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Meet Kim and Jonathan

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Where We Live

San Jose, California

Favorite TV Shows

We love comedies like Will & Grace and Seinfeld and cooking shows like Master Chef Junior and Chef's Table.

Happy Places

At home with our kitties, dinner parties with friends, hiking and cycling around the Bay Area.


Three lovely cats: Ellie, Annie, and Sammy

Fun Facts

We met on a dance floor at a night club!

We are looking forward to starting a family in the place we love and call home: the San Francisco Bay Area.

We promise to be the best parents we can possibly be to your child. They will grow up in a loving home where we have fun, learn, and have meaningful experiences. They will feel unconditional love and respect from us and their extended families, which we hope will include you.

Our Life

We have a fun-loving relationship and enjoy spending time together. We love traveling, going to San Francisco Giants Games, going to Star Wars and Star Trek movies, hiking the Bay Area hills, spending a day by the ocean, and enjoying new restaurants.

Our favorite annual tradition is an Easter egg hunt. Each year we alternate who gets to hide the plastic eggs, and who gets to find them – last year, Jonathan filled the eggs with candy & coins and it took Kim most of the morning to find everyone. We started this tradition about 15 years ago and it’s still going strong. We have so much fun and love to share with a child, and we are thrilled that open adoption will be the way we start our family!

About Kim

We all aspire to find someone that just amazes us; Kim is that person for me. Her strongest attribute is her determination.

Her first job out of college was not so glamorous. She was an environmental consultant who conducted assessments of Bay Area properties to determine if there was any contamination on the property. This meant wearing mud boots, walking out to the middle of fields and taking water and soil samples. She worked hard in those early years of her environmental career, establishing herself as intelligent, hard-working, reliable, and passionate. Over time, her strong work ethic landed her leadership roles, where today she protects the environment and the safety of workers as an Director at a local biotech company.

Kim’s family is, to put it lightly, BIG! The typical family reunion attracts around 80 people from across the country. As large as it is, she reaches out to her parents, her sister, cousins, aunts and uncles, quite often either by email, phone, text or social media. She’s the one making sure we all stay connected in between the family events.

About Jonathan

Jonathan is an Information Technology Project Manager at a local large tech company. He makes sure the large employee population gets the support and tools they need, to be successful. He has held several careers over the years, including customer service, web developer, and now project manager…what he is most passionate about and longs for most is to be a father to our child.

Jonathan’s two passions are wine and road biking – but not at the same time! Jonathan took up cycling in 1998 when his dad gave him his old 10-speed bike. He’s logged thousands of miles on his bike over the years, including volunteering as President of Bicycle Club and organizing their largest cycling event of the year, volunteering as President to the only cycling velodrome in Northern California and helping them achieve financial success, as well as riding himself in charity rides for worthy causes.

Today he enjoys riding with friends in the evenings after work and on weekends around the hills and valleys of the Bay Area.

Our Home

We live in a very quiet, safe area of San Jose, California located near the Los Gatos Creek and Los Gatos Creek Trail, which is a great recreational trail for walking (one of Kim’s favorite activities), running, biking (one of Jonathan’s favorites activities), and skating. Our home is within walking distance of two elementary schools and a high school.

The Bay Area has a great deal of outdoor and recreational activities to enjoy. We live only 40 minutes away from the beach and 15 minutes away from great hiking trails.

Our Extended Family

We have family in the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, Nevada, Oregon, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Germany. Kim has a very large (BIG!) extended family in Wisconsin, whom we visit annually, most typically for organized family reunions or special family celebrations. There are lots of children of all ages among Kim’s cousins, which makes these visits even more enjoyable and fun.

One of Jonathan’s brothers and his family (a wife and their four kids) live in Oregon, so we try to visit as often as we can. Needless to say, we have wonderful people in our lives supportive of us adopting, and lots of special people and places to visit with our child.

We have a small core group of friends, who we go out to dinner, see a movie or just hang out. We have shared our adoption plans, all of them look forward to being supportive aunts and uncles.

Our Wish for You

We believe in putting love first.

And we imagine, though your decision to place your child with another family is not an easy one, you are making this decision out of love. It is our dream to put unconditional love first and raise a child that embraces learning and understanding, is open to other’s ideas and ways of life, embraces diversity, and is kind to all.

If our story and dream has touched you in some way and you might consider us as the adoptive parents for your child, please reach out to us directly at [email protected] or text/phone 408-905-9442, or through our adoption agency at [email protected] or text/phone 415-355-4636.

We invite you to be an important part of your child’s life, and, we hope, ours as well, so it all begins here.

In gratitude,

Kim & Jonathan