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Meet Kevin & Fiorella

Where We Live

Peninsula, Bay Area

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Happy Places

Backyard, Half Moon Bay beach, national parks

Best Vacations

Visiting family at Christmas. Renting a beach-house with family.

Fun Facts

Kevin’s great-grandmother refused to sail on the Titanic. Fiorella’s dad grew up in Machu Pichu.

Hi! Our names are Fiorella and Kevin. We’ve been married 12 years and are excited about the possibility of welcoming a baby into our life. We have a deep connection with children through our nephews and nieces and want to fill our house with love for our own son or daughter. Thank you for considering to begin this adoption journey with us.

My/Our Life

We met 15 years ago on a journey through China, on a 5-hour flight that seemed to go by in minutes.  Instantly, we made a deep connection and quickly became inseparable as we shared our love of outdoors and travel.  In 2008 we got married and made our home in the peninsula where we are close to friends, family, and great outdoors. We have established careers in Finance and IT and are grateful for the career opportunities that Silicon Valley provides.  We also love the State and National parks that California offers and are involved in conserving these for future generations.

About Fiorella, by Kevin

Growing up in Lima, Peru, Fiorella was bolstered by a large supportive family – a very large supportive family.  She has a sister, Angelina; her mother had three sisters and one brother; and her father had 15 brothers and sisters.

Living in this close-knit community of family and friends, she proceeded form high school to Lima University, where she studied economics.  Like me, Fiorella is passionate about education, and she has continued her studies in Finance at U.C. Berkely and USF. These days, she enjoys learning about other cultures and currently speaks four languages.

Having grown up on the ocean, Fiorella loves distance swimming and likes to relax playing tennis, hiking, and camping.

About Kevin, by Fiorella

Kevin grew up in Ireland the youngest of six children. He liked soccer, and played guitar and piano, passions that as a father he wants to share with his children. Since university he has worked in technology. He graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with a PhD in Engineering, which led him to a career in IT.

He loves the outdoors and likes to relax the playing piano, cooking, hiking, cycling, and travelling.

My/Our Home

We live in a quiet neighborhood in the Peninsula with good schools, surrounded by parks, and 20 minutes from the beach. We love to go to Farmer’s market, Half Moon Bay pumpkin festival, and swimming in our local club.  Our city has great parks and recreation activities for all the family.   We are both keen gardeners and love to spend time at the weekends in the backyard.  We both enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and enjoy baking our own bread, roasting our own coffee and creating new recipes.


My/Our Extended Family

We both come from large families – each of us grew up with more than 30 aunts and uncles. We love going back to our hometowns for family weddings when you can get everyone together for photos and meet all the generations of cousins, second-cousins, and nephews and nieces. We always try to combine vacations with family visits and like to rent a beach house and invite the whole gang to stay, relax and enjoy the fun.

My/Our Wish for You

We want the child we raise to spend holidays with cousins here and abroad, to have a happy childhood, to enjoy sport and the outdoors, to give them a great education, and provide the best possible start in life.