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Meet Scott and Melinda


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Where We Live

San Francisco, CA by Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park

Home Towns

Scott - Bay Area, CA
Melinda - Bay Area, CA

Happy Places

Being outside, relaxing at home, and traveling


Melinda - making greeting cards, cooking, hiking
Scott - biking, record-collecting, cooking


Melinda - marketing director
Scott - software consultant

Hello, thank you for reading about us! Though we don’t know you yet, we know that even considering adoption shows your love and care for your child’s future. For us, adoption feels right. Becoming parents has so much meaning for us—to provide our child with a loving home, to guide them to be a good person, and provide a secure upbringing that respects who they are and helps them become who they’re meant to be. And with stable careers and a happy home life, we want you to know that we will love and nurture your child with all our hearts.

We’re active and easy-going

We laugh about our 1st date—it was kind of a fiasco! We went to dinner and got movie tickets. We missed the movie because our food didn’t come for over an hour. So we tried to see a band, but the venue was too crowded. Then we got stuck in traffic for 3 hours. Let’s just say, we had a lot of time to get to know each other. Our 2nd date was MUCH better (there was only room to go up, lol), and the rest is history!

We’re active and like exploring, whether it’s biking through the park, finding a new hiking trail, browsing a vintage shop, or walking around a neighborhood. We also love to cook and listen to music. On Sundays we experiment with recipes, like mac n’ cheese with chorizo and green onions! We enjoy having friends and family over–for dinner, to make pretzels, or in Melinda’s (Mel’s) case, to host a Patrick Swayze or The Rock movie-thon (Scott is noticeably absent for this!). We’re easy-going and like to joke . Instead of “honey” and “dear” we say, “hello my little squab” or “hey pork chop!” We’re excited to share our lives with our child in these everyday ways. 

Scott is a software consultant and works from home. Mel is a marketing director for a consulting firm with a very flexible schedule. We’ll be able to give lots of attention to our child along with a stable home life.

Adoption feels right for us

We’ve been married for 14 years, and after years of trying to conceive, we concluded that our desire to be parents outweighed the desire for our own biological child. We feel that family can come from anywhere.

Mel’s great grandfather was adopted, as is one of her aunts and another uncle. Scott’s cousin is adopted. We also have several friends who have adopted kids. And so, our circle of family and friends has been knitted together in different ways. We are surrounded by loved ones who are welcoming, open-minded, and caring. We assure you that your child will feel completely at home and loved.

We’d love to add a third pea to our pod of two! Really it’s a pod filled with many more, given our close-knit family and friends who’d be a part of our child’s life. Key to parenting for us is spending time with our child, providing a supportive and guiding environment, and helping him/her grow up. While we feel a good education is important, so is a happy and fun childhood and experiencing life. For example, we both love to travel—last year we went to Japan where we climbed Mt. Fuji.  We can’t wait to go on family trips and adventures with our son or daughter!

Our family-friendly neighborhood

Our home is in San Francisco near the beach and Golden Gate Park. We walk to the beach all the time! We plan to spend lots of time outdoors with our child. It’s a very safe area, with a library and parks with swings and jungle gyms two blocks away. Kids often play in front of their houses. We live just one block from an elementary school so we plan to walk our child to school everyday. There is also a middle school and high school nearby—all are rated excellent. We have a big backyard for BBQs and birthday parties, or just hanging out.

There’s a lot we look forward to in terms of providing a good and loving home life for our child!

• Eating together every day at our family table

• Teaching him/her how to ride a bike

• Going to the beach near our house and exploring the wildlife

• Making cookies

• Cuddling up to read a book

• Just being together

We can’t wait to cheer our child on in the activities he or she loves.

About Mel - by Scott

Mel puts a smile on my face every day. There is nothing more I love than to spend time with her. Very open-minded about new adventures and experiences, I love seeing her get excited about things whether it’s music, touring on a bike, or cooking—it’s contagious! She has a great sense of humor and loves animals—she gets excited every time she sees a dog walking down the street, and she has named a cat who likes to hang out in our yard “Maurice.”

People who meet and know Mel say what a warm person she is. She has a big heart. When our friends had twin girls, Mel made dinner for them so they could have a home-cooked meal. And when her friend’s mother couldn’t leave the house due to health issues, Mel bought her an art therapy coloring book to lift her spirits—the mom loved it!

Mel is young at heart and easy to be with, I think this is why kids feel safe and gravitate towards her. Whenever we go to our friends’ houses, their kids want to show Mel their toys and they end up reading a book together or talking about their favorite super-hero characters. Mel is patient and attentive like that. She’s going to be a great mom—she’s getting a lot of practice since she’s often asked to babysit! She’s also career-minded and I’m really proud that she’s leads Marketing for her company. Though she has a successful career, her family is always her #1 priority.

Tidbits on Mel:

• Honest, caring, patient…and famous for her brownies!

• Favorite animals: dachshunds, corgis—any dog with a long body and short legs; also, panda bears and elephants

• Grew up feeding ducks at the lake with her dad, going to Fentons, and watching horror movies (but is now too scared to watch them)

About Scott - By Mel

Scott is one of the kindest, most genuine people I know. He’s generous, playful, and very loyal to his friends and family. With an affectionate nature, it’s not uncommon for me to get a random hug while we’re passing each other in the house! He will call me at work or send me a text when he knows I’m having a hard day. Scott reminds me to have fun, keep things in perspective, and express myself when something’s on my mind. He’s funny and silly and makes me laugh a lot.

Our child will have a father who always shows his affection and lets them know how important they are. He looks forward to teaching our child how to ride a bike, play soccer, and go tide pooling in Half Moon Bay. There will surely be days spent watching trains go by and outings to Tilden Park to ride the miniature railway!

Scott loves biking, or as he puts it, he likes to “shred.” He had a paper route when he was 12 so he could pay for his BMX bikes! Today he really enjoys his career in software consulting. He’s also active in the bike community, and has volunteered at the Academy of Sciences’ Bike Safety Week and participates in local bike races. Our child will grow up surrounded by music and the arts, given Scott’s (and Mel’s) love of these. He can’t wait to share his hobbies with our child, and help her/her discover their own interests.

Tidbits on Scott:

• Favorite animals dogs, fish and sea otters (wildlife in general)

• Could be a lifeline for trains and railroad history on “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire”

• Passionate, loving, resourceful, and a natural at sharing what he knows and discovers

Our promise as parents

We’re honored to build our family through adoption. We offer a secure upbringing, flexibility to be at-home parents, and a family environment where your child will grow up with lots of other kids, some of whom share a similar adoption background. We’re more than ready to become parents and help our child grow up and become the person he or she is meant to be. Our promise to you is that your child will grow up in a safe, happy home with lots of love, stability and support.

We understand that your consideration of adoption involves much soul-searching; it also involves tremendous strength. What you’re considering is truly an act of love.

We hope we have the opportunity to get to know you and understand your dreams for your child. Should we be a match, please know that you will always be honored and respected. And regardless of whether you choose us, also know that we wish the best for you and your baby.

Thanks again for reading about us. Please contact Adoption Connection if you’d like to reach out further. We look forward to it!

Warmly, Scott & Mel