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Meet Olga and Misha

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Hello and thank you for reading our letter!

We are Olga and Misha, from the San Francisco Bay Area. We are childhood sweethearts, who met in elementary school in Moscow, Russia. We have been married for 16 years and are excited about becoming parents through open adoption. Thank you for your time and consideration in what we imagine may be a challenging time in your life. We look forward to getting to know you soon!

How We Met

The road from school sweethearts to being a family today was a long one, but well worth the wait. We met as 7 year-olds in Russia. Sadly, Misha’s family moved to San Francisco when he was 13.

Luckily, Misha came back for a summer vacation when he was 15. We spent the summer together and really bonded on a two week camping trip. From that point on, even though we lived on opposite sides of the world, we kept in touch.

Our lives diverged for a while, as we pursued our education, work and family. We reconnected 13 years later, when Olga was visiting friends in California. Our first day reunited was magical. We realized that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Misha proposed the next morning..

We were married in Moscow. It was a great day! Shortly after the wedding, Misha returned to the United States, while we waited for our immigration paperwork to be processed. It took FOUR YEARS, but we made the best of it by meeting up for exotic vacations. The day we got to finally live together in the US was a happy day!

About Us

We love living in the San Francisco East Bay. We love the outdoors and there is great weather here and so much to do!

We are huge San Francisco Giants Fans, following our favorite baseball team throughout the year. When Olga came to the United States, it only took her a couple of games to understand the rules and fall in love with the game.

When we’re at home, we love to relax by watching movies or taking our dog for a walk.

We love Lake Tahoe and travel there as many times as possible through out the year. Skiing in the winter, biking and hiking in the summer are some of our favorite things to do to relax and recharge. We cant wait to see our little one enjoying snow and pine forests, as we explore the outdoors together as a family.

About Olga (By Misha)

Olga is the most caring and patient person I have ever known. She was very brave when she decided to marry me and move to the US. In Russia, Olga was a programmer/engineer for the Russian Railroads.Olga worked hard pursuing her new career. She now manages a number of Affordable Housing complexes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Olga is the master organizer. She is always in charge of our vacations making all the travel arrangements, reservations and much more.(She would make the best travel agent.) She will be the kind of mom who always turns in permission slips on time and manages the lessons and activities on the calendar.

Olga can garden in California year-round and is always in the back yard planting new flowers and planning back yard projects.

Olga loves sports and to be outdoors. Her favorite winter sports are skiing and skating and swimming and cycling during the summer.

She is going to be an amazing mom. She is looking forward to teaching our child important values and doing everything with them that we loved doing when we were little.

About Misha (By Olga)

Misha is a wonderful husband, and truly is my best friend. Our personalities are opposite and complement each other. He is much more goofy than I am. He comes up with the big fun plans, and I work out the details to make them happen.

He has a 20 year old son from a previous marriage. Last year, Misha took Dakota to Moscow to introduce him to his Russian heritage. Watching them together, I am reminded all the time how much he has to offer a child – from sports and adventure to helping with learning and modeling the importance of hard work.

Misha always wanted to work for himself. Through a combination of luck and hard work Misha founded an Information Technology Consulting Company, based in San Francisco. He is a very generous boss; he gives his employees unlimited vacation and paid paternity leave.

Misha has his Private Pilot’s License, which he obtained 4 years ago. Ever since then, we and many of our friends, have enjoyed flying locally in the Bay Area in our Cessna 172. Flying low and slow is the best way to see the world below.

Our Home

Living in the East Bay provides for a great combination of city and rural.  We bought our current home two years ago as we started preparing for adoption to expand our family.  We saw this as a great family home with room for a child and for Olga’s parents if they decide to move here. Our child will have his/her own room close to our bedroom. We have a big loft upstairs that would make a perfect playroom. When it’s time to relax, a nice back yard provides us with cool shade during long California summers.

Our Cabin

Misha has been going to Lake Tahoe ever since he moved to California in 1986. Once Olga came to America, Lake Tahoe retreats with family and friends became a tradition. Last year we were lucky to find and buy a Lake Tahoe cabin. This place quickly became our home away from home, and we come as often as we can to enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe and its surroundings.

Our Families

Our families are not big – this is typical for Russia. We do not have any siblings, but we have a lot of cousins, uncles and aunts, especially back in Moscow. Getting together every time we are back in Moscow is always a priority. Misha’s mom Valentina and her husband, Marcel, live 20 minutes away from us and we see each other all the time. Marcel is Argentinian – so the American side of our family is tri-lingual – Russian, English and Spanish. Our child will certainly have his pick of languages…We know how lucky we are to have a strong marriage, based on love, respect and lots of fun. Our families, in Russia and America, are a supportive bunch, who cannot wait to meet the newest addition to our family. Our friends are from all walks of life. We are so grateful to always have such positive, happy and welcoming people in our lives.

Our Friends and Family

Some of our friends have recently had children of their own.  At our family and friends celebrations, there will always be little ones running around, wonderful little friends to our new tike.

Dakota, Misha’s son from his first marriage, is now 20 years old and has been living with us for the last 3 years. He moved to California to pursue his higher education. He is very polite, kind and thoughtful and will make a nice big brother.

Travel and Traditions

We love to travel. In the last year we’ve visited Olga’s parents in Russia, with a trip to Germany. Traveling is a way for us to decompress form the demands of everyday life, to see new things and gain different perspectives. Travel provides us with richer experiences as part of our everyday life.

We have an annual tradition to see new places on Thanksgiving holidays.We celebrate with our family the week-end before Thanksgiving, then traveling to our chosen destination. Our most recent stop was Philadelphia.

Our Promise

As parents, we will strive to be great examples and bright guiding lights for your child.

We will teach them the importance of love, honesty, friendship and hard work as they prepare to embark on the sometimes-perilous roads of life.

We will provide a safe place for your child to grow, learn, be loved and be themselves. We believe that is one of the most important responsibilities a parent can have.We will always speak highly of you to your child.

We will keep in touch with you; sending pictures and artwork and telling you stories, if that is what you want.It is our hope that we will all build a relationship, including visits, through the years.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as a family for your baby. We look forward to becoming parents and are excited to begin the journey of open adoption.