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Meet Melanie

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Where I Live

I live in Oakland, CA.

Favorite Holidays

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and the 4th of July (because who doesn't love fireworks)

Happy Places

Anywere with family, the beach, hiking a trail, a West African Dance class, or curled up with a book!

Best Vacation

My 8-week sabbatical where I traveled solo to 8 countries on 3 different continents.


Toledo, Ohio

                                                 Warmest Hello from Melanie

I admire your strength and am deeply humbled by the journey you are on as you consider open adoption.  Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my hopes of becoming a mom.

As someone who was adopted, I always knew that when it was time to begin building my family, I would adopt.  I am particularly looking forward to how open adoption gives both you and I the experience of coming together to support a child.

About Me

I was adopted through a closed adoption at eight months old. Although I didn’t know who my biological mother was, my parents were always open with me about my adoption and shared with me as much information as was available to them. Most importantly, they always gave me space to explore and share my own adoption story. I feel now with open adoption, your child will benefit greatly by knowing their story and you.

My parents are originally from Texas and most of our extended family still lives there. Although I spent most of my childhood in Ohio, because of my family’s deep Texas roots, I claim Texas as my second “home.”

I am an attorney and love what I do.  I work in the biotech industry dedicated to fighting cancer and other hard to treat diseases. Before going to law school, I pursued my passion for volunteerism and public service by working for non-profit organizations that helped the lives of women and children.

I love seeing as much of the world as possible- I have visited six of the seven continents. I look forward to someday sharing my love for travel and exploring the world with a little one. When I am not on a great adventure, I enjoy taking a West African Dance class, training for a local half-marathon, listening to music (and likely singing along at the top of my lungs), cramming for an upcoming book club meeting, or volunteering with one of my favorite local charities.

My Home & My Community

I have lived in the Bay Area for over 12 years and am blessed to have built a diverse and loving community that I call my “framily.”

I have always lived in diverse, family-centered communities and my current community is no different.  I own a spacious, comfortable home in North Oakland that has an abundance of flowers, a lemon tree, a budding vegetable garden, and a large, flat grassy backyard- perfect for playing on a playset, dribbling a soccer ball, pitching a tent for a staycation or hosting family and friends for an outdoor movie night.

My home is the meeting place for holidays, birthdays, and “just because” gatherings. My philosophy is always, “the more the merrier.” I am lovingly called “Auntie Mel” by my friends’ children and grandchildren.  I am really fortunate to have a close community to support me on my journey to motherhood.

My Family

My parents divorced when I was seven. Fortunately, I have remained very close to both of them throughout my entire life.

I am an only child and am very fortunate to have a large extended family, with cousins who are more like my sisters and brothers. We enjoy family gatherings on our family compound in rural East Texas at least four times a year.

I consider myself very blessed to have had three generations in my home during the pandemic. My mom and 102-year-old grandmother (we call her ‘Big Mama’) moved in with me from Ohio fall 2019 after my stepfather passed away. They recently moved to their permanent home in Dallas, Texas, but I am forever grateful for the beautiful and fun family memories we created. We cooked together, worshiped together, gardened together, and enjoyed family game nights where my grandmother remains undefeated in dominoes. I cherish every moment I had with them, learning from them and loving on them. “The Ladies” are beyond excited about the prospect of welcoming a fourth generation into our lives!

My dad and I share a special bond. We have the same birthday. He always shares that our mutual birthday was one of the signs that I was the baby for them.  My dad lives in Kansas City, MO but he visits me in the Bay Area often and we Face Time often.  He is my travel buddy, financial advisor, sounding board, prayer partner, and biggest cheerleader. He’s very excited to be a part of my journey to motherhood and looks forward to becoming a grandfather!

My Promise

With my own experience being adopted, I promise to cherish you as part of this journey and your child will always know how much love went into your decision.  I am a nurturing, affectionate, warm, loving, inspiring, spiritual, loyal, patient, resilient woman. I’m ready in my life to be a mother and raise a kind human being for this world who will have those same attributes and more.  Please reach out if you are interested in knowing more about me.  I look forward to hearing from you!