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Meet Loren and Anna

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Where We Live

Corte Madera, CA

Anna Enjoys

Books, Painting, Podcasts

Loren Enjoys

Cooking, Movies, Hiking

Favorite Holidays



Muji our cat

Anna migrated from the Philippines in 2013 and Loren was born to a Taiwanese immigrant mom and a Kansas-born dad. Isla, our daughter, is the best of both our worlds and is just a true bundle of pure joy.

Our Family

Anna migrated from the Philippines in 2013 and Loren was born to a Taiwanese immigrant mom and a Kansas born dad. Isla, our daughter, is the best of both our worlds and is just a true bundle of pure joy. We live and currently work in California and we love it here because we’re close to our extended family members and love the outdoors so much.

We’ve decided to go on this adoption journey because we really want to have another child but are unable to do so. We’ve always been very open to adoption because we know it will provide us and your child an opportunity to enrich each other’s lives beyond our imagination.

As parents, we always want what’s best for our child and a decision like adoption and finding the best family for your child is of the utmost importance. We are working very hard so that the children we raise will grow to be independent, smart, nice and thoughtful human beings.

Thank you so much for taking interest in our little family and we hope we can be on this journey together!



About Anna

I was born and raised in the southern part of the Philippines, a city called Davao. I grew up surrounded by beautiful beaches and spent summers in my parent’s more rural hometown, filled with coconut groves. Right now, we live in the Bay Area and I split my time between working from home and taking care of our little family. We live in Corte Madera where the weather is great nearly all year round and allows us to explore and go on little hikes and walks very often. I love to keep active and live a healthy lifestyle.

I work as a Marketing Manager, handling marketing and merchandising for gift cards at a large hardware/software company. I work for a company that takes very good care of their employees. I love what I do because I enjoy working with products I truly believe in.

In my free time I love cooking, painting and listening to podcasts.

About Loren

I really enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, bicycling and sailing and look forward to including our daughter in them more as she gets older. I grew up as a single child and I’m really excited for our family to grow larger.

I work in software as a product manager that builds tools and services for small businesses and entrepreneurs. I feel lucky that I enjoy what I do and get to help people support themselves running a small business.

In the evenings, I enjoy cooking, watching movies, playing video games and taking on small home improvement projects.


Our Home

We live in Corte Madera which is just north of the Golden Gate Bridge and 15 minutes from San Francisco. We moved here to be closer to Isla’s grandparents who have now built a really close relationship with her. We love the area because it’s so close to so many beautiful parks, playgrounds and hiking trails. The weather is also great year round. Our home is a twostory apartment with an open floor plan upstairs that leads to a small balcony, where we can lounge and grill.

Loren’s extended family lives very close by and frequently gather for potlucks and vacations. Every other week, we have a family Zoom call where we catch up. They all adore Isla so much and are very, very excited about the possibility of an addition to our family. We can’t wait to welcome a little one into our home and our entire family promises to love and embrace them.