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Meet Raegan & Andrew

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Where We Live

San Francisco, CA

Happy Places

Redwood groves and around the dinner table

Favorite Vacations

Italy and Costa Rica


Playing music and cooking

Fun Fact

We met while studying in Madrid, Spain

There is so much love in our relationship, and we’re so excited about sharing that love and growing our family by bringing a child into our home. We met while studying abroad in Spain in 2007 and have been building our lives in San Francisco since, through our commitment to each other and a shared passion for music, nature, snuggles, and tasty food.

About Raegan

Raegan is a caring, compassionate, and conscientious environmentalist who is dedicated to a greener, more just world. Having grown up as a nerdy tomboy in Watsonville, CA in a big, extended family that shared dinner every Sunday on Grandma’s farm, showing love through gathering around food sticks with her to this day.

In her role at Children’s Council of San Francisco, Raegan works to ensure that children and caregivers alike learn the healthy habits of a balanced diet and physical activity. As an advocate for families and educators in need, she is committed to serving the community and contributes to several citywide programs while leading her local union.

Having learned an appreciation for the ever-shrinking natural world from an early age, Raegan leads by example in trying to live sustainably and consciously of her impact. Her favorite days are spent immersed in nature (especially redwood groves) or sharing her passion for cooking and baking with loved ones.

About Andrew

Andrew grew up in a very affectionate and loving family which helped mold him into a friendly, sensitive, and caring giver. He has been self-employed providing in-home assistance for older adults since 2009, where he shows a high level of patience, compassion, and understanding. The real joy he gets from helping others and solving problems carries over into his personal life, where Raegan benefits from Andrew’s organizing, planning, and aversion to procrastination.

Playful, silly, and youthful at heart, Andrew doesn’t hesitate to jump right in with kids – whether it’s engaging them with questions or jokes, whole-heartedly playing along with their games, or making up his own fairy tales on the fly – and people quickly realize what a natural he is with them.

Andrew’s favorite pastime and greatest passion is making music, which he does every single day and loves, even more, when Raegan joins in. He can’t wait to sing his first lullaby to a new member of our family.

About our home and community

We live in a two-bedroom apartment in a duplex in a residential neighborhood in San Francisco. Our street is quiet, but we are within short walking distance of a main street with many diverse restaurants, markets, schools, and small businesses that we frequent. We love exploring nearby green spaces, from our backyard garden to Golden Gate Park to a local beach. We love taking advantage of everything San Francisco has to offer, especially volunteering at La Cocina’s SF Street Food Festival and enjoying our membership at the California Academy of Sciences.

Thank you

We have always hoped that adoption would be part of our story. We can only imagine the enormity of the decision you’re making. Please know that the child who someday joins our family through open adoption will grow up hearing their story and knowing how much they are loved. We very much look forward to hopefully meeting you.