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Meet Kavi and Jasmeen


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Favorite TV shows

Kavi loves Shark Tank & Numb3rs
Jasmeen loves Friends & Gilmore Girls
Together we enjoy The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. The times we spend with family!

Happy Places

Trying out different cuisines
Hanging out will all sorts of dogs

Best Vacation

Exploring the beauty of Switzerland

Fun Facts

Jasmeen loves to make photo albums and Kavi loves all types of socks!

We are Jasmeen and Kavi, a couple in our 30’s, from San Jose, California. We met at a wedding over 13 years ago and spent 2 years long distance (Jasmeen was in Singapore and Kavi in San Jose) before we married.

Words fall short if we were to explain how much raising a child means to us. We understand that choosing adoption may be one of the hardest decisions you may make. We want you to know we are here for you and your child. Rest assured, you are in good hands.

Our Life

Being together for over a decade, we have built a strong foundation as a couple. Struggling with infertility has brought us even closer together, too. We love to spend time doing things that are enriching and enjoyable but we also encourage one another to pursue each other’s interests. For example, Kavi took up golfing a few years ago and has been practicing with his friends. Jasmeen took up sewing and has been practicing her sewing by making blankets for shelter animals. We want to encourage our child to take up hobbies that interest them and not just follow our own interests.

On weekends we like to check out different restaurants, go for a hike, or explore a new park or winery. We’ve visited over a dozen countries together and we plan to continue our travels with our child.

About Jasmeen - By Kavi

Jasmeen is all heart. She is loving, affectionate and caring. She naturally takes on the role of caretaker of family matters, attending to friends and relatives with grace and gusto. She is naturally attuned to all things family— remembering birthdays, anniversaries and even the little things like someone’s favorite food. She most recently took up the hobby of sewing and is using her newly learned skill to sew small blankets for animals at a local shelter. This is something that is near and dear to her heart as we met our dog, Honey, there.

I know in my heart Jasmeen will be a wonderful and caring mother. I’ve never seen anyone so natural and confident with children. She engages them with kindness, and I often find Jasmeen spending more time with the kids at social gatherings than she spends with the adults. Kids gravitate to her!

About Kavi - By Jasmeen

Kavi is the best thing that has happened in my life. He is one of the most caring, intelligent and funny human beings I have ever met. He is always so positive and supportive. When I’m down, he makes me laugh with his quirky sense of humor. I have no doubt Kavi will be a great father to our child. He is so patient, loves to teach, and he is a passionate learner. Kavi does most of the planning in our relationship from financial planning to vacations—it’s all about spreadsheets at the end of the day—a little accounting joke I had to put in.

When we watched La La Land I told Kavi I liked a song from the movie. Kavi bought the song book to learn it on piano for me. It was one of the most touching things he has ever done. I know Kavi can’t wait to teach our child how to play the piano, and he will foster our child’s interests and passions whatever they might be!

You may also be curious about the turban on Kavi’s head. As part of the Sikh faith (which originated from India) part of our tradition means keeping our hair long. While it’s a tradition we keep, we are very open-minded about others’ belief systems.

Our Home

We love animals and a few years ago we rescued a senior dog, Honey, from the shelter where Kavi volunteers. Honey is a dachshund mix and a sweet elderly dog that loves to be around people, get belly rubs, eat, and take naps.

We own a 4 bedroom townhome in a quiet, suburban part of San Jose. The complex includes a grassy park and a gated swimming pool, which gets really busy with kids when the weather is nice! We hope one day our child will play amongst them.

Our favorite part of our home is the family room that flows to an open kitchen and overlooks our backyard’s orange trees. To be honest the biggest draw of the room is the super comfy sofa, which we affectionately refer to as “the white hole” because once you sit down it can be difficult to get back up after a long day! Both of us have been guilty of being couch potatoes at times—even Honey can’t get enough of the sofa. As we envision life with a baby we imagine our family room will get plenty of use for things like learning how to walk, story time, family meals, dancing, and eventually school projects and piano practice!

Our Family

We’re both very family oriented and are lucky that most of our family lives close-by with some spread out over the United States and internationally in Singapore, Canada and India. We visit our family in Southern California at least once a year to celebrate either Christmas or New Year’s with them. It has become a family tradition that all the cousins cook a meal together for the whole family.

The big dessert hit one Christmas was Kavi’s Nutella bread pudding that was perfect for a chilly winter evening. We want to pass this tasty recipe on to our child and continue making other special dishes during the holidays.

We are also fortunate to have Kavi’s parents nearby. We hope that when we bring a child into our home, there will be plenty of mealtimes and bonding with them.

Our Promise to You

We feel blessed to have each other and a strong and loving network of friends and family. As we shared our plans to adopt with our closest loved ones, they have all repeatedly emphasized that a baby placed in our care will be fully accepted, loved and adored.

We promise to provide our child with a stable and loving home. We hope to encourage him or her to explore and learn about the world in a fun and engaging way, be well-educated, be kind- hearted, and reach for their dreams.

Although we may not fully understand your circumstances right now, having gone through infertility we understand a thing or two about the importance of bringing a child into this world. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and considering us.