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Meet Paul and Bridgette

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Where We Live

Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Favorite Holidays

Christmas & Easter

Happy Places

The Beach

Best Vacation

Maui, Hawaii


Nurse (Bridgette), Tech Analyst (Paul)

Hello! We are Paul and Bridgette from San Francisco, California. We are an outgoing couple in our thirties that live in a family friendly beach community. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and our son Andrew and why we have chosen open adoption to expand our family.

Our Story So Far...

We met 9 years ago through a mutual friend and hit it off immediately. We did not just fall in love, we became best friends. We are both big sports fans, so naturally our first kiss happened during halftime of a 49ers game at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. We’ve been kissing and laughing ever since.

We have many common interests such as our love for the outdoors and in particular the beach. We regularly go on bike rides through Golden Gate Park, have spontaneous BBQs at Ocean Beach, and enjoy wine tasting in Sonoma County. We both come from big families & love spending time with our nieces and nephew. We also share similar outlooks on life. We approach each day with a positive attitude and have a mutual respect for each other. Our marriage is a true partnership.

We got married in 2012, met our dog Kona soon after, and then our son Andrew was born in 2014. Andrew is a fun loving, caring 4 year old. He is a happy-go-lucky boy who brings a smile to everyone’s face. Kona and Andrew are best buds and are always running around together. We both love being parents.

About Paul, by Bridgette

Paul is the most genuine person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. One of the first times we met, he knew my father had recently passed away and made a point of coming over to me and asking how I was doing and letting me know he was sorry. This touched me so much, he was caring for me then and has never stopped. Paul works in technology and shows his dedication through 14 years with his company. He is a hard worker and has worked his way up in the company by always looking to learn something new and proving he is trustworthy.

He is a loyal friend and most of his best friends he has known since childhood and are more like brothers then friends. His friends and family always call him for advice because he is a good listener and will always take the time to thoughtfully work through a problem or situation. Paul is an amazing father and loves spending time with our family more than anything. He loves having Daddy/Drew days where they go on adventures and explore the beach, take a cruise to the Santa Cruz boardwalk for some rides or check out the latest kid movie in the theatre. Paul is always ready to have fun!

About Bridgette, by Paul

Bridgette is the most selfless and caring person I have ever met and I am lucky to call her my wife. When I met Bridgette she was working the graveyard shift as an Emergency Room nurse. I quickly realized how dedicated she was to her craft. We were once at a concert when a stranger was in need of medical attention. Without thinking, she immediately snapped into nurse mode and tried to help. Once the stranger was stabilized and in good hands, we went right back to enjoying our night out. This is the kind of person Bridgette is.

There is never a shortage of fun with Bridgette. She is always ready for an adventure and is as spontaneous a person I have ever met. We can be relaxing at home one minute and be at the park playing superheroes with our son the next. She never turns down a good time.

Bridgette is very passionate about her work. She has worked as a nurse at our local hospital for over 13 years. This is more than a job to her. She shows this compassion wherever she goes and exemplifies it in her daily life. If someone close to her is not feeling well, Bridgette is right there to help.

Our Home

We live in a ‘beach bungalow’ just a few blocks from Ocean Beach in San Francisco. We have a large backyard and utilize this space all the time. We love to host gatherings for our family and friends.

During Easter we always host the annual egg hunt where the kids spend their time searching for hidden goodies! On hot days we love turning on the sprinklers or blowing up a kiddie pool to help us cool down, and on warm evenings we do a movie night where the family comes over and enjoys popcorn and a projected movie on our fence. Andrew has accomplished so many milestones in our backyard like learning to walk, kicking a soccer ball and conquering the bounce house. Our neighborhood is quiet and very family friendly. Besides being so close to the beach and our favorite playground, we also have great schools and playgrounds throughout our neighborhood within walking distance. We frequently go for long walks through the neighborhood or bike rides to Golden Gate Park. We are very fortunate to call the Sunset District our home.

Our Extended Family

We both come from big families and have a strong community of support surrounding us. We live within 5 minutes of our families and see them frequently. Bridgette’s mom is known as Nonni to Andrew, which is Italian for grandmother. Nonni is a big part of our lives and has watched Andrew since he was a baby. When we have to go back to work Nonni plans to watch and care for our baby part time. Her home is our second home and her play room is the highlight of the house. On Paul’s side there is Oma (German for Grandma) and Grandpa. Their house also has a play room where all the cousins enjoy playing ping pong and bean bag slide.

There are always parties at these homes where the whole family gathers. On Christmas, Paul dresses as Santa Claus for all the kids and hands out toys. On birthdays, Bridgette’s brother will cook his famous BBQ for the family. Not a holiday will pass without a big family celebration, usually with both sides contributing.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and why we have chosen open adoption.  We respect the difficult decision you have made to consider adoption. We look forward to growing our family through adoption and welcoming a child into our loving home.

Please feel free to contact us through open adoption to learn more about us.