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Meet Sean and Paolo

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We are Sean and Paolo from Palo Alto, CA.
We hope this gives you a glimpse into our lives and the chance to learn a bit about us.

We have been together for 6 years and married for a little over 2 years. Our equal partnership has strengthened us as individuals, yet complements us in marriage.

Sean is originally from Virginia and Paolo is from the Philippines. California has been our home for the last 10 years and it’s been truly special. Great food, good culture and a diverse environment makes our journey into parenthood more exciting.

Traveling is our passion and will be a big part in our family adventures.

We are excited for the opportunity to become first time parents and sharing in this journey through open adoption!

Our Home

We have a warm, casual, kid friendly home. We often invite our friends and their kids to come over for meals and game nights. It’s not a big house, but it is filled with love and we have a room all ready to decorate as a sweet nursery.

Our front yard is a few steps away from a great park where we spend time with our dog and chat with our neighbors. There is an awesome playground that is always crawling with neighborhood kids and has lots of room to run and play.

We are also walking distance from downtown restaurants, movie theaters, shops, schools, and even a LEGO museum.

About Sean (from Paolo)


Sean likes to listen to pop music. He cracks me up when he starts making up his own words.


His kindness extends to family, friends, co-workers and even strangers. One time I thought I lost him in the supermarket, only to find him helping an elderly person at the produce section.


Sean means what he says and says what he means. He’s also as transparent as can be.


When Sean gives you his word, you can count on him to keep it. Sean is also an awesome organizer and you can count on him when planning events.


Seeing how loyal Sean is to his family and friends gave me the insight of a stable family man and a loving father who values quality time and meaningful relationships.

About Paolo (from Sean)


He is a very supportive husband and takes great care and interest in our friends’ children.  They love his energy and attention. He is going to make a great father.


While I’m a planner, he reminds me that life also can be free and unplanned.


He’ll try anything!  He loves to travel, surf, do CrossFit, run half marathons, and swim.  He prioritizes fitness, healthy eating and self care.


Our marriage is very strong and I know that he is dedicated to our journey through life together.


I’m amazed at how he connects quickly with new people.  He met one of his best friends by striking up a conversation about the Mexico National Soccer team on the street.


We have family that live near and far, all of them are excited to share our journey into parenthood. They are on speed dial, standing by with parenting advice.

Sean’s family currently resides in Southern California and Virginia, we travel often to visit them (every 3 – 4 months in either direction).  We recently celebrated the birth of our nephew, Smitty, with Sean’s sister and husband in Virginia.  Paolo’s family is a little more spread out (New York, Canada, and the Philippines) so while we aren’t able to see them frequently, we enjoy traveling to see them when we are able. We have also made close friends in California that we consider family.  We’re looking forward to plan our own family traditions: traveling, visiting family to share in past traditions or creating new traditions of our own.

Thank You!

We imagine that this is likely a very difficult decision you are making, and we thank you for taking the time to know our story.

We are excited to become first time parents and start our family through open adoption. We are open to any level of communication arrangements. It is our hope that you and your child will become part of our family. However, if you are seeking a different level of openness, we will respect your wishes.

We promise that your child will know their adoption story and will always feel how many people love and care for them.

If you would like to learn more about us, please contact our adoption agency Adoption Connection at [email protected].