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Meet Michael & Eddie

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Where We Live

Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, California

Favorite Holidays

Labor Day
Memorial Day

Happy Places


Best Vacation


Fun Facts

We're absolutely music people; for us, music is the story of our lives

When we aren’t working, we are likely laughing with friends or getting in exercise. Over our decade-plus relationship, we have been advocates of equality. Both of us are huge believers in the power of love, which fills our chosen family with acceptance and support. Taking the next step in our relationship to build our family is our biggest expression of love together.

About Us

Michael is one of four brothers, and Eddie has nine siblings. They both grew up in New York and moved to California a few years ago.

Eddie is a Regional Supervisor for theWest Coast and oversees teams that build corporate office space.

Michael is an executive leading the Sustainability, Inclusion & Diversity, and Community Giving departments for a large global corporation.

When we get around kids, I’m not sure which of us is the bigger kid. We’re excited to bring our cultural, spiritual, educational, personal experiences to help create an affirming, nurturing, and loving chosen family.


Our Home

Our neighborhood is full of families, and it’s nestled on top of a hill overlooking the city with expansive views of the sky. Families flock to the area because of the multitude of high-quality schools.

Our home is an open concept with plenty of opportunities for a toddler to run around in glee. In the back, we have a finished patio enclosed with ample outdoor seating and heating so we can enjoy the outside as much as the inside.

We probably enjoy our sectional the most–it’s great for watching TV together and taking naps!

Our Passions and Personalities

Michael helped organize for the passage of marriage equality in the United States, and Eddie has devoted two decades to singing with the Gay Men’s Chorus and mentoring youth.

When Michael is trying to relax, he’s binge-watching something on Netflix. When inspired, he’s writing down his ideas on post-its, in text, or opening up his laptop to capture his thoughts he’s a planner at heart).

When Eddie is trying to relax, you can catch him with his adult coloring book. When he is inspired, he’s got his sketchbook open, drawing a new idea for a product he’s an entrepreneur at heart).

Our Village

Our chosen family is full of different kinds of people. Most of our chosen family considers us the “gay uncles” because we love playing with their kids.

We both have siblings and multiple nieces and nephews, mostly in the New York City area, and we visit regularly.

Coming from a diverse background, we surround ourselves with older, younger, single, married friends of all kinds of faith, nationalities, and backgrounds. Our closest friends come from all over the world and the United States.

Eddie is the people person and creates community wherever he is, and Michael is very driven–the type that makes a list and checks it twice. That combination enables us to be there for our chosen family, friends, and community no matter what they need.

Our Intentions

Our childhood experiences weren’t always an affirming environment. We are committed to ensuring the family we create together is affirming and empowering to help them discover who they are and want to be in this world.

Both of us have lived our lives fighting for the chance to be partners and parents, and we hope to instill honor, tenacity, and, oh yes–lots of love, joy, and freedom.

Our Promise

We will raise your child with all of our love, grace, laughter, humbleness, and passion.

With respect and dignity, we will be your partners on this journey cherishing each moment.

Every day we will give our utmost to be the best adoptive parents to your child.