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Meet Kate and Abby

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Where We Live

Easthampton, MA

Favorite Holidays



Two cats:
Beans and Dragon Pepper


Kate: Hiking, baking, board game playing
Abby: Listening to and playing music, board games


Kate: Portland, Oregon
Abby: Columbia, Missouri

Hello! We are Abby and Kate from beautiful Easthampton, Massachusetts. We are in our early thirties, have been together for eleven years (married for seven) and are very much looking forward to starting our family through adoption. We sincerely hope that by reading our profile and viewing our photos you will see the love in our lives and all we have to share with you and your baby.

We acknowledge that even just considering adoption is an incredibly courageous and selfless act and have the utmost respect for you as you make this decision. Thank you for being open to learning a little bit about us – we look forward to getting the opportunity to get to know you, too.

Our Lives Together

We met in 2007 when we both worked part-time in the mail room at our college in Western Massachusetts and fell in love instantly. Seeking a new adventure we moved to Oakland, California after graduating and have been together ever since. We were married, surrounded by our loving families, at Kate’s sister’s house in Toronto, Canada in the summer of 2012. In 2018, we returned to Massachusetts to buy our first home! Even though we returned to the East Coast, we still consider Oakland our second home and love to visit whenever we can. Now we are ready for our next big adventure – starting a family!

Our relationship is best described as a partnership full of love, mutual respect and a genuine desire to fully enjoy life together.  On any given day we might be out at a basketball game (Go Warriors!), enjoying a hike and picnic on a nearby trail, or making music together in our living room (Abby plays guitar and Kate loves to sing). We are total board game nerds, and never turn down the chance to play our favorite games (Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Scrabble are just a few!). During the Christmas season we always stage a silly photo in front of the tree and cannot wait to include our baby in this tradition. No matter the activity, you are guaranteed to find us smiling, laughing and enjoying life and each other’s company.

About Abby, by Kate

I love Abby for her kindness, patience and huge heart. Abby cares deeply about her friends, family and community and shows her love with thoughtful words and actions every day. She enjoys surprising those she loves with little things to make them smile – a chocolate bar, big hug, or a secret note in their lunchbox when someone close to her needs a pick-me-up.

In her work as a librarian, she is always going above and beyond to help her graduate students, and I love watching how passionate she is working with people from all over the world. As a work-at-home mom, I know that all of her kindness and passion will go towards taking the best care of our child, making sure that our son or daughter is always safe, happy, and knows they are loved enormously.

While Abby is very methodical and logical in her decision making (she has already put in hours of research to find the safest and most comfortable car seat for our baby), she is also always playful and is never afraid to be silly! I expect to “catch” Abby and our son or daughter sneaking a before-dinner ice cream treat more than once, as well as choreographing their own dance routines to pop songs in the living room while I make dinner in the kitchen. I look forward to Abby sharing her love of music with our baby, playing lullabies on her guitar and sharing music from around the world as he or she grows up. Whatever the activity, I know that Abby will guide our child through life with unconditional love, patience, and a good dose of humor.

About Kate, by Abby

Kate is the warmest, sweetest person I know. She is someone who instantly puts others at ease and makes them feel safe to share their thoughts or feelings. At the same time she has an adventurous spirit, inspiring me to try new things and break out of my comfort zone. I know she will encourage our child never to fear the unknown and to enjoy new experiences such as tasting interesting foods (likely desserts), travelling to new places, or trying an activity such as horseback riding or skiing (both of which she has exposed me to)!

If you know Kate, you know she adores helping others (of all ages!) to learn and grow, and enjoys learning from them as well. She is curious by nature and inspires curiosity and creativity in others which is something I know she will do with our child. When we lived in California, Kate worked as a 1st grade teacher in East Oakland. Nearly all of her students spoke Spanish and Kate enjoyed using and strengthening her Spanish language skills daily with these bright students and their families.  Since moving to Massachusetts Kate has combined her love of education with her jet-setting spirit in her work as a study abroad coordinator. She now helps faculty and college students plan and experience exciting trips to places like Greece, France, and Italy.

I cannot describe Kate without mentioning her love of food—both cooking and eating it! During her free time you are likely to find her in the kitchen testing out a new recipe and if there’s a holiday sometime soon you are sure to find her baking a pie. I’m so excited to spot her in the kitchen putting a little apron on our son or daughter and showing them the proper way to use a rolling pin or letting them steal a lick from the spoon. Kate has an infectiously sweet and optimistic spirit, whether in the kitchen or out in the world. I look forward to seeing what she inspires our child to do and to become.

Our Family

We are fortunate to have family and friends all around the country and even in Canada who are eager and enthusiastic to welcome a child into their lives.

Abby is originally from Missouri and her parents, brother and sister still live there. Abby’s mom is a serious Christmas decorator and it will be her greatest joy to help her future grandchild hang stockings and string lights around a tree. Abby’s dad loves the outdoors and will enjoy letting a child get dirty, learn to ride a bike, swing in a hammock, or play a rousing game of t-ball just as he did with Abby and her siblings when they were growing up.

Kate is from the Pacific Northwest and most of her family now lives in Portland, Oregon and just outside of Toronto, Canada.  It is a tradition for us to spend a few weeks in Canada each summer with Kate’s sister, brother-in-law and their son. We make sure that a good chunk of that trip is spent camping by a gorgeous lake in northern Ontario.  There we enjoy swimming, canoeing, and having our nephew educate us about all of the frogs, fish, and insects in the area. Not to mention, of course, stuffing ourselves with s’mores around the campfire every night! When we aren’t together in person we are in constant contact with our families, sending each other photos, videos and care packages, and chatting about our lives.

Our Home and Community

We live in the beautiful and very friendly community of Easthampton. Our house is on a quiet, residential street a few minutes from downtown. We are surrounded by neighbors who embody the neighborly spirit–pitching in to help snowblow the driveway, lending each other gardening tools, or just sharing advice about the best place to grab a bagel. We have a big backyard, where we imagine playing hide-and-go-seek with our little one and setting up a swingset for endless hours of entertainment. We love our home, and spend most of our time playing our guitars, hosting board game tournaments with friends, or curling up with a good book (or movie!) and our two cats – Beans and Dragon Pepper – in our laps.

Our town is full of parks and family-friendly eateries at which we are regulars! We look forward to bringing our baby down to the water to watch (and probably chase once they are older!) all of the ducks and frogs as they jump in and out of Nashawannuck pond downtown. We can’t wait to share our weekend traditions of exploring the many bike paths nearby during the spring and summer, and bundling up to get hot chocolate and croissants from our favorite local bakery in the fall and winter. We imagine adding an extra stop at the local playground for an epic snowball fight with our son or daughter between sips of hot cocoa!

Our Promise

As parents, we promise to:

* Provide unconditional love and support

* Be kind, stable, consistent, open and honest

* Encourage curiosity and reflection (even if it involves getting dirty!)

* Share laughs and cuddles every day

* Embrace challenges by tackling them with good attitudes and open communication.

Thank You

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us. We hope to get the chance to get to know you, too.

Should you choose us as adoptive parents, please know that your baby will grow up in a very loving home with two parents who love them unconditionally. To whatever extent you may or may not wish to stay connected with us, we truly believe in being open and honest about your child’s birth story, and at the center of that story is you. You will forever hold a special place in our hearts.


Kate and Abby