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Meet Peter & Denise


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Best Vacation

We loved our first big trip together as a family to Japan a few years ago.

Favorite Holidays

Denise and Chiara love dressing up on Halloween--Peter just enjoys the candy.

Happy Places

We love going to Lake Tahoe for snowboarding and the beautiful scenery.

Where We Work

Denise works as an oncology nurse. Peter is a lawyer--a nice one!

Fun Facts

Peter was a college radio DJ. Denise was once a wig model!

Hi! We’re Denise and Peter. Together with our 5-year-old daughter, Chiara, we are hoping to expand our family through adoption. We live in Pacifica, California, a small beach town community just down the road from San Francisco. As you get to know us, we think you’ll find we come into this journey not guided by our own expectations, but rather with an open heart and open mind to offer love and support. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better.

Our Home and Community

This past summer, we moved from San Francisco to a small beach town called Pacifica. We have discovered a beautiful, supportive community here. It has been such a blessing to finally have a home that is ours and the space to expand our family. Our home is on a quiet cul-de-sac with other friendly neighbors with young children, and our daughter has already found a best friend across the street. To find a place where our children can grow up with neighborhood friends and play safely outside with families we trust and look out for each other is absolutely priceless.

About Denise (by Peter)

I consider myself lucky to have found such a loving and supportive spouse in Denise. I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else and I’m so happy to be raising a family with her.

Denise has wanted to be a mother her entire life and it shows in the way that she cares for our daughter. They love “Mommy-Daughter Day” and fill their time with visits to the library, swim lessons, exploring new playgrounds, trips to the beach, and playdates with friends.

She has a compassionate and loving heart, and nurturing comes naturally to her. Denise values relationships with her friends and family. She loves to travel, especially to visit the friends made during her days as a traveling nurse.

Denise works as a nurse in an outpatient cancer center. She enjoys the benefit of working only 3 days a week, as she loves to be involved with school, playdates, and one-on-one time with our daughter. She is inspired daily by her patients’ strength and resilience on their cancer journeys.

About Peter (by Denise)

Peter is my calm, cool, and collected rock of support through tough times and my silly, fun-loving partner through life. I searched a long time for the one to spend my life with, and he is totally worth the wait. We have faced many challenges together and he has stood steadfast and loyal by my side, a true teammate in everything. His laid-back style and social nature are warm and comforting.

Peter enjoys cooking, and he especially likes being able to prepare home-cooked dinners on most nights. He’s also an avid snowboarder and looks forward to many future family trips to Lake Tahoe to ski or snowboard together. He is the planner of all our family vacations, and I’m thrilled to go along for the ride.

Peter is an attorney and is a partner with a small law firm in downtown San Francisco. As a partner, he has flexibility and control over his schedule. This means he gets to take Chiara to and from school on most days and he gets to spend daddy-daughter days with her on the weekends when Denise is working at the hospital.

Our Family and Friends

We both come from large, loving families (Italian & Filipino) who gather together for festivities and mostly food. Denise is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and Peter grew up in Southern California. Chiara loves playing with her cousins, including Peter’s niece and nephew, who live nearby in the Bay Area, as well as her cousins in the Midwest and New York.

While dating we talked about our strong value for family and dreamed of starting our own family together. Having both enjoyed growing up with siblings ourselves, it’s our hope that Chiara can experience that as well. We know in our hearts she will be an amazing big sister.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better. You are sharing an amazing gift, and we would be honored to share the journey with you. We look forward to getting to know you.

With Gratitude and Love,

Peter, Denise & Chiara