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Meet Regan and Dave

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Where We Live

The beautiful and vibrant Temescal neighborhood of Oakland, CA


Regan is a documentary filmmaker. Dave is a statistician at a labor policy institute.

Best Vacation

Swimming with sea turtles in Hawaii


Dave likes to bike, garden and eat popcorn! Regan likes to dance, hike and host game nights!

Favorite Getaways

Regan’s sister’s land on the Smith River and the beaches of Santa Cruz

Hi! We are Regan and Dave from Oakland, CA. We hope this will give you a good sense of who we are and what we’re about. We can wholeheartedly say that we are ready to start a family. We view open adoption as forming an extended family. Our ideal is to build a positive, caring relationship with our child’s birth parents (possibly you?) to the extent that they/you desire.

We believe that open adoption means making a lifelong commitment to your child *and* to staying in touch with you and your family to the extent that you wish and to supporting a positive connection between you and your child over the years. We know we can never replace your unique role in his or her life. We can offer a safe, loving home based on respect, gratitude, and a deep belief in inherent human worth and dignity.

We’re happy that we have an adoption-friendly community to offer our child! We have close friends who have either been adopted, adopted their children, or are birth/first mothers themselves, and we are blessed with the benefit of all of their perspectives. We’re also looking forward to play-dates with the adopted children of our friends and to create a supportive network with them that normalizes adoption for all of our children.

Our Pledge to You

Our pledge to you is to love your child unconditionally, to provide a safe, nurturing, loving, stable home, and to always help your child know who their birth mother and birth family are, and to support them in having a great relationship with them/you.

Regan is able to be a stay-at-home parent for at least the first year and then will work part-time from home. Dave is able to take at least 6 months off to start. After that, he will be able to work a four-day work week, so we will both have lots of time to spend with this little one.

Getting to Know Us

We were introduced by a mutual friend. Our first date — the day before Valentine’s in 2010 — was a hike in the Oakland hills. We hit it off from the get-go and quickly discovered that we had many friends and interests in common. At the end of the hike, Dave surprised Regan by pulling out a full picnic spread from his backpack with homemade bread that he had just baked early that morning. Swoon! 🙂 We have been enjoying good food and fun times together ever since.

We live in the lively, bustling Temescal neighborhood of Oakland, CA, and do our best to enjoy all of the perks of the San Francisco Bay Area. We have both been active in local economic, racial, LGBT and disability justice issues through our activism, attending rallies and marches, and our day-to-day work. We’re both nature lovers and enjoy hiking in the redwoods and spend time every month in Santa Cruz, a beautiful nearby coastal town, enjoying the beach and sea otter and whale sightings.

About Regan

Regan was raised in northern Virginia with her mother and older sister and their dog Rags. Her father and stepmother lived close by in Washington, D.C. In her twenties, she worked as a sea kayak guide, massage therapist, teen theater director, and a union organizer before going back to school to get a master’s degree in documentary film. For over the last ten years, her work has been as a documentary filmmaker. Throughout, she has been involved in LGBT, racial and disability justice, and antiwar activism.

Her last film, FIXED, about disability, bioethics, and technology was broadcast on PBS and screened in over 30 festivals in 16 countries. For the past few years, she has been coordinating national screening tours, managing distribution and consulting with social issue films on their impact strategy.

For fun, she enjoys going hiking, swimming, reading, hosting game nights, dancing (mostly around the house these days), and tackling new recipes. In the winter, she pulls out her knitting projects, and some lucky relative gets a new hat or scarf that Christmas!

What Dave says about Regan

“I have so many good times with Regan. One of the first things that enamored me to her was seeing how sweet, caring, and fun she is with her nephew. I love watching them build gigantic cushion-sheet forts, dress up as pirates, enact elaborate plays with complex set designs. I’ve seen her spend hours, patiently working as his Lego assistant, helping find all the right pieces so he can finish constructing a complicated Ninjago Lego set. It’s given me a sense of the love, steady support, and good times she’ll provide as a parent. I can’t wait to see her with our child, making pancakes in the morning, blasting some classic soul, with spoon-microphones raised to their mouths, belting out Aretha Franklin. It will be a sight to see!”

