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Meet Scott and Michele

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Where We Live

We live in San Francisco in a beautiful and safe neighborhood near the beach, the library and parks.

Favorite Holidays

All holidays when we get to spend quality time with family and friends.

Happy Places

Our home in San Francisco, visiting family on the east coast, traveling to other countries to experience the world.

Best Vacation

A recent visit to the UK over the holidays because we spent time in different cities and the country with family.


Reading, travel and training our puppy Rollo!

Hello and thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We are Scott and Michele from San Francisco, CA.  We admire and respect your decision that you are making.  We hope that the profile provides you with an introduction to us.  Our hope is to eventually have an opportunity to meet with you to get to know each other better.  If you choose us to be your child’s adoptive parents, we will love, support and nurture your child for the rest of our lives.

About Us

Hello and thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We are Scott and Michele from San Francisco, CA. We admire and respect your decision that you are making. We hope that this letter provides you with an introduction to us. Our hope is to eventually have an opportunity to meet with you to get to know each other better. If you choose us to be your child’s adoptive parents, we will love, support and nurture your child for the rest of our lives.

Our Story

Even though we went to the SAME college and worked at the SAME company, we never met until mutual friends introduced us years later.

Within moments of meeting him, I could tell that he was funny and a really good person. Scott said after I told him that I had a guitar and turntables to DJ he thought I was “pretty cool” and that he couldn’t resist, so he asked me out on a date, and the rest is history…

After being together in Philadelphia for 5 years, Scott was offered a job at the San Francisco Chronicle. We visited to check it out and immediately fell in love with the city! So, we packed up, said our goodbyes and set out on an adventure!

Now, after 14 years of marriage, we feel so lucky! We enjoy each other’s company and interests and both can’t wait to raise a child together. After trying for the past 4 years to get pregnant, we are thrilled and grateful for the chance to grow our family through open adoption.

About Scott (by Michele)

Scott is everybody’s best friend! Scott is a thoughtful, loving, and caring person.  He gain’s people’s trust right away because of his loyal and caring personality. I enjoy being around him because he makes me laugh and live life to the fullest. He’s both funny and motivated to enjoy experience our great city.

He shares our enthusiasm to make our home open and comfortable to our family and friends. Together, we host casual get togethers with family, friends, and their children. I love that about him. Scott celebrated his 40th birthday a few years ago. We met friends in New York City for it. We weren’t surprised that 80 people showed up to celebrate as relationships are very important to us.

Scott is so excited to grow our family. I’m waiting for the day he’ll finally become a father.  He will be an incredible and caring dad! His face lights up when he sees are nieces and nephews and our friends’ children.

About Michele (by Scott)

Michele brings people together! She is considerate and warmhearted. Her devotion to both friends and family as well as her enthusiasm and positive outlook are what stood out when we first met. Strong friendships have always been very important to Michele. We are very close and have become inseparable.

She is a huge fan of the holidays because they are the perfect time to feed a lot of people! You’ll often find many people gathered around our dinner table to laugh, eat, and celebrate each other!

Through the highs and lows Michele has always been such a supportive wife that I know she will be a wonderful parent.

She has so much fun being a loving aunt to our nieces and nephews back East as well as our friends’ children in San Francisco. She is often asked to watch the kiddos when her family and friends need a hand.


Our Home & Community

Our home is located on a quiet street in San Francisco. We are a block away from a park where families enjoy walking, biking, and picnics. There is a playground and public library just down the street! We are also a short walk to food, shopping, and culture.  We can wait for our child to enjoy this wonderful community!

At home, our child will have their own room filled with books and things that will inspire learning and creativity. We love to relax at home with Chloe, our cat, and LJ, our dog.

We also make time to travel! We can’t wait to see the world with our child. We will encourage them to learn about other cultures and even learn a language or two!

Our Families

We adore our families! Michele has a brother and Scott has two stepbrothers. We have two nieces Lily (5), and Lana (10 months), and one nephew, Nathan (3).

We make it back to the east coast several times a year to see our family and continue to grow our relationships with them. During oiur visits, we love to watch the kids while Michele’s brother and his wife enjoy an evening out.

Scott has a very strong relationship with his stepmom and stepbrothers. His stepbrothers are years younger than he is and he spent much of his teen years helping out with them while his parents worked. Recently Scott’s family came to San Francisco for Christmas. It was so fun to have all of them visit.

Our parents are very excited to be loving grandparents to our child. They are supportive of our plans to adopt and can’t wait to welcome a new baby into our family!

Thank You!

We have always wanted to raise a child, and we are so grateful that we can fulfill that dream through adoption. If you were to choose us, we promise:

We both have HUGE hearts and so much love to offer your child.

Your child would know their adoption story and would have people in their life who were adopted to talk aobut it with. (We have friends who were adopted and good friends who have children that were adopted.)

We promise your child would get a well rounded education. We would do our best to raise your child to be confident, curious, loving, and an independent thinker.

We promise we would always let your child know how grateful we are that you made us a family. We would always let them know you love them.

Providing a safe and loving home for your child would be the biggest blessing we can imagine!