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Meet Sean and Jeremy

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Hi, we’re Sean and Jeremy.  We are a married couple in our 30’s from San Francisco, California and we are so excited to start our family through adoption!

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We’re honored that you would consider us in the decision you are making, and we would love for you to know why it is so meaningful to us. Like many, we have always had a dream that we would one day be parents. Of course, having a biological child that was equal parts of each of us was never an option. Instead, we are both humbled yet excited to open our hearts, lives, and home to the gift of a child. Recently, we have had many friends complete their families through adoption, and are grateful and proud that our child will have other adopted children in his or her life.

While adoption has always been a part of our plan for the future, we wanted to wait until our lives and careers could more seamlessly allow for a child to enter – and that time is now! We both are lucky to have had success early in our careers that has allowed us ample flexibility in our schedules.  We have an amazing group of friends, a loving and supportive family, and a three-year-old dog, Edie that is itching to be a best friend to our child. Simply put, we are fortunate to have built a wonderful life together, and the only thing missing now is a beautiful child to complete our family.

Our Life Together

Like many modern-day couples, we met online five and a half years ago. We both worked near the San Francisco waterfront at the time, so we met for a first date on the water one Thursday after work. We differ in our beliefs on “love at first sight,” but we have always agreed that our first meeting was something very special. We didn’t realize it at the time, but from that moment on, we were happily in a lifelong courtship.

We have had a very traditional relationship, filled with many romantic dates and blending our groups of friends. Now a little more than a year into marriage, our lives are happily filled with dinners with friends, weekend trips to visit friends and family when we can, and taking in all the musical theater we can find in the city! We have active lives, but our favorite day of the week is Sunday when we go on a long walk together to get coffee in the morning, take care of things around our house, and spend the evenings with Sean cooking his famous pozole soup.

Travel is important to us both, and our lives together have been filled with travel to amazing places like Thailand, Cambodia, Alaska, Mexico, London, Germany, the South of France, and many more. However, the two biggest events in our lives have been getting our beloved dog, Edie, and the day we made our lifelong commitment to each other in marriage.

Our Home

We recently moved to a new home in downtown San Francisco in a modern high-rise building. Moving here gave us the convenience of living within walking distance to both of our offices, lots of space to do the entertaining we love to do, and a second bedroom that we have set aside to turn into a nursery.

When we’re in our home, we are usually at one of three places. The first is our kitchen island where we usually spend time telling each other about our days and having our dinner. It’s also from there that you can see our refrigerator magnet collection – a magnet representing every place we travel to together. When we have guests over, the kitchen island is usually the center of the action! If we’re not in the kitchen, we’re on our big comfy couch cuddling with our dog Edie, watching a movie, or catching up on the news together. At the end of the day, we gaze out at our view of the beautiful Bay Bridge lights from our bedroom before turning in for the day. We can’t wait to mix up this routine so that one of us will always be home with our child full-time, and where every day will end in the nursery reading bedtime stories to our son or daughter!

Meet Jeremy (from Sean)

I knew there was something special about Jeremy the day that I met him.  His big brown eyes and beaming smile drew me in immediately.  I’ve come to learn that those bright eyes and kind smile belie a beautiful and kind soul, and a very warm heart.  Jeremy is my best friend, my confidante, the first person that I like to describe my day to, and the first person I like to practice (somewhat) corny jokes on. What makes this all very easy is that Jeremy is the type of person that makes you feel like you’re the most important person in the room.

Jeremy is one of the most accomplished, intelligent, creative, and ambitious people I’ve ever met.  He succeeds in life, though, by doing no harm; he truly believes that the rising tide should lift all boats.  In high school, he was the class President, an accomplished musician (French horn), a straight-A scholar, and a relentless volunteer.  I had the pleasure of seeing how loved Jeremy was by his classmates at his 10-year reunion a couple years ago.  He even helped organize the reunion – meticulously connecting all 350 of his classmates — and everyone couldn’t stop saying how talented and likeable Jeremy was in school.  In his career now, he leads by example, he cares about his colleagues, and he works very hard.  It’s important to him not to let down his team, and he constantly inspires me by his work ethic, his discipline, and the way he approaches problem-solving.

