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Meet Maggie & Brian

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Where We Live

Livermore, California

Favorite Holidays

Maggie and Brian both love Thanksgiving

Happy Places

The beach for Brian and Lake Huron for Maggie

Best Vacation

Our honeymoon in Thailand

Fun Facts

We once backpacked for 25 days straight!

Hi! We are Maggie and Brian, a married couple living in Livermore, California with our 15 month old son, Joe, and our dog, Goose. We are laid back homebodies who love camping, daily walks, and cooking together. Thank you for considering us to be part of you and your child’s life. We promise to love, and nurture your child, raise them and Joe as siblings and as an integral part of our extended family, and support you and them in your relationship.

Our Home and Life

We live in Livermore, CA.  There are lots of wineries and open spaces, and beautiful views of the hills as well great hiking in our backyard.  We love it here!  Sure, it gets pretty hot in the summer and is really windy sometimes, but it is a beautiful, relaxed, safe place to live with great schools and a great group of friends.  We look forward to exploring the world as a family while having a safe, comfortable home to come back to.

Brian is a big fan of BBQ-ing and grilling, so we spend most weekends outside in backyard cooking, playing, and just hanging out.  In the evenings you can find us at the local park or taking Joe to swim lessons before coming home for a family dinner.

About Maggie, by Brian

Mags is just the best person ever.  She’s pure hearted, nice, and has great morals.  She is so patient with kids and loves watching and helping them develop.  She’s a great dog mom and full time cuddler.  She’s also basically the smartest person I’ve ever met.  She studied Math and does Science stuff for work which is super impressive to me.  She is a great mom who will ensure that the little ones she is raising grow up to be great people, and that’s about the biggest compliment I can give anyone.

Mags works as a nuclear nonproliferation analyst at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  She does research on national and international policy related to monitoring nuclear materials and preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.

About Brian, by Maggie

I often tell Brian he is “my favorite husband” but he is really one of my favorite people.  He is so supportive, understanding, and fun to be around.  He owns his own business and seeing how passionate he is about what he does is amazing.  Who else will read books about plumbing for “fun”???  But that is just one example of how he is always wanting to learn new things – work related or just for fun.

Every time I see him interact with Joe, my heart melts.  He is engaging and silly and often talks about activities they can do together.  Sometimes at night he will be on his phone and giggling, and when I look over, he is watching videos of Joe.  I credit a lot of my personal growth, and Joe’s, to Brian.

Brian is the President and part owner of a company which manufactures environmentally-friendly plumbing products and provides air conditioning and refrigeration services for commercial buildings.  As a lawyer, he also handles any legal issues.

Our Extended Family

Brian comes from a family of four, and his younger brother is married as well.  His parents, brother, and sister-in-law all live down in Southern California, and his parents visit often.

Mags has a “Brady Bunch” family – two brothers and two step-siblings (although she usually just says she has 4 siblings).  Most of them live back east in Michigan, but she is close to all of her siblings.  They go back to Michigan when they can but Maggie’s parents (or Granny and Gramps to Joe) visit us a few times a year.

Maggie and Brian are huge believers that family is not defined by biology.  Maggie herself is not blood related to her step-dad or step-siblings but considers them just as much family and is just as close to them as her brothers and mom.  Her step-brother was even the maid-of-honor at Maggie and Brian’s wedding!

About Joe, by Maggie and Brian

Joe loves pretty much everything but especially enjoys playing in sandboxes, bubbles, and his swim lesson.  He loves going on walks and will get Goose’s leash out to let us know it is time to go!  We are both close with our siblings and aim to raise Joe and your child in an environment that will foster a similar lifelong relationship.

Our Thanks

Thank you so much for reading about our family.  Hopefully you have gotten to know us a little bit through this and we look forward to getting to know you more and share more of our lives with you.  Both of us grew up with close-knit families and are excited to grow our own through open adoption.  We would be so thankful for the opportunity include you and your child in our family.  We promise to love, nurture, and care for your child, as well as support you and them in your relationship, in whatever form you and your child think is best.  We promise to raise your child and Joe as siblings and as an integral part of our extended family.