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Meet Sarah

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Where I Live

San Francisco

Favorite Holiday


Where I work

I'm a doctor at a teaching hospital in the Bay Area


Small town in Michigan


Lola, my sweet old dog

Hi! I’m Sarah and am a doctor living in San Francisco. I’m originally from a small town in Michigan and am fortunate to have both small town and city life experiences. I love to have friends over for dinner, travel, and continuously explore the Bay Area. I’m lucky to have a supportive network of friends and family (including some adoptive families). I can’t wait to become a parent through the open adoption process. I’d like to share a bit more…

My Life

I was born and raised in a small town in Michigan and grew up playing in the fields in the sun, the rain, and the snow with all my cousins and neighbors. My parents are both the 7th of 10 children so there was never a dull moment or a lack of people to play with. As we got older, we realized that it really was the village taking care of the kids. You just learned to look after whoever was around you. I spent many summers nannying and many nights babysitting my siblings, cousins, and neighbors.


I’ve always loved being around children. Any age. Any time. Their magical little thirsty minds are so smart. I’m fortunate to be an “Auntie” to many of my friends’ children but becoming a parent has always been a dream of mine. I very much look forward to loving a little one and helping them grow. When it comes to parenting, support, patience, and love should always be at the forefront. I’m grateful to have had great examples from my parents and close friends. Although life is magical and takes you on a journey that is never predictable, my experiences and growth have brought me to a place where I can be the best possible parent. It’s interesting – since I was a small child, I have always just assumed that adoption would play a role in creating my family, probably from seeing how rewarding it was for family members. Now it’s becoming reality!

My Work

I’m a doctor at a teaching hospital here in the Bay Area. In my work, I’ve had the joy of teaching many learners and watching them grow and develop into successful, independent, caring professionals. I look forward to the honor of guiding a child through the windy roads of life and hopefully instill in them core values such as honesty, integrity, compassion, vulnerability, and self-esteem while ensuring they know they have a village of support behind them.

Perspectives from my sister

“My big sister. How to even put into words what our bond is. Not only is she my family member, but she is also my best friend. She is kind, loyal, thoughtful, caring, funny, smart, and courageous. My list could go on much longer, but I don’t think I’m allowed that many characters.  Sarah is an innately nurturing human. She cares about not only those she knows and loves but also the greater good. When I was younger Sarah would often have to baby sit me while my parents were away (as we are 8 years apart in age). We always had so much fun during those times, but also she would make sure I followed (most of) the rules. I was elated to find out Sarah was planning to bring a baby into her home and into our family. I have no doubt that she will be the best mother, shoulder to cry on, friend to laugh with, and overall parent. I know this partially because through my life she has been all these things for me at one time or another. Whatever baby is lucky enough to be raised by my sister will have won the lottery (and not just because they also will be getting the best Aunt they could ask for in me).”

My Home and Community

I live in San Francisco and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I moved here 14 years ago and the beauty and diverse cultures never seem to disappoint. I love being able to step out my front door and have virtually everything accessible within walking distance – parks, the Bay and Golden Gate Bridges, stores, concerts, libraries, museums, you name it. And don’t get me started about the amazing food! Food brings anyone and everyone together and is a great way to start learning about another culture. My home is on a quiet little street with a small parklet and close to the Embarcadero which is a wonderful place for walks and for children to play.

My Extended Family and Friends

My parents still live in a small town in Michigan, and I can’t wait to share with a child how fun the glorious summers are and how cool a lot of snow can be. The child I adopt will be my parents first grandchild and they are completely over the moon about it. My sister is my best friend and one of my favorite travel buddies. My brother lives here in the Bay Area and absolutely loves babies and kids. We are a very close family and can’t help but be highly involved in supporting each other through life.


During my time in San Francisco, I have been extremely fortunate to find a close-knit group of chosen family members who are daily constants in my life. To tell you they are excited to welcome another child to the group would be an understatement.

My Wish for You

I wish you the best in your pregnancy and peace of mind while making these important and careful decisions about the future.

I would like to invite you to get to know me better — I think you’ll see the loving community of support I have and feel the space in my heart for a child should you choose to do an adoption plan with me. I promise to do my best by you, providing unconditional love to your baby. I will work endlessly to be the best parent and will let love drive every choice I make as I know your choice is out of love too. I look forward to continuing the traditions I already have and creating new ones as a young family.