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Meet Nick & Rachel

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Where We Live

We live in the quiet neighborhood of Cole Valley, near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.


With our extended families in Southern California and Texas, we love traveling to visit them during the holidays.

Happy Places

We love hosting friends and family in our home or hanging out in Golden Gate park with friends on sunny days.

Best Vacation

We loved our trip to the islands of Greece and can't wait to go back and explore with a little one.

Fun Facts

Both Nick and Rachel were public school music teachers after graduating college with degrees in music education.

We’re Nick and Rachel, a couple living in the heart of San Francisco.  We can’t wait to grow our family and share our love of cooking, learning, and music.  Thank you for getting to know us!

Our Life

We’re Nick & Rachel Barnett! We’re both in our 30s and have been together for 14 years and married for 7. We were both music teachers in Austin, Texas (Rachel taught elementary school and Nick taught middle school band), but changed careers when we moved to the Bay Area. Nick is now a lawyer and Rachel manages fundraising events for San Francisco Pride. We enjoy traveling, cooking, watching TV & movies, and spending time with our family and friends. Rachel’s family is in Texas and Nick’s folks are in Southern California, so we usually spend holidays traveling to everyone. We have a strong chosen family here in the Bay Area and are so excited to share them with you and your child. We are so grateful for you and your courage. Thank you for getting to know us!

About Rachel, by Nick

Rachel has a kind and loving spirit. During the week, she works tirelessly to help raise money for San Francisco Pride and is a mentor and advocate for others in the Bay Area events industry. Her favorite ways to relax are to be cozy under a blanket at home, in the park with friends, experimenting while cooking a new recipe, or learning about new plants and helping them grow.

Music has always been very important to her. She sang in her church and school choirs and eventually went to college to study music education. Even though she is no longer a teacher, she is always ready to find new music or sing a beautiful song. Nothing delights her more than having people in her home and knowing they are comfortably enjoying themselves.

She is so excited to grow our family and share her joys of music, plants, and cooking with a little one. – Nick

About Nick, by Rachel

Nick is one of a kind. He’s witty, caring, focused, and a HUGE dog lover. He’s fiercely loyal and will always stand up for equality and justice. He has a very serious job, so he makes sure to enjoy and have as much fun as possible whenever he can. You could say he’s been practicing to be a dad his whole life because he is the king of “Dad jokes”! I’m so lucky to have a partner like him. Because we’ve been together for so long, we’ve grown up together and definitely had our ups and downs. I’m so grateful for his adventurous spirit and willingness to take on challenges together as a team. We make all decisions (whether about our family or our careers) together while always putting each other first. We both come from fairly large extended families and we’ve always had dreams of starting our own. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to share our family with your child!

Our Home

We live in Cole Valley, a neighborhood near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. This quiet little neighborhood has lots of young families as well as doctors, nurses, students and teachers from the nearby university. On the weekends, we love to have our friends over for games and laughter or picnics in our backyard. When we want to get out of our apartment, we can walk down the street to visit the restaurants with delicious food and explore all of the local shops. Our home is warm and filled with music, art, and laughter.