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Meet Kim and David


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We live in Scotts Valley, a small town in the Santa Cruz mountains. We can walk to the park and drive to the beach.

Favorite Holidays

We enjoy celebrating the holidays. Our neighborhood goes all out for Christmas and Halloween.

Happy Places

We love visiting the National Parks and spending time outdoors. Hawaii is one of our favorite places to vacation.


Kim recently restored her childhood dollhouse. David takes pride in his Disney collection.


We both love our jobs. Kim works as a Park Planner and David works in Human Services.

Hello! We are David and Kimberly from Scotts Valley, California. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are a fun couple that loves the outdoors and enjoys spending time with our family and friends. Healthy living, education and a happy home life are very important to us. We strive to experience life to the fullest and always love to learn new things.

We look forward to building our family through adoption. We believe in being open and honest about how our family came to be and our future child will always be surrounded by lots of love. We have friends and family that have experienced adoption so we understand the importance of this decision for you. We hope this profile helps you get to know us better as a couple, as individuals, and as future parents.

We are excited about becoming first time parents!

Our Story

Our love story began seven years ago. On our first date we rode the Santa Cruz Holiday Lights Train where we sipped cider, sang carols, and greeted Santa who said we made a cute couple! From that first night, we both knew we had met someone special. We got married in 2013 surrounded by family and friends. Because our love of the outdoors brought us together we had our wedding rings engraved “love is the greatest adventure.” Our relationship is based on respect, communication, honesty, and most importantly humor. We enjoy being silly and agree that laughter keeps us young at heart.

We love the outdoors! Some of our favorite places are Yosemite, Tahoe and Hawaii. There are so many fun activities we can’t wait to share with our child. We imagine hiking, camping, and roasting marshmallows over a campfire. We also look forward to making a snowman (or snow angel), building sand castles at the beach, playing in the waves, and having fun at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

We share many of the same interests, goals and values. Exercising regularly and making home cooked meals together are important to us. We enjoy music, sports and going to the theater. We also love to travel and can’t wait to have a little travel buddy!

About Kim (by David)

Kim is hardworking, trustworthy and kind. She is the most generous person I have ever met and is always willing to lend a helping hand. I admire her positive attitude and how she always puts others first. I know she will make an excellent mother.

Kim grew up with a passion for the outdoors and has a career working for a Parks Department. She loves visiting National Parks, yoga and snowboarding. Her happy place is relaxing at the beach or dreaming of Hawaii.

Kim has many hobbies and can’t wait to share them with our child. She enjoys scrapbooking and has already started an adoption memory book. She loves to cook and is looking forward to having a little helper in the kitchen. She also loves to plan parties complete with custom-made cupcakes, decorations and fun!

Kim is young at heart and loves playing with children. She has confidence around babies, and has many years of experience babysitting. She has been referred to as the “Baby Whisperer” as she has a knack for comforting a baby to sleep in minutes. I envision our child falling asleep in her arms as she rocks him or her to sleep.

About David (by Kim)

David is a very caring and kindhearted man. I can always count on him to support me. He’s very thoughtful and often surprises me with a loving gesture when I lease expect it. He makes me laugh, and his quirky sense of humor keeps everyone smiling.

David enjoys outdoor adventures and wildlife viewing, especially bears. He is an avid reader, loves movies, and is a big Disney fan. I am impressed with his large collection of Disney movies and can’t wait to watch them with our child.

David is really popular with kids. It’s not uncommon to find children we don’t even know flocking to him at the playground when we are there with our nieces and nephews. They are drawn to him! He’s so in touch with his inner child that children instantly understand that he loves to play and act silly. Whether it’s playing Harry Potter at the playground, building elaborate Lego structures, swimming in the pool, or playing Hide-and-Seek, David is often the center of attention when kids are around.

David has a lot of holiday spirit. At the annual Christmas “Fantasy of Lights” event, David dresses up as the Holiday T-Rex that greets children and poses for pictures.

Home & Community

We live in Scotts Valley, a small town in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Our neighborhood is safe and has great schools. We imagine walking to the park with our child, feeding the ducks at the pond, visiting the Farmer’s Market, attending church on Sundays and going out for ice cream (Kim loves strawberry and David chocolate chip),

Our home is our happy place where you will find us entertaining friends, playing board games or watching movies on a Saturday night complete with homemade popcorn! Our child’s room will be filled with toys and games, some from our own childhood. We have a collection of stuffed animals from our travels so our child will have lots of “furry friends.” We look forward to snuggling with our child while we read bedtime stories.

We share our home with our cat Macaroni. He enjoys playing and his kitty treats. He loves napping on the deck in the sun. He is affectionate and is great around kids.

Our Home Away From Home

Our home away from home is in Monterey County, where Kim grew up spending weekends at her family’s ranch, riding horses, and helping in the family vineyard. Our families and friends often get together for holidays or just for fun. The ranch holds a special place in Kim’s heart and was where we got married. We are excited to have our child spend time at the ranch! Our child will enjoy hiking, exploring nature, playing in the pool, or sitting outside on a warm summer evening looking up at the stars.


Traditions are important to us. We carry on those from our childhood and look forward to creating new traditions as a family. Growing up, it was a family tradition for both of us to spend the holidays together and we still gather to celebrate with our family.

We love celebrating the holidays! Some of our favorite traditions are Easter egg hunts at the ranch, Fourth of July fireworks in our town, cooking a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with our family, and dressing up in costumes for Halloween.

One of David’s favorite Halloween traditions was decorating the yard with his brother. They did such a good job that all the neighbors would come to see the big Halloween show each year. He is looking forward to continuing this family tradition with his child.

Christmas is one of our favorite holidays. We enjoy driving around to see the neighborhood Christmas lights, decorating gingerbread houses, and visiting the Christmas tree farm. We look forward to decorating our Christmas tree while we sing holiday songs. We also have our annual tradition of going to the Pasadena Rose Parade on New Year’s Day.

Family & Friends

Our families and friendships are very important to us. Whether it’s celebrating special occasions or just spending the day together, we always have a great time. Our families are very welcoming and our friends instantly become part of the family. We are excited for our child to join this loving and fun group of family and friends!

We grew up in stable loving families and we still remain close. We are fortunate to live near our nieces, nephews, siblings, parents and grandparents. Everyone is thrilled to welcome a new member of the family and to lend a helping hand!

Our Special Wish

We have always dreamed of having children. On a recent trip to Disneyland, we went to the Build-A-Bear store. Being the silly people we are, we decided to make a bear together. As part of the build a bear process they handed us the heart for the bear and asked us to think of a wish. We both wished for a child. We named our bear Cubby and keep it close to our hearts, excited to someday share it with our child along with their adoption story of how they came into our lives.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us in your adoption decision. We acknowledge that this is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for yourself and your child. We respect and support your decision whatever you decide. We commit to providing a safe and loving home that is encouraging, fun, and full of laughter. We look forward to our biggest adventure yet, becoming first time parents through open adoption! We would love the opportunity to meet you and get to know you better.

Feel free to contact us through Adoption Connection at 1-888-517-6294 or [email protected]

With love and respect,

Kim & David