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Meet Scott and Lucina

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Where We Live

It's a family friendly neighborhood with park, healthcare, public transportation, schools within walking distance.

Favorite Holidays

Dia de Los Muertos is our favorite holiday. It incorporates fun, spirituality, family time, and delicious food.

Happy Places

Our happy places are Lake Temescal and Echo Creek.

Best Vacation

Our best vacation was at Big Sur, where we celebrated our 6 year anniversary.

Fun Facts

We're both in Central Valley CA and met each other in Berkeley CA.

We want to participate in an open adoption to raise a child and share those experiences with you and others. Our community is diverse and provides many opportunities to learn and have fun. Our families get together for holidays to share food and each other’s company. Each of us has siblings. We support each other with our life activities. We are a family of mixed cultures.

Our Life

We like to have fun together. Our

families get together for holidays

to share food and each other’s

company. Each of us have siblings.

Our family is close. We support each

other with our life activities. We are

a family of mixed cultures.

About Luci , by Luci

My name is Lucina, but you can call be Luci! I’m an active person who enjoys riding my bicycle and hiking. I enjoy the physical movement and the connection I feel with nature when I’m

engaged in these activities. Something that helped nourish me mentally and spiritually during these past 2 years has been taking care of my plants and taking up bird watching. I’m looking forward

to sharing these interests and activities with a little one.

About Scott, by Scott

About Scotty: I am someone who likes to stay busy. I enjoy watching and playing sports. I am interested in reading and watching movies. I enjoy getting outside and taking hikes. I have a lot of tattoos

and enjoy the artistic aspect of tattoos. I like collecting shoes and

reading comic books.

Our Home

We love living in Oakland because of its abundant nature. We

especially love visiting Lake Temescal. We also love the amount

of local art and wonderful restaurants in our community. We

enjoy the weather here as it is never too cold or too hot. We

especially love participating in our local “Dia de Los Muertos”

festival. It’s fun, spiritual, and delicious.

Our Extended Family

Luci: My parents are Mexican

immigrants who become

naturalized citizens in the 1990’s.

They are Monolingual Spanish

speaking but are able to speak

in basic English phrases. Both of

my parents enjoy sharing foods

they ate as children. My mom is

“world famous” for her Mexican rice. My nieces and

nephew always ask for it when they visit grandma.

My dad grows chiles and nopales in the back and is

always ready to make salsa to share. When we get

together there is Mexican music playing in the back

while we enjoy eating our tacos made by my dad and

my younger brother Jerry (Gerardo). I have 3 brothers

Chuy (Jesus), Loop (Guadalupe), Jer (Gerardo) and 1

sister Cristi (Cristina). We all grew up in the 90’s and

have an eclectic music preference. From DMX, Prince,

Jenny Rivera, to Slipknot. My siblings would welcome

a child and share their music and 90’s wisdom they

picked up in their youth.


Scott: I have a loving family. We want to help a child have

a loving home that they can be a part of. My family

cares about giving children the opportunity to live full

lives as themselves. A child that we raise will be shown

compassion by family members.

Our Wish for You

We want to teach a little one Spanish and Mexican customs. We

want to provide a loving home where a child can develop their own

identity and experience life in a way that allows them to be who

they are. We want you to be part of that journey with us. We believe that we will be parents who will provide a child with opportunities to have a life full of good experiences. We want to provide a safe environment that includes plenty of love and joy.