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Meet Michelle

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My Home

I own a 1913 craftsman house in Oakland, CA. There's a huge back yard where I love to garden and relax.

Favorite Holidays

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, because it's about food and being together, and not at all about presents!


I grew up in a very small town on Long Island. So, I'm very direct and more NY than California in my mannerisms.

Best Vacation

In 2016 I went to India to become a yoga teacher. There were monkeys everywhere; one even tried to steal my purse!

Fun Facts

I can read, write, and speak Japanese at the intermediate level. I have a great recipe for sourdough pancakes!

Hi there, and good to “meet” you! The way people think and behave has always fascinated me, which is what led me to becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I love my career; which involves advocating for and educating kids with developmental disabilities, and gives me plenty of time off and a flexible schedule. I also enjoy yoga, cooking, and learning in general. I can’t wait to share my life, interests, and passions with a child of my own.

About Me...

Hello. I’m so glad you came across my profile! My name is Michelle and I live in a home that I own in Oakland, California.  I have a stable career as a Behavior Specialist, great benefits including a pension, and a lot of time and love to devote to a child. Before my current position, I spent 9 years as a special education teacher, and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to bring to my own parenting journey. Many parts of my job can be done remotely, giving me a lot of flexibility to work from home. I also have summers and all school vacations off!

I became passionate about yoga after sustaining a pelvic fracture in my early 20’s. For me, yoga grew from an exercise routine into a way of life. In 2016, I traveled to India to become certified to teach. I now teach a Saturday yoga class at a bed and breakfast for adults with developmental disabilities.

I  enjoy hiking in the nearby redwood forests, or walking along Oakland’s beautiful Lake Merritt whenever I get the chance. There’s a big farmer’s Market nearby, and I love to prepare meals inspired by it. Other hobbies include; reading memoirs, watching science fiction, travel, and gardening.

Friends, Family, and Values...

I have lived in Oakland for over a decade, and have a close-knit group of friends here. We all share a love of preparing food, and get together for frequent potlucks. There’s always too much food around the holidays! Many of my friends have children of their own, so there will be no shortage of play-dates and childcare shares.

My family is very supportive about my dream of parenting. I come from a long line of educated, compassionate, and successful people. Catholic on mom’s side and Jewish on dad’s; my parents taught me to be thoughtful in my beliefs, and to value honesty and communication.

I am closest with Cousin Jennifer, who is 12 years older than I am, and typically spend winter holidays with her and her 3 sons; Nate and twins Henry and Owen. Jen a wonderful mother, and I couldn’t ask for a better role model.

My brother Ed lives with his wife Sofia and their two children in London. Sofia is originally from India, where I traveled for the wedding. They come to visit me in California whenever they miss Thanksgiving, and I’ve been to their townhouse in Wimbledon a few times since they moved there in 2015. They are all looking forward to a new addition to family vacations!

About Michelle (By Cousin Jennifer)

I know Michelle will be a good parent because she connects with kids. My boys have a special connection with her because they sense she truly takes interest in them and enjoys spending time with them.

About Michelle (By Chris; Close Friend)

I’ve known Michelle since we met in the 5th grade on Long Island. 20 years later and on the opposite coast; we still live 10 minutes away from each other. I like catching up with her; as she’s always learning something new or reading interesting books and articles. Michelle is a fantastic listener and has tremendous insight; often helping me to broaden my own perspective for the better. She’s one of the most responsible people I know, and I’m honored to call her a friend.

About Michelle (By Cousin Nate; Age 11)

The thing I like best about Cousin Michelle is she is amazing at Scrabble and teaches me new words.

About Michelle (By Genia; Close Friend)

Michelle’s house is cozy and comfortable. She loves hosting game nights and dinner parties for a tight group of friends. Michelle is also a great cook, and gets me to try all sorts of things I’ve never heard of.

About Michelle (By Nephew Elloitt; Age 9)

Auntie Michelle is the best in the world!

My Home

My home is a place that can be at times quiet and relaxing, and at other times filled with people and excitement. Most years, I host a big Thanksgiving celebration for friends and family. I also host potlucks and bbq’s for a close group of friends throughout the year. My mother was Catholic and my father Jewish; so I put out both a tree and a menorah. There’s a big kitchen with cast iron cookware and lots of sunlight. My living room is filled with books, footrests, and comfy chairs. There’s an antique claw foot bathtub in the bathroom (don’t worry; it’s been recovered and is lead-free!). If I am in need of an orange, a lemon, or a pomelo; I can pick one off of a tree in the backyard. I also have a large vegetable garden and lots of outdoor seating for guests. There’s paved areas which are perfect for using sidewalk chalk, and plenty of room for a swing set!

My Hope for You

It’s such a strange feeling to display my life for you. I know it must be an equally strange process for you. I hope that this profile has given you a good ideal of my values, and of the kind of parent I hope to be. I also hope that whatever choice you make will be one that you can trust in and be satisfied with.