous opportunity in life. We will open every door we can so they are never on the outside looking in.

• To make their education a priority, so that he or she can reach their highest potential in life.

• To travel with your child and expose them to different places, people, and cultures, so they feel at home in the world.

• Our family will eat well, and stay healthy and active so your child will have the best possible chance for a long and happy life.

• Your child’s childhood will be filled with fun, encouragement, and delight. We will nurture their curiosity, unique needs, and joy.

Above all, we promise that we will unconditionally love and cherish our adoptive child, your birth child, every day of our lives.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to reach out to our adoption agency, Adoption Connection, [email protected] or 415-355-4636

We wish you the best during this difficult time and hope that you find a path forward for you and your child that feels right to you.


Jessica & Josh