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Meet Rachel & Jason


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Where We Live

Oakland, California

Favorite Holidays

Jason: Thanksgiving
Rachel: Christmas
Henry: Christmas

Happy Places

The beach
Our backyard

Best Vacation

Visiting grandpa & grandma in Bozeman, MT

Fun Facts

Rachel & Jason's favorite movie is Star Wars
Henry likes reading Room on the Broom & Giraffes can't dance

Greetings…We are Jason and Rachel, together 9 years; married 5,  living in the beautiful Oakland Hills, CA.  As you imagine the future for your child, we hope you will consider us as a family your little one can be part of. We adopted our son Henry in 2017 and it has been an amazing blessing. We hope this profile gives you a sense of the loving and nurturing home that we’ve built and look forward to expanding.

Our Home & Neighborhood

We live in the Oakland Hills and our neighborhood is a blend of families, culinary events, open spaces and fun places to explore. We are down the street from a vibrant community center; near many playgrounds and near the Lake Chabot Space & Science Center that has all sorts of children’s programs and activities. There are many fun things for little ones to do in our neighborhood.

We like to take our son Henry to nearby Roberts park. It is his favorite park. It has a great open playground and is surrounded by beautiful Redwood trees. In the summertime, we like to take Henry to our nearby swimming pool. He really enjoys swimming. We also like taking him on little adventures in our area. Hiking, strolling along the bay in Alameda or visiting Jack London Square. Henry loves to be outside and in nature.

Our home is very cozy, filled with lots of games, books and music. We have a nice backyard with lots of room for Henry to around and play outside. We have made many friends in the area that also have kids, and have them over for dinner regularly. It is important to us that we create a home where our family and friends feel safe and welcomed.

About Rachel by Jason

Rachel is kind, caring, compassionate and has a heart of gold. Her family and friends are extremely important to her. She is a true nature and animal lover She has a close bond with her rescue cat Misty. One of the cute things she does when leaving the house for the day is putting classical music on for her so she won’t feel alone while we are at work!

Rachel has become a great mother to our son Henry. It has been an amazing journey to watch her teach him how to swim; to watch her singing and dancing with him around the house; and helping him read and put together puzzles.

Born: Washington D.C. and moved to Southern California when she was 13 years old.

Also spent childhood in Bozeman, Montana visiting her father and two sisters every summer. Now, one sister lives with her son; the other lives in Washington D.C. with her 3 kids (2 boys & one girl).

Work: Customer Solutions Manager at a very big tech company.

Loves to: Give Henry hugs and kisses, travel, read, cook, and doing yoga.

About Jason by Rachel

Jason is the nicest person I have ever known, and is very caring and respectful. His family and friends are very important to him. Although Jason claims he’s not a big cat person, he went and picked out Misty at the animal shelter as a gift for my birthday!

Jason has a special “guy-bond” with Henry. He likes to show him how to build things; take him to the park. He makes him laugh making funny faces and sounds. I like watching Jason read to Henry at night before bedtime and cuddling with him on the couch.

Born and raised in San Anselmo, California where his father and extended family live. His older sister lives nearby in Petaluma, California with her husband and two boys.

Works: A machinist and has been working in his field for 20 years. In his in experience he’s made cool parts for the military, medical and aerospace industries.

Enjoys: Making funny faces with Henry, bike riding, hiking, skiing, snow boarding, Abalone diving, sailing. In the last year he’s taken up gardening. He never knew he could have so much fun taking care of trees and plants!

Our Story

We met 8 years ago at the Beach Chalet, a restaurant near ocean beach in San Francisco. We started talking and instantly had a connection. We found out we had many things in common such as a love of the outdoors and similar family values.

We were inseparable from that moment forward discovering the northern coast of California; road trips; camping; picnics, sailing and many other fun adventures. Months after meeting we moved in together and were married 3 years ago. Our life was made even sweeter when we realized our dream of starting a family through open adoption. We adopted Henry in 2017.

Our Extended Family

Both Jason and Rachel come from big families. Jason grew up on the West Coast while Rachel mainly grew up on the East Coast. Although we each have family in different cities, we make sure to visit them often.

Growing up Jason’s grandfather taught the whole family how to sail. Today, his Aunt carries on the family tradition by taking us sailing around the Bay. It’s fun to visit her, go sailing and have dinner at the Yacht Club afterwards.

We really enjoy sharing our family traditions with one another, with Henry and our friends. Especially because we are a big, diverse, fun bunch. Rachel is bi-racial (African-American/Caucasian) and both of her sisters are bi-racial too.; Jason is French, English and Venezuelan. Adoption is a big part of our lives too. Our son Henry is adopted. Jason’s Aunt, two cousins and three nieces are adopted. Two of Rachel’s cousins are adopted as well. We also have close friends that have built their families through open adoption.

We are so grateful for our big multi-cultural family and look forward to creating more special moments with Henry a little one!

Our Wish for You

We know you are making an extremely difficult decision and have tremendous respect for your choice to care for your child’s future. We hope you were able to learn more about our family and the type of parents are. We hope that if adoption feels right for you, that you feel confident in entrusting your precious gift with us.