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Meet Nate and Solana


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Hello, we are excited about loving and nurturing your child and we hope you’ll consider us as a family for their growth in the world. We are a married couple in our late thirties living in and loving the vibrant, diverse community of Oakland, California. We are ready to grow our family and share our blessings with a daughter or son and look forward to learning about your journey.

Our Story

Solana is a black woman born and raised in Ohio surrounded by a loving, hard-working, supportive family. Nate is a white man born in a culturally-diverse neighborhood near Boston, Massachusetts, raised by a nurturing, community-minded family. We met in college and started dating after we graduated. Nate plainly stated to Solana, “I think we should date.” Despite a four-year long crush, Solana still played hard to get, but Nate wooed her. In 2008 we married in St. Louis, moved to Oakland and have adored living here since.

Our Life

We treasure our family and friends. They support us in adopting and are eager to provide a vibrant, diverse, loving community for our newest family member. Our multi-racial extended family and friends live throughout the country. We enjoy traveling to visiting them on holidays and vacations. Nate’s brother and multiple cousins and their families live in California and Oregon and Nate’s adopted cousins live on the East Coast. Regular visits will ensure that they will be part of our child’s life.

We studied architecture in college, so we savor traveling and exploring the sights and sounds of new places. We spend weekends hiking, taking in local food, entertainment and music, watching basketball and baseball, or lounging in our backyard. We can’t wait to share the Bay Area’s food, parks, museums, history and fun outdoor activities with our child!

We care about future generations being prosperous and having a healthy planet. Solana works from home for a national non-profit that helps low-income people of color save money and build wealth. Nate works at a local clean energy company near our home. We also volunteer to improve our community through elections and supporting local programs and policies.

Meet Solana (by Nate)

I am amazed by Solana everyday and I know that she will give everything she has to being a mother. She is grounded and responsible, and I can always count on her. She manages daily life with grace and ease, creating a safe, comfortable home. She brings new ideas and ways of doing things into our home whether it be food, health or fun.

She is incredibly thoughtful and conscientious. In every decision she considers how her actions will impact others. I trust her to do the right thing, always. She is deeply committed to our family and friends, and shows up when times are hard.

I know Solana will be an inspiring guide for our son or daughter’s learning, because she has been for me.

Meet Nate (by Solana)

Nate goes high. For one, he’s 6’4” so physically it’s his nature. But also, he has a concern for others and the planet that drives him to do the right thing, even when others aren’t. He is even in temperament, never bored or boring, rarely angry and so supportive.

Kids light up when he walks in a room. He is quick to play, teach and protect. I look forward to watching Nate teach our little one how to play piano and guitar. I’m counting on his mesmerizing singing voice being a soothing part of bedtime rituals!

His love of learning is contagious. I know that Nate will nurture curiosity and play at the many parks and playgrounds near our house. He takes every opportunity to discover something new about the world by asking questions and listening.

As a father, Nate will ensure that our little one will be always learning and growing and that we will too.

Our Home

We live close to many parks, playgrounds, schools, shops, restaurants and services. We often take neighborhood walks and bike rides. Our house is welcoming, quiet (except for the occasional dance party!), and filled with sun. You’ll often find either of us cooking a meal with fresh fruits and vegetables, singing in our kitchen, and enjoying a meal or board game in our dining room or backyard.

We look forward to reading to our daughter or son in their room before tucking them in for the night. Our dining table will be a hub for chatting about the day and doing homework. Celebrating birthdays with lots of food, music, friends, family, and kids in our backyard will be fun for all. We are excited to share our home, love and talents to grow a family that is warm, caring and fun.

Being Parents

We hope to surround our little one with the joy and love of our 20-year relationship. We know that parenting is not always fun or easy. Some days are going to be hard. We look forward to the support of our loving community.

Our faith and love for one another will support our little one through all of life’s challenges and turn them into opportunities.

Kids are naturally curious and we want to take every opportunity to surround our son or daughter with adventures that nurture and grow that curiosity. We commit to offering opportunities that:

Allow them to learn about the world and themselves, through conversation, reading and travel;

Expose them to many cultures through food, music, play and museums;

Encourage them to play, create and have fun, through games, sports and art;

Help them grow to love themselves and care for others;

Build resilience so that they learn to face difficult times with grace and resolve.

We Thank You

We very much respect your courage, and we are so grateful for your consideration. Like many big decisions, we have thought a lot about adoption. We are committed to an open adoption and desire for you to have a continuing role in your child’s life. Should that not be best for you, please know that you are dear to our family and we will surround our daughter or son with love from the beginning.