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Meet Nathan & Amelia

Where We Live

Pittsburg, CA

Favorite Holidays

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Happy Places

Our home, the beach, the mountains, the park

Best Vacation

Cabin at Lake Siskiyou


Brody the dog and Zorro the cat

Hi, we’re the Brooks family! Nate and Amelia met in 2003 and have been deeply in love ever since. Our son Sondre was born 9 years ago. We’ve been unable to have another child for medical reasons, so we are excited to grow our family through adoption. We are a close-knit, warm, loving and fun family who enjoys spending time together and having all sorts of adventures. We look forward to meeting you!

About Amelia, by Nate

Amelia is a warm, loving person and a wonderful mom. She grew up in Portland, OR as the oldest of three kids, and attended Oregon State University where she met her husband Nate. She got a master’s degree in teaching and then the couple moved to Boston where she taught high school English for several years. She became a mom to Sondre 9 years ago and has absolutely loved parenthood.

Currently, she enjoys working as a reading aid at Sondre’s elementary school, where she gets to work with kids from K-5 who need extra help learning to read.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, gardening, going to concerts, travelling, doing outdoors activities, martial arts, and above all, spending time with her family. She has a loving heart, a great sense of humor and a fun-loving personality, and provides a wonderful and nurturing home for our entire family.

About Nate, by Amelia

Nate grew up in Portland, OR with his parents and younger sister. He met his wife in college and they’ve been together ever since. He is a caring and compassionate man, and chose a career in medicine to help others. He attended medical school in Boston and residency in Portland before moving to Pittsburg, CA to become a family doctor for Contra Costa County.

At work, he is passionate about providing primary care for underserved patients, especially people struggling with addiction, and is an advocate for equity and justice in health care.

At home, Nate is an amazing father who raises his son with a sense of adventure, humor, and most importantly love. He enjoys playing and listening to music, cooking, reading, gardening, practicing martial arts, sports and outdoor activities, and above all being with his family.

About Sondre

Sondre is our 9 year old son who can’t wait to be a big brother! He is very loving, funny, and playful, and is wonderful with his 3 year old cousin and the younger children of our friends.

He is an animal lover and has a wide variety of hobbies including reading, drawing, playing sports, martial arts, skateboarding, making music, going to concerts, and hiking.

He is always curious about the world around him and enjoys trying new things and learning. He is a good helper in the home, kind-hearted and good natured, and will be a wonderful big brother.

Our Home

We are happy to call Pittsburg, CA our home.  We live in a quiet neighborhood within walking distance of the elementary school and several parks.

We have a nice backyard for playing and relaxing. Pittsburg is a wonderfully diverse community that combines the feel of a smaller town with access to all of the opportunities of a major metropolitan area, and we plan on making this our home for years to come.

Our Pets

Zorro is a 5 year old tuxedo cat with a big personality. He loves sitting in boxes, sitting on furniture, eating, asking for more food after he just ate, and terrorizing the dog. He is also a sweet cat who loves to cuddle and often has a lot to say.

Brody is a 4 year old German Shephard / Australian Cattledog mix that we adopted from ARF a year ago. She loves her family very much, keeps us all active with nightly walks, and is always up for adventures in nature. She loves treats and hanging out in the family room when we’re all together. She is very gentle with all of the babies and younger kids who have been to our home.

Thank you!

Our hope is that this profile has given you an idea of who we are and a little something about our family.

We have created a home and life that’s filled with love and we look forward to providing unconditional love and support for another child.

We can’t wait to meet you in person so that we can get to know each other better!

With love and gratefulness,

Nathan, Amelia and Sondre