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Meet Noah & Jennifer

About Us

We fell in love during college and have been best friends ever since. We have been married for 15 years.

Where We Live

We live on a quiet street in a culturally diverse town in northern California, surrounded by parks & green space.

Where We Work

We both love our jobs. Noah is a doctor & loves caring for his patients. Jennifer directs a nonprofit organization.

Our Village

We have a large, nurturing, close-knit family who is eager to welcome your little one into our loving family.


We love to explore nature together. We love hiking, tide pooling, and playing in the snow. We are an active family.

We have been married for 15 years and love being parents. We have always wanted a large family, but infertility and a miscarriage have prevented us from having a large family biologically. We have talked about adopting for years and now is the right time. We would love the gift of raising your little one in our joyful home. We admire you, respect you, and value you. We have so much love to give.

Meet Noah, written by Jennifer

Noah is the most incredible, dedicated partner and daddy. He is always ready for a game of chase with the kiddos and will spend hours in the kitchen cooking our favorite meals. There are so many things I love about Noah, perhaps one of my favorites is his upbeat optimistic outlook on life. He finds the good and helpful lessons in every situation. Noah is affectionate, thoughtful, and playful. I know he will do anything for us because he gives all of himself to us every day.

Meet Jennifer, written by Noah

Every day I feel so grateful to call Jennifer my partner and to spend my life with her. She is the most committed, attentive mommy. She makes sure our children have everything they need to thrive – from books to creative play, to outdoor adventures – and is carefully raising them to be kind, generous, and inclusive. If I had to choose just one thing I love about Jennifer, it would be her easy-going personality. She always focuses on the big picture. She’s so easy to love.

Our Home

We have a big backyard full of grass, a sandbox, playhouse with swings, and more than a dozen fruit trees! We have several neighbors with young children and the elementary school is just a block from our home. Many of the children in our community speak Spanish and are a variety of races/ethnicities. We know many families in our town who have adopted children and many of them are our close friends who come over to play regularly.

As Parents

We absolutely love being parents and have continued to get better at parenting since we first became parents 10 years ago. Raising children brings us intense joy. We do our best to create a magical childhood while also ensuring our children know the value of hard work and the importance of helping out. One of the things we always remember is that this time when they are young goes so fast. We work hard to nurture and protect their youth for as long as possible.

Big Brothers

Zachary just finished 3rd grade, is fluent in Spanish and loves to read to his younger cousins. He is especially excited about adopting a baby so he can “make the baby laugh and teach the baby how to build.” Elijah just finished kindergarten, is becoming fluent in Spanish, and loves to hold babies. Elijah is incredibly nurturing and is especially excited about adopting so he “can help take care of the baby.”

In our home

In our home, your little one will be showered with love and attention from us as their parents, their kind big brothers, 8 adoring grandparents, five sets of loving aunties/uncles, and many playful cousins their same age.