Jeremy is a joyful and radiant person.  Whenever he walks into a room, you can feel his warm and happy presence.  Throughout our 5 year relationship, I’ve never seen Jeremy raise his voice or lose his temper.  He is a gentle person who genuinely lives his life with the intent to lift up others, especially if they are down. Sometimes if I’ve had a tough day, he’ll be quick to put on some show tunes (we both love music), and will even dance with me to make me smile.   I’ve personally witnessed Jeremy spring into action when others need a shoulder to cry on, or if there is a friend in need.  This translates to his care and charity towards the community we live in as well.  He will oftentimes buy 2 dinners so that he can give one of them to a homeless person we pass on the street.  His care and empathy towards others inspires me every day to be a better person.

Perhaps what moves me the most about my husband is his commitment to family.  Jeremy is a wonderful husband, a devoted son, a loyal and compassionate brother (he has 3!), and a doting daddy (to our 3-year-old dog, Edie).  He believes strongly in family, and he loves to spend time with both of ours.  It warms my heart to know how much my family adores Jeremy – they consider him their son and nephew and couldn’t be happier about the partner I fell in love with.  There isn’t much that I could ever think of that’s missing in Jeremy, except for the experience of being a father.  I truly can’t wait to see him teach our child how to bake cookies (he’s an amazing pastry chef) or do arts and crafts.  I can’t think of a better father than Jeremy, because he has so much love to give in his heart.  Jeremy will devote his life to giving our child all of the opportunities he/she deserves and I know that day will be the proudest day in his life, and mine as well.

Meet Sean (from Jeremy)

Finding the words to encapsulate Sean in a short paragraph is nearly impossible. I can easily describe Sean as the “best:” the best husband, the best partner, the best banker, the best caregiver, the best friend. I can just as easily describe Sean as the “most:” the most loving, the most intuitive, the most thoughtful, the most charismatic, the most romantic. Or, I could describe Sean as the “least:” the least judgmental, the least selfish, the least timid person I know. But, I believe Sean is more vividly described by his actions than mere words. Sean begins each day by singing a song that he makes up to me and our dog Edie, even when he has a million things on his mind. Sean sends hand-written letters to my family members just to tell them he loves them and is thinking about them. Sean has insisted on cataloging our lives through pictures on Facebook from the time we met because he dreams of being able to show our child all the things we did together before he or she came into our lives. Sean is the life of every party and the guy that everyone is naturally drawn to for his quick wit and thoughtful conversation. It’s obvious when you meet Sean’s family that they believe he is their greatest achievement, and I feel lucky that my parents now hold him in the same esteem and look at him as their own son.

Sean is able to so easily jump into any setting and make those around him feel comfortable and at ease. He can engage with anyone he meets and instantly have a meaningful conversation with them, making him someone people are drawn to naturally. He has a gentle spirit and goes through life wanting to lift those around him up. I see this in the way he treats our families, our friends, and the work he does for all of the non-profit organizations he is a part of.

I am so excited for Sean to be a father because I see how much love he has to give. When I think of Sean as a dad, I smile thinking about him adding our baby into his morning songs, the day he sits for the first time with our child at a piano, and planning special days for the two of them to spend together. I imagine Sean planning a surprise 16th birthday party a year in advance and taking our child to see their first Broadway show. Most of all, I can’t wait to watch Sean’s face light up every time he holds our baby. He will be such a wonderful father, and I cannot wait to go on this journey with him.

Our Promises to Your Child

We can’t imagine the struggle of this decision you’re making. Should you build an adoption plan with us, we promise to provide our child with:

– Safety

– Adventure

– Lots of music

– A balanced education

– Toys (and more toys)

– Cookies, cakes, and pies

– Unlimited creative outlets

– A wonderful extended family

– An unconditionally loving home

Thank you for considering letting us give this life to your child!