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Meet Poppy & Lou

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Where We Live

Seattle-Tacoma, Washington


Traveling, cooking and eating, board games, hiking and camping, being cozy at home

Happy Places

A picnic on the Seine in Paris
Literally any beach, anywhere


Poppy is a life coach and dog trainer, Lou is a carpenter

Favorite Holidays

We love seasonal celebrations, especially Halloween and Christmas!

Hello from Poppy and Lou! On a typical morning in our home Poppy is baking bread, Lou is playing the mandolin, and our dog, Sparrow, is napping after a frolic on the beach. Together we try to squeeze every possible ounce of joy from life, and we are so excited to begin building our family on the stable foundation we have created with our relationship.

About Us

By coincidence, we actually grew up in towns only 15 minutes apart, both loving nature and the outdoors—camping, hiking, beach walks, and swimming are still some of our favorite activities. As adults, we both ventured to big cities, developing our love for food and music, art and culture, and the magic of diverse communities in close contact. Poppy speaks fluent French and we are both working to learn Spanish. We love to travel and take every opportunity to explore new places, near and far.

As queer parents, our chosen family is connected by unconditional love and shared values where uniqueness is treasured. Our family vibe is one of warmth, honesty, humor, compassion, and appreciation. We are here to create freedom for a child to be their true self, to inspire pride in their wild and precious spirit, and to provide a community that will support their dreams.

About Poppy, by Lou

Poppy loves finding creative solutions for positive change—she is lucky to be able to use this skill in her work both as a life coach and a dog trainer. Poppy is energetic, fun, spontaneous, and game for just about anything! Her close relationships are very important to her and she is generous and demonstrative with loved ones. Poppy cares deeply about her community and backs it up with action—fostering kittens, offering rides, picking up trash, and distributing supplies to people without homes. Having trained as a vegan chef, her superb cooking reflects her abundance of love, care, and creativity.

Poppy is smart and curious. She wants to know why everything is the way it is and how it’s all connected. You will often find her reading, enjoying podcasts, visiting museums, attending cultural events, exploring nature, and traveling the world. She also loves sharing this knowledge with others. Poppy is an optimist and can find the good side of any person or situation. But she is also strong and resourceful when times get rough, moving gracefully through difficult moments with the same presence she brings to times of joy.

I can already picture Poppy patiently and enthusiastically fielding the endless question a child has, inspiring their curiosity and love for learning by creating a fun project or outing to help them discover the answers they seek. Poppy is both a cheerleader and advocate for her friends and family, and I know she will not miss an opportunity to show up for a child through all of life’s moments, celebrating their joys and supporting them through their struggles. Poppy has a fun, playful spirit and is never too busy for a game or an adventure.

About Lou, by Poppy

Lou is a carpenter who left the tech world to pursue her passion for hands-on creativity. Lou is so tender-hearted, thoughtful, and real that one can see right into her warm and authentic spirit. She’s profoundly loyal with a heart for justice and a dedication to personal growth. She’ll move mountains for her chosen family and community, always listening deeply and authentically. Lou is a problem solver who can troubleshoot just about anything mechanical, logistical, or emotional and she uses this magic power to help others.

Lou is also a very dependable rock for all her loved ones. She is a rare combination of focused and flexible, hard-working, and laid back. Lou knows how to have a great time, keeping me laughing every day with goofy charm. She also plays many instruments and is excited about sharing the joys of music with a little one!

I know Lou will be an exceptional parent when I see her with the other children in our lives, coaching a sport or soothing a restless baby with equal patience. She is a safe harbor for big feelings, a rare high-quality listener. Lou is excited about creating traditions that will serve as touchstones of stability and sweet memories for our family. Her brave and empathic way of moving through the world will create both a springboard and a safety net for our new family member. Lou can’t wait to share the most beloved parts of her own childhood: family camping trips, making music together, and boisterous game nights.

Our Home and Community

We live in the lush, spectacular landscape of Western Washington, in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area. Our home is full of natural light and cascading plants, where we create a vibe that is calm and joyful, cozy, and protected. With views of the rugged Olympic Mountains, access to the beauty and wildlife of the Puget Sound, and the art, culture, and diversity of Seattle-Tacoma, we feel very lucky to call this place our home. We are within 20 minutes of several parks, many beautiful beaches, and wonderful hiking spots.


We have two furry family members. Sparrow is a well-trained, polite terrier/chihuahua mix with plenty of kid experience. She has traveled around the world with us, has earned her “Advanced Trick Dog” title, and charms even people who don’t like dogs. Tilly is our regal old black cat who spends her days napping on her pedestal and flopping into couch cuddles.

Thank You!

We know you have a huge decision to make and appreciate you taking the time to learn a bit about us and our lives. We hope that we have painted a picture in which you can imagine your child growing up in our home, nurtured and loved, becoming their unique self in our care. If so, we look forward to connecting with you!