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Meet Sean and Benjamin

Where We Live

Berkeley, CA


Our sweet old dog Bella


Every Friday night dinner is a holiday. We also love to celebrate birthdays and Pride!

Best Vacation

A big city full of museums and great food. Beaches are nice too.


Ben likes cooking, reading, and drawing. Sean likes hiking, time with friends, and video games.

We are Sean and Benjamin and we hope you’ll allow us to give your child a seat at our big family table.

In our family we want your child to have: belonging and community; respect for your role in bringing our family together; a safe and vibrant childhood; and a good education from pre- school onward.

Cooking together, eating together, dreaming together.

We are Sean and Benjamin and since we met 13 years ago, we’ve dreamed of raising a child. We want to support and to cherish a little one and to help them become the person they want to be in the world.

Sean works as a designer in the software industry and Benjamin is a Psychologist, who mostly works with children and families.

The sense of warmth and community that we create in our home is something we’re both proud of and eager to share. We love to bring friends and chosen family together around good, warm meals. We want to give your child a place at our family’s table, full of delicious food and surrounded by friends and family who love them. Open adoption is important to us because we want your little one to grow up knowing who they are and to value and respect the decision you made in choosing us. We are so thankful to you for helping us bring our dream of a family into being.

About Benjamin, by Sean.

Benjamin likes to make art (mostly drawings), to cook, to lift weights, and to garden.

He’s very playful with kids and really likes to join with kids in doing what interests them. He’s a big teddy-bear who is super gentle and soft-spoken. He gives good piggy-back rides and is comfortable carrying kids when they just need to be carried.

Benjamin’s favorite part of the week is Friday night when he cooks a special meal for Shabbat. Shabbat dinner is a Jewish tradition that Benjamin grew up with that is very meaningful to him. It is a chance to come together as a family with love at the end of every week, to rest, relax, eat well. The food is really good, especially his roast chicken.

About Sean, by Benjamin

Sean likes to ride his bicycle, to hike, to cook, and to learn and play new games.

Sean is an excellent teacher and he’s really good at listening

to where kids are at and teaching them how to play a game or learn about a new idea in ways that makes sense to them. Sean also loves to travel and always comes back from trips with new kinds of food he wants to learn to cook. He’s very creative and likes to mash together the different things he learns and see what new thing he can make. Sean is also very easy to talk to. All of our friends would agree he’s really good at helping other people feel comfortable and accepted. He’s a really kind and cuddly person to be around.

Our home and neighborhood, where things and people grow!

Growth is important to us, whether it is growing our family, supporting each other in growing, learning, and changing, or growing all the plants we can.

We have made our front and back yards into gardens where we grow food and flowers. In the winter we love being inside and cooking and eating. Come spring we are ready to hike around and explore. Berkeley has lots of fun, child friendly stuff to do, including “Little Farm” where kids can feed farm animals, and Berkeley has really good schools too!

Healthy growth means being able to move around safely and playfully in the world.  When it comes to space for skipping tumbling and jumping, there is plenty of that – We live across the street from a beautiful park with playgrounds, and lots of green space for picnics or running around.

Our family and community

Sean’s side of the family lives in Fresno and Texas. They love gadgets, travel, movies, and making tamales together at Christmas time. Benjamin’s side of the family live on the East Coast. They love books, art, educational activities and going on long bike rides. We also have a village of friends with kids who live close by, some of whom we’ve know since we were kids ourselves. We love eating meals together and going to local playgrounds with them.

Our hope and wish

We hope and wish for the chance to teach your child some of the values that are most important to us.

Compassion • Be compassionate with yourself, and be compassionate with others. We all go through it sometimes and we can all use some recognition, respect, and understanding.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover • Take the time to get to know things and people, it is worth it.

Trust your gut • Respect your feelings, they are a good compass and have important information.

Respect difference • Our differences deserve respect—recognizing them is a source of creative growth.

Love is love • What you love, who you love and how you love will be cherished.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.