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Meet Patty & Erin

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Where We Live

We live in a family-friendly suburb near San Francisco with beaches, mountains and a llama farm!

Favorite Holidays

Halloween for a good excuse for fun costumes and Christmas because of all the family time.

Happy Place

We love the beach! We are quite lucky to live by our happy place!

Best Vacation

Our honeymoon in Sri Lanka was the best- great food, people and adventures together.

Fun Facts

Patty speaks Spanish and has lived all over the world. Erin played college basketball. We met playing dodgeball!

Hi, we’re Patty and Erin. We live along the California coast, close to San Francisco. We love being outside (walking, biking, hanging at the beach, etc.), traveling and spending time with family and friends. Please check out our profile to learn more about us!

Our Life

We have a 1.5 year old son and have always imagined having 2 children so they could grow up playing together! We are working parents, and are currently telecommuting, which allows us even more time together! We love it! We love our family time and often hang out in the house dancing to music, reading books or just running around. We also enjoy spending time outdoors and regularly go on family walks, bike rides or the beach.

Patty’s parents live close by and they have a pool, so we visit them frequently! We also live near Patty’s brother, sister-in-law and their 3 kids, so we get to see them and have cousin/niece/nephew time often. Every summer Patty’s sister’s family from Chicago visits and we organize a family “summer Olympics.” It has been such a hit that this past winter, the kids, on their own, organized one for everyone. We really enjoy planning fun activities like that and getting everyone together.

About Patty

Hi, I’m Patty. I come from a very big family and am close with my parents, siblings and nieces and nephews. I like adventure and exploring, and spent my 20s living all over Latin America (mostly in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina) and South Africa. I came back home to California to be close to my family a decade ago and have lived here ever since. I am kind of a nerd, so I studied a lot growing up and did well in school but also played sports and did plays. Now I work at a big company and I get to help people every day in my job.  I’m very outgoing and like to organize fun events for my friends and family — scavenger hunts, birthday parties, and picnics at the beach! My favorite things to do are make up songs to sing with Erin and Blake, go to the beach and dance with them in our family room.

About Erin

Hey, I’m Erin. I was born and raised in San Diego, which is where my family still lives. As a kid, I was constantly on the move; I played soccer and softball and if I wasn’t at games or practices, I was always outside with my siblings or other neighborhood kids playing sports, jumping on the trampoline, swimming, or otherwise being active. When I was 19, I moved to Washington state. I spent 7 years there (and loved it), but moved to San Francisco to finish college. I managed to get an internship with a local city Parks and Recreation department and it turned into a full time job; I’ve now worked there for 9 years. I feel extremely lucky to work in a field I am passionate about and love being able to support such a valuable and appreciated part of our community! In my spare time, I love to play and watch sports. I also love to cook and enjoy finding a new recipe to make by watching cooking shows. But, my favorite thing to do is spend time with Patty and our 1 year old, Blake, going on walks, visiting parks, or just playing and giggling at home!

Our Home & Community

We are extremely lucky to live in a beautiful home overlooking the ocean, in a family-friendly suburb near San Francisco. We have a small but fun backyard where we like to hang out, lounge in the sun and garden. We are a five minute walk from the beach, can walk to the local elementary school and kids ride around our neighborhood on their bikes. Our house has beaches, mountains and a llama farm all within a 15 minute walk! We feel like the luckiest people in the world! Additionally, every year, the town closes the streets for a big Halloween celebration for all of the other small towns nearby (perfect for us, since we love costumes!).

About Blake

Blake is 1.5 and loves turning the pages of books, making animal noises (he’s currently loving the wolf sound “woooooooo”) and doing anything with water (sprinklers are his favorite). He is very social and loves hanging out with other kids and swinging in the park. We call him “the mayor” because he is very friendly and loves waving to people when we’re out for a walk or from our porch when people walk by. We talk to him about what it means to be a good big brother all the time, and he claps his hands, so we’re pretty sure he’s excited! 🙂

Our Wish for You

We have so much respect for you, and for the decision you are making. You are strong, powerful, beautiful and loving. We feel lucky that you’re considering our family as an option for your child. Thank you. In this very challenging time, we hope you are feeling strong with the full force of our support and respect. We hope to learn more about you and the dreams you have for your child.