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Meet Matt & Stephanie


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Where We Live

San Francisco, CA

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving is our favorite

Happy Places

The beach and the tennis court

Best Vacation


Fun Facts

Matt loves playing tennis and Stephanie started her own company

Hi! We are Matt and Stephanie from San Francisco and we can’t wait to meet you. We hope this is the start of us getting to know each other better. We look forward to sharing who we are, how we met and all the fun things we love to do together.

Our Life

We both remember the day we met – December 11, 2013.  It was a blind date at a coffee shop  in downtown San Francisco.  We immediately clicked over city life in SF, career goals and our love of food. We learned that we were both foodies right away. Going out to dinner became our favorite thing to do and eventually we began cooking together all the time.

Our life together is filled with adventure, fun, love and support for each other.  We are excited about growing our family and sharing all of this with a little one.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We look forward to getting to know you.

About Matt, by Stephanie

Some of my favorite qualities about Matt include his loyalty, his playful demeanor, and his love of food.

His friendships are deeply rooted and go back many decades. He keeps in touch with all of his friends constantly, checking in on them to catch up on life. They are some of the most devoted friendships I’ve ever seen.

He’s hilarious with cheesy jokes and corny one-liners. I’ve lost count of how many “dad jokes” he’s been telling this past year. Thanks to him I’ve tried all sorts of food that I’ve never had before – mussels, bibimbap and poutine.  But my favorite part about him is his passion. He loves wine making so much that he learned how it’s made and how to farm grapes.  He’s passionate about sports and tennis and finds a way to play every weekend with his friends.  I can’t wait for his new passion (to become a Dad) to come true and see him flourish as a father.

About Stephanie, by Matt

Stephanie is originally from Southern California and ended up in San Francisco by way of a life change. She wanted to start a new career in marketing and work for a startup, so she packed up everything and moved to the Bay Area in 2011. I was drawn to Stephanie’s energy and welcoming smile when I first met her. Her positive attitude helps her handle what life throws at her.

I love Stephanie for being intelligent and kind, which makes her a great teacher and will make her a great mother. I love that she is her own person and has her own opinions, but is open to talk about issues and discuss those issues even if she may not completely agree.

Stephanie loves to cook and create healthy meals.  We love to cook with family and friends as well and hope to one day share this passion with a little one.

Our Home

We live in a quiet area of Pacific Heights in San Francisco that is within walking distance of schools, playgrounds and libraries. Our house is a two bedroom Victorian that is comfortable and cozy.  We love spending time at home cooking together, watching movies, and having friends over. The neighborhood is filled with other families with young children.  We have a community center nearby that offers arts and crafts, swimming lessons and sports.  There is a nursery school and a beautiful public library one block away. We look forward to raising a child in such a resourceful neighborhood.

Our Extended Family

We are very close with our family and see them often.  We have three nieces who are 8, 10 and 15 years old and a nephew who is 9.  We FaceTime with them frequently and they send us notes and drawings for our fridge. We travel to Southern California and Phoenix to see them many times a year. We can’t wait to have another cousin for them to grow with and love.

Our parents are excited to be grandparents.  Stephanie’s parents have four grandchildren and Matt’s parents are excited to be first-time grandparents.  We have four siblings between us which means four aunts and uncles

Our Promise

We can’t imagine how hard this must be for you and we are so grateful that you made this difficult decision.  We would love the chance to get to know you.  You are an amazing mother with a story that will be part of this baby’s life forever.

As parents we promise to surround this child with love and support. We can’t wait to provide a life that is full of possibilities and a home that is surrounded with unconditional love.