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Meet Lauren & Joe

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Where We Live

San Jose, California

Our Dogs

Shooter Jennings & Luna

How We Met

In a charity flag football league in NYC

Our Happy Place

Sanibel Island, Florida

What We Look Forward To

Lauren: Daily hiking adventures as a stay-at-home mom
Joe: Playing in the backyard

Hi there, we’re Lauren and Joe. Before we get into who we are, we’d like to say how grateful we are that you are taking the time to get to know us.

We are in our mid-thirties and live in Willow Glen, a neighborhood of San Jose, CA. Having a family is something both of us have always dreamed of, after years of unsuccessfully trying to have a child we are over the moon excited at the chance to become first time parents through adoption. Many of our friends and family have children and it has been a joy to be a part of their lives and watch them grow. Lauren can’t wait to be a stay-at-home mom and Joe is looking forward to backyard ball games.

Choosing the right home for your child is an incredibly difficult decision and we have immense respect for you in approaching this journey.

Our Story

Originally from the east coast, New Jersey for Lauren and Pennsylvania for Joe, we met while playing in a charity flag-football league. Joe saw Lauren’s sand dollar tattoo and said it reminded him of Sanibel Island, Florida, a tiny little town in the Gulf of Mexico where his grandparents had a home. Ironically enough, Lauren’s grandparents also had a home on the same island where both families grew up visiting.

While living in New York City we had the chance to grow as individuals in different careers and also as a couple with a heck of a lot of love. We were married in 2011 on Sanibel and having everyone return after years away brought so much joy to the event. We now had the chance to create new memories joining both families.

After moving from NYC to Philadelphia for a few months we chose to make the cross-country drive to the Bay Area where Joe was working at the time. Our move was to be temporary but we fell in love with all that California has to offer. In 2016 we bought our first home in San Jose and began planting roots for our future. The rest is, as they say, to be continued…

Our Home

One of our favorite spots in the house is our “Florida Room”, a sun room that is decorated with photos and knick-knacks from our beach travels. It is the perfect place to read or practice yoga, and we look forward to it as a space for our child to learn to walk and grow.

We also love to spend our time in our fenced-in backyard. Our rescue dogs Luna & Shooter love to play fetch in the grass, and we’ve set up a couch and television next to the grill. When the weather is warm we gather around the big picnic table and invite our friends over to feast.

Lauren, According to Joe

Lauren is truly a force of nature. At the same time, she is kind and self-less, she is always the first to lend a hand. One of the first things that I fell in love with about Lauren was her determination. A few years back she decided to change careers, going from corporate all-star to yoga instructor after 6 months of intense training. She made the transition with ease and began teaching in various studios.

Her adventurous side can only be matched by her love of the outdoors. As a stay at home mom, I expect to hear of daily family adventures to the beach or hiking trails around our home. Lauren has taught me many things over the years; from how to run long distances well (she is an accomplished marathoner) to “how to grow the best garden in your neighborhood”. As a mother, I have no doubt that Lauren will teach our child the skills and mindset to take on the world, one adventure at a time.

Joe, According to Lauren

Joe’s standout quality is his kindness towards others. He listens thoughtfully, yet is engaging and ready to act when given the chance to problem solve. I believe this is a large factor in his success as a consultant in the tech world as he helps his clients launch new products and bring services to the market. But do not assume he is all business, he’ll be the first to throw out a line from Michael Scott of The Office or Phil Dunphey of Modern Family when you’re not looking (two of our favorite shows).

He is always the one entertaining the children at a party. Whether it is building a fort or helping them race around the driveway in cars, his ability to keep them engaged is so much fun to watch. One of his favorite things to do with our nephew Henry is build Lego towers. Those are the moments that I can’t wait to see him as a father, because I know that he will simply rock.

Joe loves to cook and goes beyond just the recipe to understand the science behind it all. If you ask he’ll explain to you how to get the perfect browning on a pancake. He also loves to listen to music and one of his favorite things to do with down time is to teach himself to play a song on the guitar or the ukulele we picked up in Hawaii.

Our Travels

We LOVE to travel! Whether close to home or far away, we seek to explore and learn about new places. Some of the locations that we’ve had the chance to visit are Costa Rica, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Australia. One of the ways that we enjoy learning about a culture is through their food. And because we also love to cook it gives us the chance to bring the experience home with us. While we enjoy a good walkabout, we consider adoption our biggest adventure yet and can’t wait to see the world through our child’s eyes!

Our Commitment

We commit to raising our child in a home filled with unconditional love, safety & stability, truth, adventure, respect, and emotional support.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We look forward to getting to know you more and building a future relationship.