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Meet Kae & John

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Where We Live

Centennial Colorado

Favorite Holidays

Christmas in New Mexico, 4th of July in Sonoma ... as long as there is family it's a good time.

Happy Places

Cuddling with the dogs in bed. Getting our hands dirty gardening.

Best Vacation

Enjoying hot springs in Japan

Interests & Passions

Gardening, wood working, rock climbing, SCUBA, camping, dance, cooking, travel, reading.

Hello, we are Kae & John, thank you for taking time to hear about us. We are a couple of adventurous teachers that have been happily married for 16 years. We are looking build our family through open adoption, adoption is our first choice to build our family. We know there is a great child out there that we will love forever.

Our Life

We met in Kae’s hometown, Hamamatsu Japan over 17 years ago, and instantly knew this was it. Our lives took us to the Bay Area for the last 14 years, and we recently moved to Colorado to be closer to family, and hopefully build our own. We have traveled all over the world for work and fun, but we really love being at home tending our garden, cooking large meals, or getting out to the Rocky Mountains, or just playing with our dogs.

About Kae, by John

Kae is very humble, despite her amazing accomplishments in dance, and running her own business she never brags about it. She is very driven to be her best, and is an excellent teacher who expects the best from her students; but I love seeing her become a total goofball with our dogs or playing with our friends kids. Kae is so encouraging and constantly inspires me to be my best…. plus she cooks the most amazing Japanese food. I know Kae will be an amazing parent with me because she is kind, thoughtful, and fun while being the level-headed pragmatist that really thinks through all of my fantastical ideas.

About John by Kae

John will make an amazing father because he is a very loving, caring, and patient man who has dedicated his life to helping children. He is so excited to be a father! I appreciate that he loves spending his time off in the garden growing vegetables for us. He has such amazing energy and loves to work on projects around that house and is very resourceful. I love every day when he comes home and lets our little dogs run all over him, like a big kid. His Italian and New Mexican  food is so delicious, I can him see teaching  our child how to make pizza from scratch. He loves teaching! He glows when talking about his classes. His students adore and respect him, and I know that our child will too.

Our Home & Community

We love our community! It is quite, safe, and the neighbors are very friendly. Our dogs love the nature trails in our neighborhood you always see families going on an evening stroll. We are in the best school district in the state, and CO is one of the best school systems. John works at one of the best independent middle & high schools in the country, which provides on sight child care and children of staff at his school receive paid admission.

We love food, so of course the kitchen is where we spend most of our time cooking veggies from our garden.

When every we have the chance we enjoy getting up to the Rocky Mountains, to take in the natural wonders here.


Our Extended Family

Our family is big and spread out. From Texas to Tokyo. We love to travel to spend time with our family. One big reason for moving to Colorado was to be closer to John’s parents in New Mexico, who can not wait to be grandparents. John’s sister loves kids and can’t wait to be an Aunt. John’s grandfather and role model was adopted. When we told our family we wanted to adopt our family was ecstatic. Our diverse family has experienced a lot, but is always there for each other.

Our Wish for You

Thank you so much for for taking the time to hear our story, we can not imagine the choice you are facing, but we support you. We truly believe that raising a child takes a village, that a forever family is just one part of that village, but community, family, and importantly you are essential. We would love to share this journey with you through open adoption.