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Meet Michael & Jennifer

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Where We Live

San Francisco

Favorite Holidays

Michael: Christmas
Jenn: Halloween

Happy Places

Michael: On a paddleboard
Jenn: In the Ocean

Best Vacation

Michael: Sicily's Volcanic Islands
Jenn: Greece & the Greek islands

Fun Facts

Michael: Foster Family for 28 infants through my teenage years.
Jenn: Graduated from Army Airborne school in 1996

Hello from Michael and Jennifer. Our lives may have started in Texas and Illinois, but it wasn’t until we moved to San Francisco 15 years ago that we were home.  Now we want to share that home with a child.  After more than 15 years of marriage, we’re choosing to create our family through adoption. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile – we look forward to meeting you.

Our Life

We’ve built a life that includes a loving San Francisco home full of laughter.  We are fortunate enough to live in an idyllic, family -friendly neighborhood streaming with kids and dogs taking full advantage of our parks, playgrounds and coffee shops.  And just like tight knit communities across the US, our street is a hive of activity, filled with parents walking and biking with their kids down the block to park and schools.  But San Francisco also has its own unique charms. Lots of sunny days, and no winters mean family hikes along the beach, wading in tidepools, treks through mist in the redwood forests, and cold swims in the bay (yes, we both swim and paddle board in the San Francisco Bay!).  Our city is home to people from all over the world. It has created a vibrant, diverse and exciting city life for adults and children alike, and we can’t wait to share it.

Passion and Heart (About Jennifer, written by Michael)

Jenn is passionate, outspoken, genuine, and adventurous.  No matter if we are out doing chores or at home watching a movie, she has an infectious joy about her, and it seeps into everyone around her.  Sometimes I feel like she just feels more than the rest of us, and I ride that emotion.   You never have to wonder what she’s thinking she’ll tell you.  She tends to wear her heart on her sleeve.  She’s a Director of Analytics at a Large Pharmaceutical Company, but don’t let the nerdy job fool you, adventure and Jenn go hand in hand.  She’s taken me spelunking in Belize, complete with thousand-year-old Mayan remains (seriously); sailed through the volcanic island off the shore of Sicily (spectacular); toured the catacombs of Paris (creepy & fascinating).  She’s also the most loving person I’ve ever met, and I believe all these qualities is what will make her a caring, joyful, patient mom to a child.

Funny & Thoughtful (about Michael written by Jennifer)

Michael is a loving, funny, caring, smart, and giving person.  He is going to make an amazing dad!  He is hands-down the most popular uncle in the family.  Being with him at family gatherings is like watching a famous person get mobbed by their biggest fans! The kids start screaming with excitement every time ‘Uncle Mike!’ shows up.  He’s the family rock-star.  For work, Michael is a Managing Director of Innovation at Accenture, which fits his creative and visionary personality perfectly.  Not only is Michael fun and creative, but he’s also just a solid person.  You can really count on him in the clutch.  He’s been an unwavering source of strength for myself, his family, his friends, and his godchildren for as long as I’ve known him.  I feel fortunate every day that he’s my husband.  Michael has a lot of love to give, and I know that a little one will feel so cherished and special because Michael is their dad.

Our Home: Our San Francisco Dream

We live in the best of both worlds; an amazing family neighborhood nestled in the excitement of San Francisco.  We are about 100 feet from Precita Park where we meet our family and friends (and lots of dogs) to picnic and listen to local musicians play.  It really is an adorable, kid-friendly neighborhood, with a playground, 3 schools, multiple parks, a coffee shop, family restaurants, and a vegetable market all within a block and a half of the house. Now, that may sound like many places across the country, but when you factor in San Francisco… suddenly you also have things most people only see on vacation at your doorstep.  We have a huge farmer’s market in our neighborhood, and we are just a few minutes’ drive to the Ferry building for the big San Francisco Saturday Market.  We are also just blocks from fun and infamous San Fran spots such as Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, and Chrissy Field (with a backdrop of the Golden Gate bridge).  It’s a special place and one that we can’t wait to someday share with a child.


Choosing to Take the Next Step

Just as we have chosen adoption, we imagine you will soon choose a family.  We want you to know that we are ready to take these steps together with you.  We look forward to getting to know you and to having you learn more about us.

Sending you well wishes and strength,

Michael and Jennifer