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Meet Migle and Russ


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Washington DC







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National Zoo

Beach house  in Connecticut

Hello. We are Migle and Russ from Washington, D.C. area.
We admire your courage as you consider adoption for your baby. Deciding who should have the honor of raising your child is a big responsibility. After having difficulty conceiving, adoption was a natural choice for us. Russ was adopted at birth, and he reunited with his bio mom as an adult, so we might know a little about what you are going through. For Russ, his parents, and his bio mom, adoption was a wonderful experience, so we are pursuing open adoption as a way to build our family in the hope that it may be the same for us and you. WE BOTH LOVE CHILDREN and feel we have a lot to offer – love, safe home, friends and family, financial stability. We plan to raise a bi-lingual child (Spanish and English) through schooling, travel, and Spanish speaking friends (we also speak some Spanish). We also plan to raise a spiritually aware child as we both grew up in the Christian faith. We plan to stay at home the first six months after the child arrives in our lives and I plan on slowing down my career so I can be a full-time mother.

Our Promise

Promise we make to our child:

A LOVING HOME – filled with friends, family, music, laughter, and fun!

HEALTHY, ORGANIC FOOD – with friends and family

A GREAT EDUCATION – we already have a college fund

OUTDOOR ADVENTURE – sports, sailing, hiking, camping, canoeing, and summer camp

A SECOND LANGUAGE – a second language is a key to a future job

TRAVEL AND CULTURAL EXPERIENCES –with family and friends, overseas and at home

OPPORTUNITIES TO EXPLORE – new things – music lessons, drama, science, arts and crafts, cooking, investing, photography, horseback riding

A FAMILY TRADITION OF SAILING – on the Connecticut shore at the family home/beach


Introducing the Mommy

Migle is a wonderfully warm woman who loves children. Among her many charming qualities, Migle has a silly streak. Migle can’t wait to see our child interacting with the animals at the Washington Zoo. She is also very practical and keeps me grounded. Because of Migle we eat an amazingly healthy diet with lots of organic fruits and vegetables, fish, and all kinds of international tastes and treats. We regularly host friends and family in our beautiful backyard and Migle prepares the food I grill on the BBQ. Migle loves to go on walks with me and we take tennis lessons together. Migle is also a successful banker and her colleagues tell me how valuable she is and how they are charmed by her soft-spoken, but firm encouragement. I can relate; Migle brings out the best in everyone.

We stay in close contact with Migle’s family in Europe and over the last three years we held family reunions in Thailand (where we went kayaking near the James Bond island), Turkey (where we went ballooning), Germany (where we also visited friends), and in the U.S. Migle is excited to introduce our child to her Lithuanian grandparents and cousins who will completely spoil him/her. Migle wants to provide the same loving and supportive home for your child as she experienced –and we want to welcome you into our extended family.

Migle is a wonderful wife and she will make an amazing mother.

Introducing the Daddy

Russ will be the father that every child wants. Russ loves kids. There are 30 kids on our short tree-lined street and whenever Russ goes out our neighbors’ kids want to play with him. Russ already has activities planned for our future child ranging from camping to kickball; and he can’t wait to take our child sailing at the family summer house on the Connecticut shore. When Russ was little he would spend hours playing in the water. Best of all, Grandma now lives at the family summer house and she is excited to meet the newest family member. In fact, Russ’s Mom is so eager for a grandchild she already collected all the children’s books from Russ’s childhood.

Because Russ’s parents were professors and because Russ has a Ph.D. from Cambridge University (England), education is a big deal for us. In fact, we already have a college fund for our child. For both of us, family comes first and we are fortunate to have a lot of flexibility and time-off from work. Russ has a successful career in the Federal Government and plans to retire early (when the mortgage is paid-off in 9 years) to be a stay-at-home parent and write a book.

Russ is a loving husband and he will make the greatest father.

Our Home

Together we created our HAPPY HOME, the place we are eager to return to after a day in office or weeks of travel adventures. Our child will have their own room in a safe, single-family house in the middle of a quiet suburban town. Our home is also close to several playgrounds, schools, tennis/basketball courts, and town activities, making it ideal for any child. Our sun-filled and welcoming home is large enough to be used by family and friends wanting to visit our child, or just join us for one of our homemade pizza parties. We have a good-size fenced-in back yard. We often BBQ under the big Canadian maple tree. We are excited to share our home and our life with a child!

Family, Traditions and Live Together

New England Christmas. Our family traditions begin with a classic New England Christmas spent on the Connecticut Shore with Russ’s Mom. New England is a winter wonderland with a blanket of snow, wood fires burning, and warm holiday spirit. Over Christmas we prepare a holiday meal fit for a Queen – turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and all the fixin’s. We always have a fire in the fireplace and after Sunday service we open presents by the tree, and go for a family walk on the beach to share stories about our youth and how the family came to own such a lovely home. Russ’s family home on the beach also serves as our Summer retreat each year when we visit his Mom, and it’s where we enjoy swimming, tennis, BBQs, and long walks on the beach. When Russ turned seventeen, Russ’s father gave him a small sailboat which we are saving for when we have a child.

Spring and Fall Hiking in the Mountains. At least once in the Spring and once in the Fall, Russ and I head to the Shenandoah Mountains for camping, hiking, and leisurely picnics overlooking the valley. Each year we see different wildlife, including deer and bear. So far, the bears have been more afraid of us than we have of them – but we are careful and hike with friends who are slower than we are.

Family Travel. Migle’s family has a long tradition of picking mushroom in the forests of Lithuania. While we don’t go back to Lithuania every year, we do fly Migle’s parents somewhere different every year so the entire family can vacation together. Last year we went hot air ballooning in Turkey, and the year before that we all went snorkeling and kayaking in Thailand. Migle’s sister and our brother-in-law bring their son (our nephew) and daughter (our niece). Of course, we can’t wait for the day when we are planning our annual family trip around our future child.

Flying South for Winter. After the Christmas Holiday spirit begins to fade and the cold winter weather sets over Washington, we fly south for a 2-3 week vacation – typically in the Caribbean or Latin America – often somewhere new and interesting, but always sun-drenched and warm watered. This is a family tradition ever since we first met and we love our warm winter getaways. Last year we went sailing in the Caribbean off the coast of Panama. We hope next year’s travels will include our child.

Thank You

We realize you have a difficult decision to make and we thank you for considering us. We would love to raise a child and are thankful open adoption can make this dream come true. We want you to be assured that we have the love, commitment, and community of friends and family to offer a child a world of opportunities. We can’t wait to play with and educate our child – to learn and grow as parents. At the same time, we are humbled at the thought of becoming first-time parents. We only hope that you give us that chance.