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Meet Lori and Bill

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Hello from the San Francisco Bay Area. We are Bill and Lori and we are looking forward to hearing from you and getting to learn more about you. We are honored that you are reading this letter to learn more about us. We imagine that this is a difficult decision for you and we want you to know that we appreciate you and your decision to look into open adoption.

Our Home

We live in Menlo Park near where we both grew up. We are fortunate enough where Lori can work part time and come home after lunch and spend time watching our new little one. Lori’s retired parents live with us and are willing to help us watch the baby while Lori is at work mornings. We like to attend church on Sundays and would love to teach our child about Christ and have them grow up in a faith filled home that is a safe and positive place to grow up in. We live about 2 blocks from a nice park and 1 mile from Facebook. Sometimes we walk to downtown Palo Alto to have dinner. It is a nice neighborhood we live in.

Our Love Story

Even though we were both raised in Menlo Park, and frequented many of the same local places and schools. We never met until the early 2000s when fate had us meet at our local grocery store. We became friends from there and began dating. We were married in 2012 and wanted to start a family but we struggled with fertility. We felt rather than spend money on more treatments to have a child we would turn our eyes toward adoption. We have some cousins that were adopted and even Lori’s father was adopted by his aunt!. We know our hearts are big enough to share our lives with a little one trusted into our care as mother and father. We are counting the days for the phone to ring and make that very special connection with that young lady that sees a match in us.

Our Family

We feel very blessed that both of our families live near us. Grandparents along with aunts and uncles that have very young children too will be involved in our new little one’s life. Lori’s sister and sister n law are both expecting in July! We hope that we could catch up with them and have our family grow at the same time! We love to get together and have family dinners and going on family vacations. Every couple of years we go down to Disneyland as a family and it is always great fun! Oh and we can’t forget we have 2 shy kitties named Cinders and Gigi that love to cuddle and purr when we pet them.

Lori Has Always Wanted to be a Mom

Lori is a ray of sunshine that never stops shining. She is cheerful and happy and has a smile that people can’t help but notice. I am blessed to be the one she loves and her love like the rays of the sun keep our home happy and warm. She yearns to share her love with one more and hear the pitter patter of their little feet racing around our home.

She has been a preschool teacher for many years and is very good with children. Her specialty is ages 2-4. She works from 8:30am to 1:30pm daily and is very excited to be a part time stay at home mom with our new little one. We have a niece and nephew that are under 3 years old and when they come over she can’t wait to hug them and squeeze them and spend time with them. She sings songs to them and often between visits they will still remember the songs and sing along with her.

Lori loves to cook and also bake. Some days our house smells like a yummy bakery with trays of cupcakes or plates of delicious cookies. She makes dinner almost every night and has a good repertoire of meals that she is good at making and often tries out new recipes too! Lori loves Hallmark Channel movies about love and family struggles that almost always ends happily.

I know Lori is going to be a great mother. She is very caring and watchful and is ready to envelope our new little one in her love. Together we are looking forward to growing our family through adoption. Lori will be a great mother and can’t wait for our star from heaven to come our way.


Bill Can't Wait to be a Dad

When that special day comes, I know that my hubby Bill will be a great dad and father. One of the first things I noticed about him is how kind and gentle he is and that he has the best sense of humor! He is always making me laugh and is also very patient.  He will teach our little one how to read and how to think for themselves and to let them know we love them and value them. He is very thoughtful and knows what interests those around him. He will help guide our little one to a very bright future and will be supportive all along the way. Bill and I will make sure to have a safe home for our little one to grow up in. Bill works for Electronic Arts in Information Technology. They are very generous with supporting adoption. He will be able to take paid time off after the baby arrives. This is fantastic and will be great in us getting to know our new little one better. We are praying and keeping our fingers crossed this day will come sooner rather than later.

Parenting Values

We believe that God is love and we want our child to grow up in a loving home as well. We will teach them to be loving, kind, respectful, gentle and compassionate too.  We will set appropriate boundaries but will leave room for fun. We believe a balance of freedom and guidance is a good way to grow up. We know the world is a changing place however we want our home to be a place of sanctuary where our little one can come home and be at ease and know that they are loved unconditionally. We want to encourage rather than discourage, teach love over hate and peace where there is conflict. We hope to give our little person a chance to grow up equipped to face our modern world and thrive in it.

Our Family traditions

Like we mentioned above we as a greater family like to make the trek to Disneyland every few years. We also visit Lori’s brother in Ukiah often and sometimes just head to the beach at Half Moon Bay. We go to Church most Sundays and we like to eat out and often go to dinner and movies on our date nights. On occasion, we just go for a drive. Bill likes to take different routes to places we have been before so it seems like a new trip each time. When our family grows, we want to forge some new traditions that will be special just to our new little one as well. We are hoping that day comes soon!

Thank You

Thank you for reading our story and considering us. If you should choose us to be your child’s adoptive parents, please know that he/she will be brought up with unconditional love and every opportunity possible. We look forward to learning more about you and what you want for your child. If you feel like we are a good match please call/text Adoption Connection at (415) 355-4636.