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Meet Joshua & Pilar

Where We Live

Oakland, California

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving, we love hosting family and friends

Happy Places

We love to go hiking in the East Bay Hills on the weekends, and always are ready for a walk along the beach.

Best Vacation

Visiting Colombia and traveling from the tropical beaches to the high mountains.

Fun Facts

Joshua has lived in Spain and Morocco while Pilar lived in Spain and Bolivia.

Hello from Pilar and Joshua in Oakland, California. We first met over twenty years ago when we were briefly housemates and shared a circle of friends. After losing contact years ago, we reconnected suddenly three years ago and immediately fell in love. We are so happy to be together and super excited to share the next chapter of our lives as parents.  Thank you for taking a moment to learn about us.

Our Life

Our life together in Oakland is rich with community, we have maintained a strong, loyal group of friends over the years. With their families, we enjoy regular dinners, hikes,

and gatherings. We are also lucky enough to have a number of family in the immediate area and spend time with our nieces and nephew, two of Pilar’s siblings, and Joshua’s parents.

We are both dedicated to our respective work focused on community-building and social justice.  It is important to us that we are making a positive contribution locally.

We enjoy seeing music, going dancing, eating out and generally making the most of living in the Bay Area and its rich culture.  We both love to travel and spent a lot of our younger years traveling the world. Nowadays, we make time throughout the year to take short trips to visit old friends and family, and take one longer trip to enjoy a new destination each year.

We are both avid readers and often spend weekends reading books, newspapers, and magazines – when we can, we even read books together out loud.

About Joshua, by Pilar

Joshua is my favorite person in the world for so many reasons – all of which I know will make him a wonderful father. He brings passion and fierce intelligence into everything he does but somehow it is always balanced by a steady calmness and a sense of humor. When we rebound each other after many years, realizing we wanted to build a life and a family together was the most natural thing.

Joshua grew up in Oklahoma and Northern California and followed his spirit for adventure from a young age, traveling around the world for over a year when he was just 19 years old and

living in Morocco and Spain over the years. Joshua’s facility for languages began during those early travels and he speaks 3-6 languages depending on who you ask.

Joshua brings dedication and passion to his work as a bilingual public librarian, but it is always evident when we see children and families in the community who know him from

storytime and library programming.

Joshua loves music and dance and constantly brings that creativity into our household. His love of music is contagious. I know that our future child will learn to love and appreciate music from all over the world.

About Pilar, by Joshua

I am truly captivated by Pilar’s unique personal warmth and charm. Reuniting with Pilar after 20 years has brought so much joy to my life, I feel so much love, admiration and deep connection with her that I can’t imagine us not being together. Pilar fascinates me everyday with the amazing drive and spirit that she brings to her work and personal life; I have never met someone as strong and capable and poised. Pilar founded and directs a national nonprofit from her home office, directly impacting the lives of thousands of people on a daily basis. I love Pilar’s spontaneity and endless energy and I can’t wait to share all the joys and challenges with her as our love for one another continues to grow.

Growing up in a large family in rural remote New Mexico, Pilar’s upbringing was full of unique experiences that have made her the very special person that she is.

After finishing high school at a boarding school of international students, Pilar travelled and lived in South America for an extended stay. These early experiences solidified a love of Latin American culture, language, dance  and music that we share deeply.






Our Home

We recently bought our first home and are thrilled that it is both close to Joshua’s work and to vibrant community, but also has a big private backyard where we can enjoy trees and open space.

Our home is often full of family and friends as we host dinners and celebrations or have our nieces over for sleep-overs.

We are both avid gardeners and over the next few years are working to expand the number of fruit trees and build more of a vegetable garden.

Our Extended Family

Pilar comes from a large blended family with six children.  Her parents still live in her hometown but come to visit often.  Two of Pilar’s siblings live in the Bay Area as well as a nephew attending college so there is a great deal of family gathering.  Pilar is the special auntie to seven nieces and nephews who span toddler to college age.  Her family tries to get together in different formations as often as possible and we also often see her cousins and aunts and uncles when travel allows.

Joshua comes from a smaller family with just one brother but a large group of aunts, uncles, and cousins.  His mother and stepfather live in the area so we often have dinner or do activities together.

Over the last few years, our families have gotten to know each other and it is common for us to have dinners with both sets of parents or to host holiday events with as many people as possible.

Our Wish for You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Your caring decision will allow us to start a family and we promise to make sure our child is always surrounded by love and support. We are committed to making sure our child knows where they came from and who they are.