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Meet Megan & Zach


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Where We Live

Campbell, California

Favorite Movies

Elf and Wall-E

Happy Places

Hawaii and Lake Tahoe

Favorite Ice Cream

Megan: All the Chocolate
Zach: Mint Chocolate Chip


Reading, snowboarding, and mini-golf

Hi! We are Megan and Zach. We’re high school sweethearts who’ve been together for 13 years and enjoy exploring the world through books, travel, food, family, and friends. Our goal is to be kind, empathetic, and always stay cozy. We want to adopt so we can raise a child who is curious, resilient, and will explore with us.

About Megan

Megan grew up in Southern California and was at the beach weekly, where her two older brothers taught her how to surf. Now, Megan’s favorite weekend afternoons are spent reading a good book, whether it’s outside in the hammock or inside snuggled under a blanket. She already has a stack of her favorite kid’s books and can’t wait to share them and the empathy, humor, and interest in learning that books taught her. In college, Megan studied math and computer science. She dabbled with a few different careers before landing at a genetics company working to support the engineering team and the company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. She loves the flexibility her role offers, the new skills she’s always learning, and the impact she’s able to have. When not reading or working, Megan can be found building a pair of bookshelves, perfecting a turkey dinner, or baking cookies for neighbors.

About Zach

Zach also grew up in southern California and spent time outside of school playing guitar, soccer, basketball, video games, and biking. He is the oldest sibling of one brother and three sisters – two of whom are adopted from China.  They still all enjoy challenging each other to board games during holiday get-togethers. In college, he studied Computer Engineering in San Luis Obispo while still dating Megan. After some years as a programmer, Zach is now a Software Engineering Manager for the Commute team at Apple. Outside of hanging out with Megan, he enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, listening to audiobooks, coffee, and nerdy games with friends. He is super excited to have a little partner to take on outdoor adventures, help with projects, and watch the latest movies with. His curious, funny, and playful spirit will make him a great dad someday.

Our Home

We recently bought a home in Campbell and are now raising two very entertaining cats named Mai and Tai. When it’s warm outside, you can usually find us chilling in our inflatable pool under the lemon tree. When the weather gets a little colder, we like to cuddle together next to the fire pit. Every Sunday we stroll through the park and wander around the farmer’s market, enjoying the community.

Our Hope

We believe it is a huge honor and privilege to become adoptive parents and we approach this process with the utmost respect and commitment. We found each other and are better people for it; we look forward to finding the next part of our family so we can keep growing and exploring together.