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Meet Scott and Katie

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Where We Live

San Rafael

Favorite Holidays


Happy Places


Best Vacation


Fun Facts

Scott plays tennis & Katie loves to bake.

We are Scott and Katie, in our mid 30’s and are from San Rafael, which is located in Marin County, California.  Marin County is just right over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. San Rafael is a wonderful family oriented community, where Katie works as a preschool. Katie grew up in San Anselmo and Scott also grew in Greenbrae just a few miles away from San Rafael.

Both our families still live in the area (even in the same houses we grew up in), as do many of our extended family members and longtime friends. Not only are there two great parks within walking distance of our home, but also our school district has won several distinguished school awards and has outstanding ratings.

We are really excited to create a family and very grateful that there is a way for us to accomplish this through open adoption. Though the process of adoption is new to us, the thought of parenting is not. We both come from loving and nurturing families and cannot wait to start our own family where Katie can be a full time stay-at-home mom!

We know this is a complicated decision for you and we really appreciate that you are taking the time to read our letter.

How We Met, or Almost Did Not......

We were set up on a blind date by Katie’s friend, Melanie. Scott and Melanie had gone on a date and they both felt like it was not a right match but Melanie said; “I have a friend I think you might like, I can set you up with her”. We had planned to meet for drinks, Katie was sitting in her car outside the agreed upon restaurant and day when she received a text from Scott saying, “we are still on for tomorrow, right?” Katie happened to be chatting with a male friend on the phone who said “sometimes us guys are dumb and get the days wrong, so say yes!” It’s a good thing Katie took George’s advice. So we met for drinks the next night and it turned into a three-hour dinner where we closed the restaurant. We found we had a lot in common, knew some of the same people, share the same values and even discovered we had the same pediatrician growing up. Katie did not tell Scott about the date mix up for three months; now we joke about it.

Things We Like to Do

We both love the San Francisco Giants, and go to quite a few games every year. Sometimes we go with our friends/family or just the two of us. We love many genres of music. Especially country music! We have been fortunate enough to go to many concerts. Scott took Katie to their first concert to Rascal Flats for her birthday.  For our first dance at our wedding we danced to “My Best Friend” by Tim McGraw. We both like to cook and cook together on a regular basis. We look forward to, sharing the love of cooking with our little sous chef. We especially like to barbeque whenever we can. One of our favorite things to make is barbeque pizza with pesto, burrata cheese, red onion and prosciutto.

We love spending time at Katie’s family’s river home near, Forestville. The house overlooks the Russian River.  Katie, as a child herself, spent many summer days swimming and canoeing on the river. And at night, she and her family would walk down to the “center” and would watch movies under the stars, eating candy and popcorn from the “Lodge”. Today our annual summer vacation with our group of friends takes place at this same river house. We can’t wait for our daughter/son to have this same wonderful experience that Katie and her sister did as children!

A Little About Scott (By Katie)

Scott is the best person that I know. His commitment, courage, and honesty are the qualities that I admire and respect, and ones that I know will make him a great dad. He is an amazing husband to me, he always makes sure I feel safe, loved and supported. Scott can be very serious at times but also very playful and silly and a bit of a goofball. Scott has been working in the family real estate business, with his Dad, for the last 10 years.He is an amazing dancer, he used to do competitive ballroom dancing and I can’t wait to watch him teach our daughter or son how to dance. Scott has been playing tennis since he was 3 years old. He is the co-captain of his tennis team and is an amazing tennis player.  I know he will do a wonderful job teaching our child how to play and I am excited to watch them play together as Scott plays with his dad now. As a child Scott also played little league and his dad was his coach, which is a tradition Scott plans to continue with our child.

A Little About Katie (By Scott)

Kate is the kindest, most caring person I know.  She loves giving hugs for no reason, which I absolutely adore. I have no doubt she will make a great Mom as she teaches pre school and interacts with children on a daily basis.  Kate is my best friend.  She is the person I go to when I have a problem and we always work it out together.  Kate has a great sense of humor and is very artistically oriented. Kate is a huge Walt Disney fan and has all the movies and sing-along tapes.  I see Peter Pan or Cinderella Halloween costumes in our child’s future.  I can’t wait for Katie to teach our son/daughter how to paint, draw, sketch or watercolor.  Katie also has her pastry degree and I am sure our son or daughter will become quite the baking enthusiast and I can’t wait to be a taste-tester for when they bake up a storm together.

Our Home

We live in a home on a quite culdesac over looking the local preserve. Katie’s dad gave us a swing and slide set when we moved into our house. We enjoy eating dinner on our patio during the warm nights; living in the Bay Area we are lucky to have a lot of them.  Barbecuing and having friends for dinner is a common theme during the summer.  The grill is always putting off tantalizing smells that often has our neighbors walking by asking what’s for dinner. We grow tomatoes and herbs during the summer, which is so great since we love to cook. We are so lucky to be close to the local farmers market that we frequently go to for delicious fruits and vegetables that we cannot grow in our backyard.

Why Adoption?

We have talked about all the different possibilities of how we would start our family when we first started dating. Katie has a heart condition from birth and, though it doesn’t slow her down one bit in life, she is unable to carry a baby herself. We both have always wanted to create a family and adoption is the option that makes the most sense to us achieving this lifelong goal. We love each other very much and know that we will be great parents to any child we are entrusted, to parent.

Thank You!

Thank you for considering us.

If you want to learn more about us, check out our website or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Adoption Connection directly by text/phone 415-355-4636.

We’d love to hear from you!