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Meet Rebecca and Ernesto

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Where We Live

We live in the small and beautiful town of San Juan Bautista, CA., surrounded by farms and mountains!

Favorite Holidays

Our favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because we get to cook, eat, and enjoy our family!

Happy Places

The forest
The beach
Our home


Ernesto is from Mexico City and grew up in Santa Cruz, CA. Rebecca is from Ashland, Oregon.

How We Spend Our Weekends

Cooking, reading, hiking, calling our moms, seeing friends, doing house projects, singing in the car

Hello! Hola!

We are Rebecca and Ernesto from San Juan Bautista, California. We are excited to start our family, and so grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to fulfill our dream of being parents. We are in our mid-thirties and we have been married for six years and together for ten.

We know that you are making an incredibly difficult decision and we want you to feel confident that we will provide a loving home and a happy life for your child. We have always hoped to become parents through open adoption, and we are so appreciative to you for taking the time to learn a little about us!

The Two Of Us

We met at the gym that Ernesto used to manage, and after several weeks of awkward flirting, finally went on our first date and started to fall in love. Our marriage is built around communication and care, and we are both committed to providing a safe, loving, and supportive home for each other and our child.

We both love to travel and learn about other cultures and people, and we prioritize these kinds of experiences in our life. We plan to raise our child to be multilingual (Ernesto speaks Spanish and Rebecca speaks French) and to learn to see the world from many perspectives. We will travel with our child and introduce him or her to a variety of cultures and lifestyles.

We want our child to grow up to be confident in the world with a respect and curiosity for him or herself and others.

Our Home

We live in San Juan Bautista, CA which is a very small town (population under 2000!) on the central coast. We moved here in 2015 from Santa Cruz, and bought a home.

We have a beautiful and cozy home that is ready for our little one! We keep imagining our baby crawling around on the soft carpet of our family room, and reading stories together in the bright sun room! We spend a lot of time in the kitchen where we love cooking and perfecting family recipes.

We really enjoy our quiet time at home reading, cooking, and spending time together. We can’t wait to share our home with our child.


Rebecca, by Ernesto

I love Rebecca. She’s the best person I know. She inspires me everyday to be the best version of myself. She has an infectious laugh, a witty sense of humor, and best of all, she is just a good person.

Rebecca has a way about her that allows people around her to feel comfortable  and safe.  Because people feel so open with her, they are able to be their best selves. This is demonstrated by how successful her students were when she was teaching, and now, as a District Director, how her team is motivated to provide the best learning and work environments possible.

Rebecca is one of the friendliest people I know. She loves to live, laugh, and feel with the world around her. Everywhere Rebecca goes she makes a friend, and her smile leaves a lasting impression. In fact, her smile was the first thing I fell in love with.

As a mom I know Rebecca will be engaging, nurturing, and loving. Our child will learn from Rebecca to genuinely smile at the world and to love the world for all the beauty that surround us.

I’m excited to raise my child with Rebecca. Not only is she going to be a loving mom, she is also going to bring so much creativity into parenting. Rebecca loves to sing, dance, and play, and I can’t wait to see our child embrace that and grow into an equally thoughtful and playful person.

Ernesto, by Rebecca

Ernesto’s warmth and supportive love is what first attracted me to him. He is a total goof ball, but when it comes to caring for those he loves, he is steadfast and serious.

Ernesto is an encouraging person who always  supports me in whatever plan or project I am involved in. He shares that same enthusiasm and support in his work as a Grower Manager at an organic farm, where he helps small family farmers get their food to market. Ernesto enjoys the daily interactions he has with the farmers, and I love all of the fruit and vegetables he brings home everyday!

Ernesto is one of the smartest people I know, and I love the way he seeks knowledge and loves discussing and sharing ideas. I see our child growing up with a love of learning and a curiosity about the world, just like daddy!

I want our child to grow up feeling proud and comfortable about who he or she is, and I know that this will happen because Ernesto models this. He is so comfortable with who he is, and is always looking for ways to improve and learn more.

I see the way Ernesto interacts with our niece and with our friends’ kids. He is able to build a genuine connection and trust with children, and they always have so much fun together! I know that he is going to be a wonderful dad because he is kind and silly, and cares deeply.


Meet the Fam!

We love to spend time with our friends and family. We often have get-togethers at our home and we like to host parties and holidays.

Every year, we have Thanksgiving with dad in Washington, celebrate Solstice with the whole family in Alameda, and visit mom in Oregon several times. We see family in Mexico and here in California as much as possible!

We also believe that family is whomever you love, and we are so lucky to have a group of incredible friends who can’t wait to be aunts and uncles to our little one! We spend a lot of time with our friends and have special traditions like annual trips, cooking contests, and big theme parties.


Our Stay at Home Parenting Plan

We are planning to be home with our baby for at least the first year. Rebecca works from home and Ernesto’s office is two minutes from our house. One of us will be home full-time with the baby and we feel very fortunate to be able to do this for our family.

Thank You

We appreciate you taking the time to read about us and we look forward to meeting and learning more about you!

~Ernesto and Rebecca