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Meet Kristen, Jess & Walter

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Where We Live

San Francisco

Favorite Holidays

Halloween and Easter for the candy

Happy Places

In the quiet woods, swimming in the ocean, and Disneyland!

What we do

Kristen is a professional musician, Jess runs a produce warehouse

Fun Facts

We recently adopted two cats that no one can tell apart

Hello! We are excited about expanding our family through open adoption – thank you for looking at our profile and considering us. We adopted our son Walter in March 2015, and have loved every minute of being parents. He is an awesome kid and we are sure he will be a wonderful big brother.

Kristen & Jess

We’ve been a couple since 1999, and have been legally married since 2008. We live in a 100-year-old house in San Francisco, California. Since we can’t have our own biological children together, we’ve chosen to adopt, and we knew open adoption was right for us because we do not want to raise a child with secrets about their birth parents. Since we have had a wonderful experience with Walter’s birthmother we know that it’s possible to have a joy-filled adoption that brings blessings to everyone involved.

Our desire is to raise children who are loving and self-confident, who know that they are loved unconditionally, and who have the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. Our house is filled with music, art, love and laughter, and we can’t wait to welcome another child into it.

We look forward to meeting you and learning more about what you’re looking for, to ensure the best possible life for this new child. We hope this helps you to get to know us a little better!

About Our Family

We are an active and happy family. We spend time at home listening to records, reading books, and drawing pictures, and have an adventure somewhere outside almost every day. There are many children in our close knit neighborhood, (there are five children under three on our block – and one on the way!) wonderful parks close by, a great library, and lots of terrific schools.

We like Giants baseball, and go to a few games each season. Family is important to us, and we spend a week or so somewhere with each of our siblings and their children each summer. Disneyland is one of our favorite places, and we go at least once a year  – sometimes more! We love going on long road trips; loading the car with snacks and stopping for roadside attractions.

Jess’s family live in Oregon, and Kristen’s family live in Southern California. Because we live in the middle, we go up and down the coast regularly!