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Meet Lizzy & Kennett

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Where We Live

San Francisco

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving, Passover, Christmas

Happy Places

We love spending time in SF's public parks - hiking, the beach, and the DeYoung museum are some of our faves

Best Vacation


Fun Fact

We start our day with a word game

Hello! We’re Lizzy & Kennett from San Francisco. We’ve been together for 7 years, and are so excited to start a family. We share a deep appreciation of our family and friends, dogs, food and board games. We believe whole-heartedly in open adoption, and are so grateful for you to take the time to know us.

Our Life

We met 10 years ago on a photo shoot, and built our relationship on a strong friendship with lots of laughing. Kennett is a photographer and Lizzy is a creative director, and we run a small business together. Family and friends are incredibly important to us—with family on both coasts, we make sure we carve time throughout the year to spend with them. We’re animal lovers, and believe dogs are also members of the family. We both love to travel—whether that’s car camping in the area or an adventure out of the country—but also love time around the house spent cooking, playing board games, and watching movies.

About Lizzy

I was born and raised in Redondo Beach, CA, with a big blended family. I have a brother who’s 10 years younger and one of my closest friends. Playing music and making art has been a part of my life since I was a kid, and I love that I’m able to keep creativity in my day-to-day in my career. I also love teaching what I’ve learned as a college professor.

When I was 9, my step-father adopted me. My parents have always supported me in understanding my story, and I’ve maintained a relationship with my birth father over the years. He’s Palestinian and my adopted father is Jewish. A blended and multi-cultural family is something that shaped who I am, and something I hope our child is proud of as well. I have a deep appreciation for open adoption because of my own experience, and look forward to honoring our child’s unique experience and identity.

About Kennett

I was born in a small town in Denmark. At 3, we moved to Pennsylvania, then to New Jersey, and finally settled in Sarasota, Florida when I was 11. I grew up in a family of six with two sisters and a brother. We have always been super close—holidays and family gatherings were always, and still are, near to my heart.

When I was 24, I took a chance on photo school, and entered the photo industry about 13 years ago. I’ve worked as a professional photographer for 7 years now. I am so grateful to get to do something I’m passionate about. I work with great people, I get to travel, and I met Lizzy through work 🙂

Our Home

We live in the Richmond District of San Francisco in a vintage duplex. We have a guest room for visiting family, a small backyard for gardening, and a big, cozy living area, as well as a sunroom attached to our bedroom that will be a nursery. We run our creative studio primarily from our home office. We look forward to the balance this will give us as parents—we want to be equally available and involved, and working together from home will be a huge help.

Our neighborhood is an awesome balance of city and nature. It’s incredibly walkable—we’re on the edge of Presidio Park and are 20 minutes walking to Golden Gate Park. We walk the dogs to Baker Beach each morning just down the hill. The Richmond District has great public schools and is family-oriented with playgrounds, markets, restaurants, and diverse family businesses.

Our Extended Family

Family is so important to both of us, and we have a large extended family. Kennett’s family is in Florida and Atlanta, and we get together with them at least twice a year. We facetime regularly with our nephews, and love being Auntie & Uncle. Lizzy’s parents are in Portland, and her brother is in LA, along with the rest of her extended family. Being right in the middle, we road trip up and down regularly to see them for holidays (and bonus trips in between).

Our Adoption Aspirations

Open adoption feels natural for us. We welcome change and thrive in open & understanding relationships. We hope for an open adoption where we all feel like we can be ourselves—with honesty & empathy. We hope you feel respected, heard and seen. We want our child to know who they are and where they came from, with a strong sense of self. To feel loved, cared for, and prioritized in our life. Lizzy has a number of adopted cousins in her family, and her family mantra is ‘the more people who can love a child, the better’.