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Meet Melanie & Brandon

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Where We Live

Sacramento, California

Favorite Holidays

Christmas and incorporating the various German traditions across the entire month of December

Happy Places

Book Stores
River trails and mountain lakes
Our deck on a warm summer evening

Best Vacation

Melanie - Croatia
Brandon - Paris

Fun Facts

We got married in Iceland

Hi! We are Brandon and Melanie, and we live in Sacramento with our dog, Kiko. Brandon grew up in California and Melanie ended up here after growing up in Germany and Michigan.  Over our 10-year relationship, we have found that we are a strong team with a lot of love to give. After facing a difficult infertility journey, we look forward to growing our family through adoption. We appreciate your consideration as you review your options.


Our Story

As with many modern romances, we met online.  We have developed a strong relationship in our 10 years together because we make each other laugh and don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We strongly connected on our shared values and hobbies.

We spend a lot of time outdoors either biking, kayaking, hiking or walking our dog. We also love reading and traveling and generally visit a local bookstore everywhere we go.  As our next joint adventure, we look forward to growing our family via open adoption.

For work, Brandon does travel marketing and Melanie is a lawyer for a healthcare organization.

About Melanie, by Brandon

Melanie is loving, caring and fiercely loyal to her friends and family. When we met, I could tell she is driven and works hard to accomplish any goal she sets, but she also takes time to slow down and enjoy life with those she loves.

She loves to spend time outside in the sunshine, morning runs, baking, watercolor painting and taking Kiko on urban adventures. When I see her with friends’ kids, she is loving and patient, and takes the time to listen to them.

She immigrated from Germany when she was 8 years old, and she enjoys sharing her German traditions (especially around Christmas) and cooking German food.

About Brandon, by Melanie

Brandon is a very easy-going, patient and kind person.  He is truly capable of giving unconditional love without getting caught up in little frustrations. He is known for being very helpful to friends and family always willing to help someone move or fix something in their house.  He has a creative mind and has taught himself 3 foreign languages. He also enjoys working with his hands on model airplane projects and DIY house fixes.  Otherwise, he loves to read, go on bike rides and drink at least two vanilla lattes a day.

Our Home

We live in a very diverse suburban community about 10 minutes from downtown Sacramento and very near the American River. Our house has an, open space for the main room, that opens onto our yard and patio.  We spend a lot of time outside, BBQing or playing with Kiko.

Our neighborhood has several parks with play areas, and we are just a mile away from a bike trail that runs along the river.  We look forward to one day taking a little one to play with neighborhood kids.

Our Extended Family

Brandon’s family lives nearby, and his parents’ house is a natural meeting point for gatherings, as they have a pool, large backyard and barbecue. His sister and brother-in-law live a mile away from them and have a little boy, our nephew who we love to hang out with. We all enjoy occasional family camping trips on the coast and in the mountains.


Melanie’s family is mostly in Germany, but her brother lives in San Francisco.  Since he has his pilot’s license, he often flies up to Sacramento to spend time with us, or to pick us up and set off on an adventure. When we visit her family in Bavaria, they love taking us to castles, on hikes and hosting gatherings with the extended family.  We see her family at least once a year between them visiting us and us going to Germany.

Our Wish for You

We sincerely appreciate you considering open adoption and us as potential adoptive parents.  We would love to get to know you and hear about your hopes and wishes for your child’s life and yours. We promise to love your child unconditionally, raise them to be kind, happy and self-assured and will ensure that you are a part of their life.