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Meet Sara


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Where I Live

San Jose, California


Veterinary cardiologist


Gardening, walking my dog, home projects


Miniature Schnauzer and 3 cats

Favorite Holidays

Hanukkah and Christmas

Hi, I’m Sara.  I’m a veterinarian living in San Jose, CA. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter to get to know me a little bit.

I am looking forward to parenting for so many reasons. I loved my own childhood, and I want to provide a warm, safe and loving home for a child just as I had when I was growing up.

My Life

I’m a veterinary cardiologist. School and training took me all over the country including to Washington and Tennessee. I’m glad to be back home in the Bay Area where I now work in a veterinary specialty practice. My daily work includes examining dogs and cats who have heart murmurs or symptoms of heart disease.

My schedule is somewhat uniquely flexible as I can arrange it however I like. I can complete paperwork remotely from home, freeing up some afternoon time so that I can plan to be dependably available to a child.

After work and days off

On nice days (which is pretty often in the Bay Area), my dog and I love taking long strolls through the neighborhood. The ocean is less than 30 minutes away, so we try to get in some beach time now and then.  We frequently meet friends or my parents and their dog in Golden Gate Park to hike and picnic along the trails.

When it’s rainy, I love to curl up with a good book. As a very young child my parents read aloud to me every night before bed, and I can’t wait to do this as a parent myself. My shopping cart on is already filled with books to buy so we can start reading together from the very start.


My home

I own a town home in San Jose, in a small complex. The neighbors are a mix of families, single mothers, and senior citizens. I’ve enjoyed doing several DIY home improvement projects such as painting and decorating.  I turned an extra closet in my own bedroom into a big pretty open bookcase.  In the baby’s room, I am going to create a big bookcase and arts and crafts area with room for lots of projects and playing.

I’m out in the yard as much as possible!  When I was house hunting I chose my home specifically because it’s an end unit with a large private backyard. I’ve spent the past couple of years digging, planting, and pruning out there, and it’s starting to look like a garden. I include a vegetable garden every year, and I look forward to teaching a child how to plant and grow both for fun and for healthy foods to enjoy.

My pets

I have a miniature schnauzer named Emmie. I rescued her when I was in vet school because she had a heart defect (it was corrected surgically, and she’s completely healthy now). When we’re not out walking, her favorite backyard pastime is searching for tasty bits of birdseed the wild birds drop from the feeder, or sampling a fresh tomato right off of the vine.  She occasionally gets to go to work with me. I also have three cats.

My childhood and family

I grew up in Albany CA, just across the bay from San Francisco. My parents frequently took my younger brother and me on road trips up and down the coast and vacations to the beach. They introduced us to starfish and sea anemones in the tidepools of the California coast, and my dad made up fantastic stories about the lichens and twisted spires and stumps of the redwood forests. I look forward to introducing a child to these wild and secret places and coming up with stories of our own to repeat and embellish for years.

We celebrated the Jewish holidays with my mother’s family, and the Christian holidays with my father’s. Just before Christmas every year, we’d head to my dad’s parents’ house for a weekend of decorating holiday cookies. The absolute best homemade bread and cinnamon roll recipes I’ve ever found are those passed down to my mother from her grandmother, and now on to me.

My brother and his family now live just a couple of hours away, so I get to see him, his wife, and my two nieces pretty frequently. We’ll often meet up with my parents and sometimes my aunt as well, as they all live in the Bay Area. Going for walks and baking together are still our favorite traditions.

Thank You

Thank you again for taking the time to read this, especially at a time I imagine is so difficult.  If my home and my philosophy that I convey is warm and comforting, and feels like the right match for you and what you wish for your child, I’d love to get better acquainted! Please contact Adoption Connection at (415) 355-4636 or [email protected]