About Dave

Dave grew up alongside his twin brother, one younger brother, politically active parents, and a Labrador retriever in Seattle, WA. He has a PhD in Statistics and works for a UC Berkeley labor policy think tank that has been in the thick of a number of important issues, such as raising the state minimum wage to $15 and extending Medicaid coverage to undocumented children in California. He’s worked on and off as an organizer/activist for his union and volunteers with local nonprofits. In the city, he’s often with friends at demonstrations (especially these days). When he is not trying to make the world a better place, you’ll find him planting tomatoes in the backyard garden or biking in the Oakland hills. When he can, he heads to the Sierras to backpack in the wilderness. But what he loves most is a cozy evening at home with Regan.

What Regan says about Dave…

“Dave is the perfect balance of fun, loving, kind, smart, and responsible.  Our nephews and niece adore him, as do the rest of our family and friends — and our friends’ children. He’s famous for setting up scavenger hunts for the children in our life with elaborate clues to find hidden treasures. He is curious, considerate, and deeply caring about people of all ages in his life. He has an astonishing memory and remembers all of our friends’ relatives’ names and always remembers to ask about them. He also has boundless energy, is quite silly, and can be found belting out Whitney Houston’s ‘The Greatest Love of All’ lyrics at the top of his lungs on a moment’s notice. And yet he’s also the one to jump up to do the dishes first or to set up the guest room really nice when we have family coming to town. I knew he was someone I could co-parent with early in our dating life, before we lived together when I walked into his bedroom and found him in bed reading a book on “How To Finance Your Child’s College Education,” and my heart went pitter pat.”

Home Sweet Home

Our home is a safe, warm, and nurturing place. We live in a large Victorian duplex with a lovely, spacious backyard with a vegetable garden and an orange tree. We love to cook healthy, yummy meals and host dinner parties, game nights, and occasional Sunday morning brunch with our friends and their children. Weekday evenings, we can be found either home reading, playing cards, watching Netflix, or whipping up big pots of food. We are two blocks from an elementary school, three blocks from an arts center and community pool, close to dozens of playgrounds and parks. We appreciate the values of the Bay Area: openness, inclusion, and reflection on how to create a just, sustainable world. We are excited to raise a child here!

Our Family & Community

We both have amazingly supportive, loving, close-knit families. A child in our family will have no lack for cousins to play with or an extended family who loves them dearly! Both of our families love the outdoors and are politically progressive and open-minded. We are grateful  that both of Dave’s parents are pediatricians and we’ll be able to call upon them for advice anytime. This summer, all 19 of our immediate family from both sides (13 adults and 6 kids) met up on the Oregon coast to explore the beautiful beaches and run around on the giant sand dunes with the kiddos.

Most summers, Dave’s extended family rents a house for a week that’s big enough for all of us in a beautiful location in Washington State, near the Puget Sound or in the mountains, so the whole family, especially all the children can spend time together, playing at the beach, or hiking and swimming in mountain lakes. Every August, we also camp for a week at Regan’s sister’s beautiful property right on the Smith River in northern California, spending time with Regan’s sister, her girlfriend and their son in this slice of paradise. Mostly, we swim like river otters all day long and cook up yummy feasts for everyone in the outdoor riverfront kitchen. It’s heavenly!

We are also blessed with a large, fun, diverse circle of friends in the Bay Area who are part of our extended family. Many of them have children whom we enjoy spending time with. We look forward to seeing our child grow up in this warm and dynamic community.

Thank you for considering us!

We promise to support your child in becoming their truest self, to nurture their interests, and to support them in living their dreams every step of the way.  Education is very important to us. We want to give our child every opportunity to learn and grow. Above all, we want them to feel loved, safe and cherished. Along with providing a stable and loving home, we hope to foster a strong sense of self-confidence, curiosity, and respect for themselves and the people in their lives, so that they can enjoy healthy, loving relationships and a vibrant community.

Please let us know if you have any questions about us. We are very grateful for your time and wish you all the best.

If we feel like the right match for you, please reach us through Adoption Connection via phone/text or email:


[email protected]