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Meet Ken & Meg

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Where We Live

Ben Lomond, CA

Where We Work

Ken is a researcher in rare disease. Meg is a communications director at a non-profit organization.


A very sweet doggie who would rather cuddle than eat!


Ken – playing music and writing.

Meg – sewing quilts and making crafty things to give to family and friends.

Fun Facts

Ken plays the banjo and Meg has a green thumb and can bring any plant back to life!

Hello from Meg and Ken! We are beyond excited to start a family through open adoption. We have a loving home with a very cuddly dog in the Santa Cruz mountains. We enjoy being surrounded by nature, sleuthing for banana slugs in the forest, stargazing, hiking, and spending time with our family. We can only imagine how challenging it must be to make this decision. When you read our profile, we hope you can sense the love waiting for the baby you are bringing into this world, and the many things we can all share together on this journey.

Our Lives Together

Several years ago, we were brought together by what felt like fate. Meg, who was living in Boston, traveled to Oakland for a seminar. Through a series of very fortunate events, Ken had heard about the same seminar and felt compelled to attend. When we met, we had an instant connection. Our first real date was a five-day road trip in Canada and from that point on we were inseparable. Within a year of long-distance dating, Meg took the leap to move to the west coast to build a life with Ken, and several years later we were married.

Our relationship is grounded in love, mutual respect, and the simple desire to enjoy day-to-day life together. We have fun doing even the most ordinary things. On a given day you can find us dancing in the kitchen, cuddling with the dog, and cooking vegetables from the garden. We will never turn down a chance to play cards or a board game, especially if it’s Rummikub or Sequence. On holidays, we sometimes nerd out to sci-fi and fantasy movie marathons. We love to be outdoors and often spend weekends camping, kayaking, hiking, and making s’mores by the fire. We both feel that travel and experiencing different cultures has helped shape who we are, and we look forward to sharing this with a child.

We always dreamed of a big family and recently moved to the Santa Cruz mountains to further make this a reality. We wanted to raise children in a beautiful place with more space to grow, and with Ken’s parents living right next door.

Although we tried to get pregnant for years, open adoption was always part of the picture for us. It felt right in our hearts, and we are beyond excited to be on this journey together, and also with you.

About Ken (by Meg)

Ken is incredibly kind, thoughtful, intellectual, and creative. At heart, Ken is an artist and musician, and I like to say a “master builder.” He can build and design almost anything, from bed frames to kitchen counters to flower beds. It’s easy to see Ken building a crib for our baby and a sandbox or swing set in the yard.

I appreciate that he approaches any situation with a positive attitude, always trying not to sweat the small stuff and looking on the bright side, even during the most difficult times. He loves to read, create art, write, listen to music, and travel. He will incorporate his love and passion for art, film, music, and literature into our son or daughter’s life, encouraging growth, exploration, and fun!

Ken graduated from San Francisco State University with an English/Creative Writing degree. Through life’s amazing journey and a little bit of luck, Ken ended up making a successful career in science and researching rare diseases. For over 20 years, he has helped improve the lives of many individuals. Several years ago, Ken returned to school to get an MBA degree to further broaden his career opportunities.

Ken brings a wonderful sense of balance to our relationship and is ready with open arms to extend his unconditional love to a child. With a portfolio of Dad jokes already in hand, Ken is ready to be a father!

About Meg (By Ken)

From the beginning, it was easy to imagine Meg as a loving, caring, and dedicated mother. She is empathetic and loyal, fun and carefree, but also disciplined and reliable – all in the right amounts. I trust her completely and she is the most honest and communicative person I know. When she is around children, she lights up. She has an amazing ability to instantly relate to children and spend time with them in the creative world of their imagination.

Meg has a big heart and is willing to do anything for her friends and family. She is naturally curious about everything and is always wanting to learn more about the world around her. Meg is open-minded and a good listener. She is always willing to take the time to sit down and have a meaningful and engaged conversation.

Meg works in communications and has a bachelor’s degree in English and Master’s Degrees in Gender and Cultural Studies and Medical Sociology. For over 20 years, she worked in various health care settings, often working to close the inequality and disparity gaps in our healthcare system. Today, she works for a non-profit advocacy organization that represents the public hospital systems in California. The mission of this work is near to her heart, as they aim to ensure that the most vulnerable individuals in our communities can access health care.

In her free time, Meg heads to her sewing machine to work on a quilt. When she’s not sewing, she’s working on a puzzle, reading historical fiction, or playing board games with friends. She maintains a beautiful array of houseplants and loves to watch things grow in our garden. Somehow she finds time to volunteer with hospice, providing friendship and companionship to people at end-of-life.

About Brodie

Brodie, the wonderdog, is a sweet, rescued, lab-pit mix. He loves playing with Ken’s nieces and nephews. Even though he loves meals and snacks, his #1 priority is cuddling. He is almost 10 years old, but very healthy and still has a youthful puppy spirit. He loves to wear sweaters and bandanas and sitting in front of a heater or the fire but still doesn’t completely trust the mailman (nobody’s perfect, right?)

Home & Community

We have a comfortable and spacious three-bedroom house in Ben Lomond. The neighborhood is working class, just like the towns we grew up in. There is a strong sense of community and respect for people from all walks of life. Our home is nestled in the redwoods forest with tons of space for a child to run and play and enjoy the outdoors. On a sunny day, we are often BBQ’ing with Ken’s parents, taking a walk, or doing work around the house. Meg loves to garden, and Ken loves to build flowerbeds, decks, and wrench on vehicles. There are several parks close by, including a meditation center at the end of our street with 80 acres of hiking trails. The elementary school is a short drive down the road.


Our Family & Friends

Ken’s parents are warm, healthy, high-energy, generous, loving, and are excited to help out! They are retired and live next door when not spending time in Malaysia. This situation gives them ample time to spoil a grandchild with Malaysian home cooking and affection, but also wisdom so as the child gets older they will have this beautiful grandparent presence in their lives. Ken’s cousin and his young children also live in the same town.

Meg has an older brother who lives in Washington, DC, and has two children – a niece and nephew. Her mom is the kind of grandma who bakes cookies for her grandkids for every holiday and special occasion (including Halloween!). She is kind, warm, thoughtful, and loving.  She is excited to welcome a new little one into the family.

Both of us have an amazing circle of friends with many children ranging in age from babies to pre-teenagers. A new addition to the family would also be part of a global community. Regular trips to the East Coast to see Meg’s family and friends and trips to Malaysia to visit Ken’s large extended family – all with too many tiny playmates to count, everywhere we go.


At the end of the day, it’s all about love. We are ready to provide a solid foundation of unconditional love, stability, and consistent parenting to help a little one navigate the challenges of life. We know it won’t always be easy, but we are ready to accept the awesome responsibility of providing a loving home, passing on what wisdom we can, and nurturing a child’s creative exploration of life and love, to help them pursue their joy and happiness in whatever way that takes shape in their life.

Our Promise

 As parents, we promise to:  

Provide unconditional love, stability, and open communication

To always be honest and kind

Strive to teach by example

Encourage curiosity, exploration, and open-mindedness

Laugh every day

Thank You

Thank you for taking time to read our profile and for considering us as a family for the child you will bring into the world. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about you.