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Meet Megan and Patrick

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Our Home

Overlooks a nature preserve in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis

Our Favorite Holidays

Megan: Christmas
Patrick: Halloween

Our Hobbies

Megan: Cooking and baking
Patrick: Historical Martial Arts

Our Most Enjoyed Vacation

Hiking across the countryside in England

Our Favorite Kids Movies

Megan: Elf
Patrick: How to Train Your Dragon

Hello! We are Megan and Patrick and are excited to welcome home our first child through adoption. Our goal is to provide them with a loving, adventurous place to learn and grow. The courage you have as you consider this selfless and loving decision for your baby is inspiring. We will support you and your child with open and honest communication. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us, and we hope to learn more about you as well.

Our Story

We are a couple of adventurers whose first Valentine’s Day in 2009 was an epic dinner including scratch-made deep-fried puffy taco shells, three different toppings (one pickled!), and grilled chicken in Megan’s tiny apartment kitchen in Eugene, Oregon!  Since then, we have become ever closer through hikes, road trips, and several international vacations. With a three-week trip in Italy and France in 2010 we realized: Megan is the planner and Patrick is the adaptable one, who fixes everything when said plans go awry.

We moved to California in 2013 so that Megan could advance her career by working with one of her favorite managers on new product development at a biotech company. Just before we moved, Patrick proposed at the peak of South Sister, the third tallest mountain in Oregon. We got married a year later in northern Oregon at Timberline Lodge, in a ceremony we wrote together.

In 2019, we decided to move closer to family in Minnesota and put down roots in a home and surroundings we love. We’re closer to our extended families and do even more of the things we enjoy outdoors, like sledding in our backyard!

Meet Patrick (by Megan)

Patrick is loving, patient, adaptable, and determined to do everything well. His love is shown in so many ways. His “elephant” hugs (bigger than bear hugs!) are uplifting. As a scientist, one of the parts Patrick looks forward to most is helping and watching our little one figure out how things work, including their own fingers and toes.  Currently, he is working in Research and Development at a large biotech company creating a new instrument that will make groundbreaking advances in the diagnosis of diseases, thanks to past experiences at multiple companies and his bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry.

Given the fun Patrick has with our nieces and nephew, I can’t wait for the shenanigans he and a child will have together! Patrick’s love of reading is admirable and I know he will share this as well. When he was young, his dad read The Hobbit to him and his brothers, with different voices for each character. We still have the same book and Patrick is looking forward to when they are old enough to start this adventure together.

Meet Megan (by Patrick)

Megan is a master planner and organizer.  With a bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering, she works on portfolio data analytics with a major biotech company and has managed to organize information for a living.  At the end of 2019, Megan found a transfer to a great team based on the east coast, which enabled us to move to Minnesota to put down roots. She is an excellent photographer and enjoys jogging in nature around our neighborhood. During her grade-school years, her parents moved from North Dakota to Alaska, and she has had a love of the outdoors ever since.

Megan has a deep love of cooking. We rarely eat out since she cooks to relax at the end of her workday. I am a huge fan of her fresh-made waffles!  She is eagerly anticipating seeing our children experience many different foods and flavors as they grow.  She also loves taking photographs, particularly of nature, and brings a camera when we go hiking to capture all of the beautiful views.

Megan has helped me grow in ways I didn’t realize existed, like my appreciation of global cooking, while remaining a constant source of drive that I can only ever hope to imitate. I am a better person with her by my side.

Our Home

We live in the town of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, which is just outside of Minneapolis. It is our adventure hub, with a rural feeling, especially with a nature preserve in our backyard! The town has some of the best schools in Minnesota with strong community involvement.

Our home in Minnesota is tucked back from the main road, with relaxing views over the creek and walking access to several parks with playgrounds. We have lots of nice open space to play and garden, and are enlarging the kitchen to give Megan more space to “cook up a storm!”

On weekends we frequent the local farmers’ markets, and take advantage of the many good hiking trails nearby. The ones on the lakes are our favorites, particularly for picnics. We are incredibly excited to bring our new kiddo with us.

Our favorite quick get-away is to camp out in the woods, so our little orange tent has become our home away from home, but in anticipation of bringing a new kiddo with, we are planning on scaling up to a bigger tent soon! S’mores are required, along with campfire-cooked meals and wilderness hikes. We’re looking forward to showing our new child all there is to find out on adventures, at home and away.

Our Extended Family

Our families are an important part of our lives. Patrick’s parents live in Eugene, Oregon, and Megan’s parents live just south of Reno in Dayton, Nevada. One of our favorite traditions is a Christmas trip to Oregon to see Patrick’s family where Megan and Patrick’s Mom make a wide array of tasty treats and enjoy leisurely mornings drinking tea. Attending the Christmas Eve Church Services is particularly magical, as it has some of the best musicians in town due to the proximity to the University of Oregon.

When visiting Megan’s parents in Nevada, we love to fill the time with woodworking, rockhounding, and eating even more. Patrick always looks forward to the desserts made from Megan’s Grandma’s recipes.

As often as we can, we travel to Megan’s family’s cabin on a lake in North Dakota to go canoeing and fishing, as well as Wisconsin to catch up with Patrick’s relatives.  All of our family members are eager to meet our new child and to spoil them with books, toys, and fun excursions!

My Aunt Nancy, who lives close to our home, is incredibly excited to help with daycare! She is a retired elementary school teacher with a huge heart and a passion for helping kids learn and grow.

Thank You

Thank you. We haven’t even met you yet, but we already know you are an incredible, inspirational woman. Whether you are near or far, we will work to ensure we have a relationship that helps all of us. Throughout our wonderfully crazy journey, we have always been committed to supporting each other through open communication and we look forward to sharing that support with you and your child.

For us, adopting is worth so much more than just our time and effort, it is the beginning of our family. We both have long looked forward to being parents, and we are excited to have our new child join us.  Patrick will be an amazing dad with adventures to parks, into books, and building creativity. Megan is looking forward to cooking for our new family, and to teach and learn about the world with our new child. If your hopes for your baby include two loving and supportive parents who will provide a safe and fun home with learning and adventure, then we would be honored to get to know you and help make those hopes a reality.