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Meet Rachel & Randy


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Where We Live

South San Francisco, CA - 10 minutes from the beach!

Family Traditions

New Year's Eve in Sonoma area, big Christmas breakfast with Randy's family, fireworks on 4th of July with Rachel's

Place I Like To Take A Child

Rachel: Amusement parks - I love roller coasters!

Randy: Exploratorium/science museums


Rachel: Social worker at a children’s hospital

Randy: Software product owner at large technology company

Best Vacation

Exploring New Zealand in a camper van

Hi! We are Rachel and Randy. We are honored to be considered as an adoptive family for your child and we admire your strength as you make this decision. We would love to get to know you and learn what is most important to you as you plan for your child’s future. We are eager to fulfill our dream of being parents through open adoption. We have a happy fun-filled life together in South San Francisco and are excited to share our love with a child.

Our Life

We met in 2014 in San Francisco and have been attached at the hip since!  We enjoy doing many of the same activities and also encourage each other to try new things like learning a new language or a sport like archery. We got married in 2018 and have been so excited to start a family. After trying to conceive on our own, we have decided that adoption is the right path for us. Rachel has always been open to adoption, and Randy was adopted into a loving family as a baby.

We enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, kayaking, and camping, but also appreciate a quiet night in. We have an active social life and enjoy spending time with friends and family, and also enjoy spending time at home. We are often grilling and hanging out in the backyard; Rachel with her nose in a book and Randy sketching or running around with our dog, Sully.

We love traveling together, whether it’s a weekend away in Sonoma or an international trip. When we were kids, we both loved going to libraries, science museums, aquariums, zoos, and amusement parks and we can’t wait to share these places with a child! We feel that we are truly life-long partners and our home is always filled with laughter and love.

About Rachel, by Randy

Rachel is a beautiful person, inside and out. She is such a fun person – always ready for a sing-a-long in the car! She also has an adventurous spirit; willing to travel anywhere – including sleeping with the bugs in the Amazon jungle!

Rachel is originally from Southern California. She moved to the Bay Area in 2008 to study for her Master’s at UC Berkeley and since then has worked as a social worker at a children’s hospital helping families with sick children. She also has several years of experience working with children with autism.

She is very close with her family and visits them often.  She puts family and friends first and is a very loyal person who will always go out of her way to be there for friends when they need her. She is still best friends with her friends from junior high!  She is also strong-willed and always fights for what is right and she is an advocate for those who need help – especially children. She will be an amazing mother; she is kind and supportive and loving.

About Randy, by Rachel

Randy is from the Midwest and moved to the Bay Area several years ago seeking outdoor adventures. When we met I was immediately struck by his kind, genuine, and easy-going nature.  He is so thoughtful, open-minded, loving, and funny. He always sees the best in people and is so forgiving. He is constantly making me laugh with his corny jokes and knows how to lift my spirits on a hard day. He is also super smart and has a genuine curiosity about the world and other people.

Randy has a very close relationship with his parents, who are so kind and loving. They have welcomed me into their family with open arms. He has a close network of friends from college who share a love of the outdoors. His best friend from college lives in California and they regularly plan camping and biking trips.

Randy is an amazing partner and husband and I can’t wait to see him in the role of a father. I have been able to get a glimpse of what he would be like by seeing him around his nephew and our friend’s kids. I can’t wait to watch him teach a child how to ride a bike or comfort them when they are sad. I know he will be a fun-loving, nurturing, and protective father.

Our Home

We live in a 3 bedroom house in a quiet, safe, diverse, and family-friendly neighborhood in South San Francisco. Our favorite part of our house is our backyard which has a covered barbecue area, workshop, and even a koi pond with 18 fish! We have lots of space for kids to run around in our fenced-in backyard. We are often hosting our friends and their children, who love to feed the koi fish.

Our home is very close to Pacifica (a cute beach town) so we are always exploring the beautiful hiking trails and beaches around us. We are close to San Francisco with easy access to fun museums, parks, and restaurants. We have a few parks within walking distance of our home and are close to many schools.

Our Family and Friends

We have a great support network of family and friends who are excited for us to start a family.

We are both very close with our families. Our parents are very excited to dote on a grandchild, and we plan on visiting them as often as possible. We visit Rachel’s family every few months in Southern California. The family parties are always filled with laughter, games, and delicious homemade Mexican food. Rachel’s father can’t wait to have a buddy to take to toy stores and museums and her mother can’t wait to share her love of the beach and Disneyland. Randy’s family lives in a small town in Indiana and his parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! His mom creates a “Winter Wonderland” for Christmas which makes it a very special holiday for us. She is eager to visit and help with anything we need.

Most of our friends have young children, and we are excited to bring another little one into our supportive community. We look forward to arranging playdates and fun outings, including trips to museums and parks.

We recently welcomed our dog, Sully, into our family. He is a Bernedoodle and is such a lovebug. We love taking him hiking and to the beach.

Our Promise

We would love for our future child to know their story and to have a relationship with their birth parent. We are open and willing to do what is best for a child. We hope they will have an adventurous spirit and will provide them as many opportunities as possible to experience new things.

We promise to love and accept your child unconditionally; to encourage their curiosity and interests; to teach them to treat themselves and others with kindness and compassion; to provide them with a stable home full of fun and love.

We can only imagine what a difficult decision this is, and we thank you for taking the time to read our letter and get to know us. We will provide a happy, safe, and nurturing home for a child. We are committed to open adoption and promise that your child will know the story of where they came from and will always know that many people love and care about them.