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Meet Megan and Patrick

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Where We Live

In the hills of Belmont, CA, just 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean

Favorite Holidays

Megan: Christmas
Patrick: Halloween


Megan: Experimental cooking and baking
Patrick: Historical Martial Arts

Best Vacation Destination

Chamonix, a small town in the French Alps

Favorite Kids Movie

Megan: Elf
Patrick: How to Train Your Dragon

Hello! We are Megan and Patrick and are excited to welcome home our first child through adoption. Our goal is to provide them with a loving and adventurous place to learn and grow. The courage you have as you consider this selfless and loving decision for your baby is truly inspiring. We will support you and your child with open and honest communication, and will work together to find a path that works well for all of us.

Our Story

We are a couple of adventurers in our early thirties whose first Valentine’s Day in 2009 was an epic dinner including scratch-made tacos in Megan’s tiny apartment kitchen in Eugene, OR! Since then, we have become ever closer through hikes, road trips, and several international vacations. During a three week trip in Italy and France in 2010 we realized: Megan is the planner, Patrick fixes things when the plans go awry.

As Megan’s career advanced, we moved to Carlsbad, CA in 2013 with our faithful dog Chopper, so that Megan could work for one of her favorite managers. We married in 2014 on Mt. Hood, OR. Our biggest challenge was the flowers, a story better told in person! In 2015, we made our way to the Bay Area to find tall pine trees, walks in the rain, and big mountains. We now live closer to both sets of parents, enabling our annual Christmas road trip to see them.

After years of unsuccessfully trying to become pregnant, we realized that what truly would fulfill our lives is to raise a child together. To teach them, learn with them, and learn from them. That is why we decided to adopt.  Hopefully our family will someday include a couple of kiddos to share in our adventures.

Meet Patrick (by Megan)

Patrick is loving, patient, adaptable, and determined to do everything well. His “elephant” hugs (bigger than bear hugs!) are uplifting. I know that he will always be there to help our new child find, become, and be themselves. He has always been there for me and ready to help whenever and wherever I needed. Thank goodness he is adaptable!

His chivalry is insurmountable. He has always been fascinated by medieval history. Over the last several years, he has been learning European Martial Arts. In 2017 he was honored as First Among Equals at a medieval conference, which is an “honor given for skill and chivalry in equal measure.” I’ve never been more proud.

Currently, Patrick is working at a small biotech company, helping to improve their manufacturing processes, and when our new child arrives, he will become a stay at home dad. I cannot wait to see him in that role! He looks forward to helping our little one figure out how the world works, even their own fingers and toes. When he was young, Patrick’s dad read The Hobbit to him and his brothers, with different voices for each character. Patrick is looking forward to reading it to them the same way!

Meet Megan (by Patrick)

Megan is a master planner and organizer.  She works as a portfolio data analyst with a major biotech company, and has managed to organize information for a living. When not being passionate about her work, she is an avid cook, an excellent photographer, and enjoys jogging in nature around our neighborhood.

She has been looking forward to being a mom since I met her, and is taking several months off to spend with our new family member.  Most of the drive and planning for our adventures has come from her, including a grand trip through Italy and France after we had been dating only a year.

Megan has a deep love of cooking. We rarely eat out since she cooks to relax at the end of her day. I am a huge fan of her fresh made waffles!  She is eager to help our child experience food as they grow.

She has always loved playing with babies. Rocking her new child to sleep is one thing she is looking forward to doing every day; her aunt calls her a baby whisperer.

Megan has managed to help me grow in ways I didn’t realize existed, like my appreciation of global cooking, while remaining a constant source of drive that I can only ever hope to imitate. I am a better person with her by my side.

Our Home

We live in the town of Belmont, California that has the feel of a small village but is in the middle of many opportunities. It has some of the best schools in the area, along with many playgrounds, trails and libraries we love to visit. We look forward to visiting the museums in San Francisco with our new addition, particularly the California Academy of Science with their extensive animal exhibits!

Our apartment is a spacious one bedroom with a kitchen Megan where loves to cook up a storm. Many weekends are filled with the smell of bread baking. There is a fenced in pool where Patrick will teach our little one to swim (he was a collegiate swimmer!). Megan is quite the planner, so we have a nursery “nook” in our bedroom already set up!

On weekends we visit the local farmers markets and take advantage of the many hiking trails nearby. We are incredibly excited to bring our new kid with us. Our favorite get-away is camping in the woods. S’mores with banana for breakfast are a classic, along with campfire cooked meals and wilderness hikes. We’re looking forward to showing our new child all there is to find.

Our Extended Family

Our families, especially our parents, are an important part of our lives. Patrick’s parents live in Eugene, OR and Megan’s parents live in Dayton, NV. One of our favorite annual Christmas traditions is a road trip up to see Patrick’s family where Patrick’s Mom and Megan make mounds of food and enjoy leisurely mornings drinking tea. Our favorite part is attending the Christmas Eve Church Services, which has some of the best musicians in town. We then head down to Megan’s parents where the time is filled with woodworking, rock hounding, and eating even more.

As often as we can, we’ll travel to North Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, and Wisconsin to catch up with relatives.  All of our family members are incredibly excited to meet our new child and to spoil them with books, toys and fun excursions!

We rescued Chopper, our black lab mix, in 2009 from a young family with a one year old and another on the way. He is a happy-go-lucky social butterfly, and has gone from spunky and energetic to loving naps in the sunshine, especially with a full belly. Whenever family and friends are over, he is the life of the party making sure everyone has a toy to play with.

Thank You

We haven’t even met you yet, but we already know you are an incredible, inspirational woman. Whether you are near or far, we will work to ensure we have a relationship that helps all of us. Throughout our wonderfully crazy journey we have always been committed to supporting each other through open communication and we look forward to sharing that support with you and your child.

For us, adopting is worth so much more than just our time and effort, it is the beginning of our family. We both have long looked forward to being parents, and we are excited to have our new child join us. Patrick will be amazing as a stay at home dad with daily adventures to parks, into books, and building creativity. Megan is looking forward to cooking for our new family, and to teach and learn about the world with our new child. If your hopes for your baby include two loving and supportive parents who will provide a safe and fun home and a balance of learning and adventure, then we would be honored to get to know you and help make those hopes a reality.

Sending our best to you.

Megan & Patrick