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Meet Julian and Wade

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Where We Live

San Francisco

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas (it's the food!)

Happy Places

At sea on a cruise ship
Hiking through the woods

Best Vacation

Europe or Hawaii

Fun Facts

One of us will not eat bean soup. The other will not eat melons.

Hello!  We’re Julian and Wade in San Francisco.  Thank you so much for considering us as parents for your child.   We are a fit and active professional couple with a thriving 4 year old son we adopted at birth.  We adore being parents and we have an abundance of love, attention, and good humor to lavish on another child. We know what we’re getting into, and we believe in open adoption and how important it is for a child to know his/her roots.

Our Life

We are a loving, busy, active family.  Our core values are integrity, kindness, generosity, humor, and good communication.  Our open and accepting spirituality keeps us grounded and rooted in love.   We travel a lot, both internationally and domestically.  Europe and Hawaii are our favorite destinations.

We love being outside – hiking, building sandcastles at the beach, flying kites, and riding scooters and bikes.  Our 4 year old son Matthew is very active and loves school too.  Our favorite thing is to swim together.  We have great fun playing games (“I spy…”), reading, and telling stories to each other.

We are accomplished professionals, fortunate to have the flexibility and resources to be able to spend a lot of quality time together.  We have a large circle of friends who we see regularly.  Wade loves to grill and Julian is a great cook so we entertain at home a lot.

We’re very close to our extended family, with many aunts, uncles, and cousins, several of whom are adopted. When we get together, we’re loud with the sound of love and laughter ringing out.  That is the soundtrack of our family.

About Wade by Julian

Wade is smart, kind, generous, and the rock of our family.  He is a graduate of UC Hastings College of Law.  He has unlimited patience and instills confidence and true capabilities in our son  Matthew.  Wade is wise, moral, and also very funny.

Wade grew up in San Diego, California but went to college in Paris, France.  He is fluent in French.  His professional life has focused on international law and business and he’s lived in Mexico City for work.  When he got transferred to London for his job, our family had the privilege of living in the United Kingdom for almost 4  very happy years until the end of 2018.

To balance work life, Wade is a triathlete – swimming, biking and running.  He also loves to hike long distances (sometimes at fast paces).  Wade is an expert black diamond skier.  He is also an accomplished gardener and landscaper with a green thumb.  He loves jigsaw puzzles and can clean and organize any space.  He should have his own TV show about how to bring order to a house.

The grill is Wade’s domain.  He’s already starting to teach Matthew how to carefully watch the grill for smells and sounds of good cooking.  He is a great provider and the best dad in the world.

About Julian by Wade

Julian is passionate and full of fun.  He is devoted to Matthew unconditionally, loving and supporting everything about our son.  Julian is a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law.  He’s terribly funny with a razor sharp wit and fierce intelligence.  His core value is integrity (that’s the meaning of his Chinese name) and being authentic and true is his guiding principle in life.

Julian’s hometown is Vancouver, BC and he is a dual US/Canadian citizen. Julian’s work life centered around advocacy – for big corporate clients, charities, people in need, schools, and non-profit associations.  He loves helping by being a strong voice for justice and equality.

Julian is a competitive games player whether it is tennis, volleyball, Mexican Train dominoes, canasta, poker, or mah jongg – he’s in it to win it.  Along the way there will be so much laughter that winning is not important after all.  Julian’s a great cook, turning out restaurant quality meals.  He doesn’t blink at making a feast for 20, and that includes dessert!

Julian loves being a dad – the best job in the world – and he’s great at it!  He’s the glue that keeps all our spinning parts together.

Our Home

We live in San Francisco in a spacious modern home overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Our house is sprawling, on one level with a wide view terrace where we enjoy beautiful sunsets.  We have a large front and backyards in addition to the terrace.  There is plenty of space to run and play.  Nearby, within an easy walk, there are a couple of great parks with swings, slides, and a big blacktop for bike and scooter riding.

We’re right up the street from the San Francisco Zoo, and only 10 minutes from Ocean Beach.  It’s wonderful to zip down to the zoo or beach then run home for food or naps.

Matthew has his own room with a wall of bookshelves and a large closet for his clothes and toys.  Even with a big bed, there’s lots of floor space for play. Matthew has a teepee set up as a fort which is really handy during hide and seek!

We have designated a separate room – just as big as Matthew’s – for his new brother/sister.  As experienced parents, we are ready to immediately welcome another child to our home with everything she/ he needs, especially plenty of love.

Wade’s mother, Nana, lives with us, with her own room and bathroom.

Our home is a place of safety, love, learning, and fun!

Our Extended Family

Wade has a sister and a brother.  Julian has two sisters and a brother.  Together we have a large and loving family.  We all get along really well. We all live in California and so we get to see each other for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and just because.  We travel together.  Just this year we went to Hawaii and Italy.

Matthew has 9 cousins, and they are a very close group who love spending time together.  Several of them are also adopted, like Matthew.  When they get together, there is a lot of loud laughter.  It’s so much fun for everyone!

In our family, there is a big variation in height, hair and eye color, and age.  But none of it really matters – what really counts with us how we treat ourselves and others.  We value cooperation, kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, and good humor.  We are bound together by love.

We enjoy playing games and sports together.  The cousins ski and swim together.   Tennis and golf are family pursuits. When we gather together for great meals, we take turns as the hosts.  After the big meal, we’ll play table games together.  There’s so much laughter and love!

Everyone in our family is excited to one day meet our newest family member.

Our Wish for You

We wish you joy, hope and peace.

Joy, because it makes the world bearable.  We hope you find joy in the big things and the little things.  We pray joy surprises you each day in your life.  No matter what happens in your day, we wish you the joy of each breath, the joy of knowing you make a difference by being true to yourself, the joy of being good enough just as you are.

Hope, because it drives us towards better things.  We wish you hope that makes you smile.  We wish you hope that makes you plan.  We wish you hope that makes breathing a little easier knowing that around the corner something better is coming just for you.  We want hope to reside in your life, to be a constant for you and yours.  May hope lift you up, steady you, and ready you until the day your dreams become reality.

Peace, because we need calm in our world, in our lives, in our bodies.   We wish you peace of mind.  We wish you peace and safety in your home.  We wish you peace in your heart, knowing that you are valuable and you are sufficient and worthy.  We wish you personal peace so that no matter what happens around you, there is calm in your soul.

And we wish you love.

Our Promise to You

Thank you so much for considering us as parents.  If we are lucky enough to be matched with you, we promise to be forever worthy of your trust.

We promise to raise our child with love and respect in a stable and loving home.  We will raise her/him to be a kind, well-educated, and balanced individual confident in her/his own strengths.  We will encourage him/her to reach for their dreams, and we will support them all the way.