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Meet Kevin & Marco


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Marco: San Jose, CA
Kevin: Fairfield, CA

Favorite Holidays

We love cooking for people we love on Thanksgiving, and learning to cook new dishes on New Year's Eve.

Favorite Beyoncé Song

Marco: Crazy in Love
Kevin: Hold Up

Favorite Dessert

Marco: Strawberry Shortcake
Kevin: Crème Brûlée

Our Perfect Day

It's raining, we're under a cozy blanket, we have a big bowl of popcorn in hand, and our pup in our laps.

We’re a couple of college sweethearts from the San Francisco Bay Area. While we both have worked as actors, Marco now teaches early childhood, and Kevin works in marketing—so we know the power of a great story. We also know we can be a safe, loving home to your little one, and we are excited to be considered to welcome them into our lives.

About Marco

There are three things you should know about Marco. First; Marco is a Californian through and through. He was born and raised in San Jose, and is always the person you want to sit next to at the party. He laughs freely, listens beautifully, and makes anybody who talks to him feel special. Second; Marco is as captivating as Mr. Rogers. As a professional actor, he has always managed to light up a theater. That’s why, when the pandemic hit, he built Mr. Marco’s Story Circle: a virtual storytelling program for kids to develop social and emotional superpowers. This adventure brought him to the work he does today as a wellness lead for an elementary school in San Francisco. Third—and most of all—Marco was born to be a parent because he’s the one that will be in a little one’s corner, no matter what may come.

About Kevin

Kevin thinks he was a really weird kid. Growing up in Fairfield, California, he was afraid of loud noises and loved to bake “breakfast cakes” for his parents out of ketchup, raw eggs, and vegetable oil. Thankfully, his cooking has dramatically improved! One thing he’s most looking forward to about parenthood is the chance to make amazing birthday cakes (no ketchup, promise). Kevin works as a marketer for a tech company and a commercial actor. Drawing from his Irish roots, Kevin is eager to show a little one the joy of a shared meal, and the magic of a story that withstands generations. He believes everybody is worth his time, and can always be counted on to send special cards and check-in texts. He’s patient, fun, and dependable and that’s why he’s going to be a great father!

Our Pet

Emmy is our Brussels Griffon puppy, and she packs tons of attitude into a tiny package. She loves cuddling, carrots, and following her humans around. She will be so excited to have a new little human in the house with us.

Our Home

Our cozy home is nestled in Foster City, California: a secret little lagoon town 30 minutes south of San Francisco. Our family-filled neighborhood is right off the Bay, and we love taking walks with Emmy along the foggy water every day. We love Foster City for a few reasons: it has great schools, is super safe, and is filled with tons of sunny parks where you’ll see folks playing, biking, and kayaking. You can get pretty much anywhere in the Bay Area in no time, including our parents. Family will always be just a short drive away.

Thank You!

It feels very special to us that you’re reading our story and we’d be honored to meet you. We imagine someday helping your child to write their own story about all the love that went into your decision of adoption. While you make this very important plan and connect all the dots, we want to thank you for taking a moment to consider inviting us along for the ride.